M&A: All-in Global acquires Translation Royale

Lea Hogg 5 months ago
M&A: All-in Global acquires Translation Royale

Language solutions provider All-in Global has recently completed the acquisition of Translation Royale, a key player in translation and content creation within the iGaming sector.

Move to enhance language services in iGaming

This strategic move, effective November 2023, signifies All-in Global’s commitment to elevating its language services, incorporating human expertise with cutting-edge AI technologies. The goal is to provide advanced translations and localizations tailored to the dynamic needs of the iGaming industry.

Expertise in crafting inclusive and accessible iGaming content

As the iGaming sector continues to evolve, the acquisition of Translation Royale by All-in Global strategically positions the company to elevate its content translation capabilities, providing an inclusive edge in a competitive market landscape.

Achieving inclusivity and accessibility in iGaming content creation presents a formidable challenge. Translation Royale has emerged as a pivotal player, offering expert solutions to seamlessly weave content that caters to diverse audiences.

Ensuring inclusivity requires a holistic approach, considering various user attributes and content-based local and regional SEO strategies. Translation Royale’s strategic focus involves understanding the nuanced characteristics of users to craft truly inclusive content that resonates effectively.

The key to unlocking inclusivity through content lies in respecting and empathizing with the audience it addresses. This strategic emphasis not only enhances the user experience but also contributes significantly to bolstering brand image, particularly in an industry experiencing unprecedented growth.

CEO comments

Tiago Aprigio, CEO of All-in Global, (in photo above), said: “This strategic move aligns perfectly with our vision for All-in Global and sets us on a path for even greater success.

“I am excited that we can now offer our exceptional language services to an even larger portfolio of clients within the iGaming industry. The future looks promising and I’m eager to embrace the opportunities ahead.”

Empowering individuals

In tandem with its dedication to language solutions and advancements in the iGaming sector, All-in Global has extended its mission beyond business to impact lives positively. This commitment was further taken forward with a campaign “Education is Freedom”, an initiative launched in 2021 marking social marketing endeavors. Despite occasional exceptions to address immediate needs, the core focus remained steadfast on supporting education, recognizing it as a pathway to liberation.

Among the notable initiatives supported by All-in Global are Shanti Bhavan, a school offering free education to India’s most marginalized children, and Tostan, an organization empowering African communities for sustainable development and positive social transformation. Trash Hero, a global entity dedicated to environmental cleanup, and an initiative by iGaming pioneer Erik Smith aiding Ukrainian refugees further demonstrate All-in Global’s diverse and impactful outreach. Additionally, Crescer, an organization offering shelter to children victimized by abuse, reflects the company’s commitment to making a tangible difference.

All eyes on AI-powered language solutions

The acquisition comes as a response to the booming iGaming market, which reached a substantial US$81.08 billion in 2022, according to the Trackier iGaming Global Market Size 2023 report, and is projected to hit US$88.65 billion by the end of 2023. All-in Global’s move aligns with the industry’s direction, as AI solutions took center stage as an ‘upcoming trend in iGaming’ at iGB Live 2023. The event emphasized the integration of AI-powered capabilities into turnkey online casino platforms, showcasing the sector’s evolution towards accessible and innovative AI solutions.

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