Cambodia deports 130 Chinese nationals involved in gambling

Jenny Ortiz 1 month ago
Cambodia deports 130 Chinese nationals involved in gambling

In a joint effort targeting transnational crime, Cambodia and China collaborated to extradite 130 Chinese nationals suspected of engaging in gambling and fraud-related offences. This coordinated action underscores the commitment of both nations to combat cross-border criminal activities through cooperation between law enforcement agencies.  

This development followed a crackdown last month on illegal online gambling operations, resulting in the detention of nearly 200 foreigners who also faced deportation.  

In a report by The Nation, the extradition process saw the suspects flown back to China via chartered flights to Tianhe International Airport in Wuhan, Hubei province. This marks the commencement of a planned series of extraditions to disrupt criminal networks operating across borders.   

Ongoing crackdown  

Efforts to combat transnational crimes, such as gambling and telecom fraud, remain ongoing, with both China and Cambodia demonstrating a commitment to eradicating illegal activities that threaten the security and well-being of their citizens. According to the report, the extradition of the 130 Chinese nationals represents a proactive measure in this sustained crackdown.  

Collaborative success   

The close collaboration between Chinese and Cambodian law enforcement agencies has yielded significant results, including the dismantling of illegal gambling and fraud operations in areas like Preah Sihanouk. Through joint efforts, numerous individuals suspected of criminal offenses have been apprehended, and key evidence, including servers, computers, and mobile phones, has been seized.  

Multilateral approach  

Under the direction of China’s Ministry of Public Security, a dedicated working group from Hubei province has joined forces with Cambodian authorities to facilitate the extradition process. This multilateral approach highlights the importance of international cooperation in addressing transnational crime and ensuring the effective administration of justice.  

Future actions  

With more individuals suspected of similar offenses slated for extradition to China, it is evident that both nations remain steadfast in their commitment to combating cross-border criminal activities. 

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