Seamlessly integrating crypto exchange services into iGaming Platforms

Tyrone Cutajar 4 months ago
Seamlessly integrating crypto exchange services into iGaming Platforms

TinyTrader, a leading digital asset exchange service provider, took part in the inaugural SiGMA Asia expo being held this 19-22 July at the SMX Convention Centre in Manila.

Renowned for its innovative FinTech solutions, TinyTrader has established itself as a reliable and proficient partner. At the upcoming SIGMA event the company presented their revolutionary solution for a seamless integration of crypto exchange services into iGaming platforms and has been granted the award – Blockchain Data Solution of the Year.

TinyTrader’s turnkey solution has been heavily anticipated by the market. Support for crypto methods is a necessity for a modern iGaming business, however the integration procedure is complex and the quality of the final product is often questionable. With the introduction of TinyTraders integrable digital asset exchange solution, platforms will be able to provide users with the option to perform multi-asset trading.

The integration of crypto exchange services brings forth a seamless and convenient user experience. Previously, users with crypto were unable to play or had to find an external exchange option, which resulted in conversion drops. TinyTrader’s solution enhances the user experience and grants access to all desired services within the iGaming platform, providing more flexibility and freedom to users. With TinyTrader, operators can focus on delivering exceptional gaming experience to their players, leveraging the streamlined processes gained through this integration.

Support of crypto payment methods introduces a broader range of payment options for players. Cryptocurrencies are much more accessible and provide anonymity which is desired by many users. By diversifying payment options, iGaming platforms can cater to individual player preferences, fostering a more satisfied and loyal customer base.

For iGaming Operators’ convenience, TinyTrader has made the integration process as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Compatibility with various platforms and software providers ensures a seamless integration and best user experience.

Crypto exchange integration also paves the way for new market opportunities. The adoption of cryptocurrencies gains momentum within the iGaming industry and the number of crypto users is slowly climbing towards 500M. Operators who support crypto methods have a competitive edge, positioning themselves at the forefront of the evolving iGaming landscape.

Unlock exciting market opportunities with TinyTrader’s integrable solution. Enhance user experience, streamline operations and broaden payment options with one seamless integration.

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