Survival of the fittest: 10 finalists battle it out at SiGMA Pitch 2021

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Survival of the fittest: 10 finalists battle it out at SiGMA Pitch 2021

Through SiGMA Startup Pitch, startups will get huge brand exposure and access to investors and mentors eager to meet interesting projects 

The 5th Edition of SiGMA Pitch is back for 2021. A selection of judges with an enormous amount of experience in the gaming industry have shortlisted the top ten out of 100 startups.

These 10 finalists will showcase their products and initiatives on stage. One well-deserved winning startup project will receive a prize pool comprising free office space, PR services, Digital Marketing Services, and much-needed training solutions to give them the greatest chances of success.

Meet our judges:

1. Wall Street Football
Wall Street Football is the first B2B supplier of a platform for investing, betting, and trading on the real performances of football players. WSF core-asset is a fully-automated mathematical and statistical model integrated with machine learning for analysing data and forecasting future
player achievements and actions. WSF’s main products are fixed odd bets (pre-match and live) and financial derivatives based on the individual
performance of footballers (i.e. Player Props and WSF Performance Index).

wall street football

GATACA is a cybersecurity company that provides compliant and secure decentralised digital identity technology. Its mission is to give users back control of their data and ensure their safety in online transactions. GATACA’s platform also includes credential issuance tools for issuers (GATACA Certify) and single-sign-on authentication tools for Service Providers (GATACA Connect).


3. ReSpo.Vision
ReSpo.Vision is a Deep Tech startup providing bleeding-edge data-driven solutions aimed at boosting sportsbooks’ revenue and customer engagement. Its AI and Computer Vision algorithms harvest detailed 3D tracking data of the ball and 20+ body parts of all players on the football pitch, 60 times per second, from a single camera TV feed.

4. Moonbet
Moonbet is bringing the concepts of community ownership and decentralisation, two themes prevalent in the rise of cryptocurrency, to the world of iGaming. Its project offers anybody in the world the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of owning an online sportsbook, casino & eSports betting platform, simply by holding the MBET token. This allows them to offer profit distribution to holders around the world using an algorithm built into the company’s Binance Smart Chain smart contract.


5. Rubik Talent
The Rubik Software Development programme combines expert training and support programmes with professional experience working as a consultant with one of our leading industry clients. You will have the opportunity to develop your skills in a number of languages such as Java, Python, .Net and JavaScript frameworks. Your journey will begin with several weeks of intensive training to prepare you for your role with clients. During this time, you will have the opportunity to work on simulated real-world projects.

rubik talent

6. Notolytix
NOTO is a complete solution for all financial crime threats. The company helps its customers to comply with all regulatory requirements when it comes
to AML, fraud prevention, promotion abuse, and responsible gaming. NOTO helps gambling operators tackle the complex challenges of transaction and user monitoring while achieving low false positives and fraud rates.


7. Racing Stars Ltd
Racing Stars is a pools betting platform that puts Responsible Gambling first. We’ll be offering a full range of engaging, low stakes games covering multiple sports and territories. Our core foundations are Responsibility, Engagement and Fun! Our unique algorithm changes the whole way consumers interact with Pools betting, which results in unrivalled gamification and player engagement. We’re changing the game.

racing stars

8. Gamecast Group
The most authentic omnichannel experience is where users go through a converging experience across the Mass Market and Digital channels all at once. The company has created a unique Sports Betting TTL format in the highly regulated Italian market by adjusting their product to the current Marketing and Advertising restrictions imposed by the Ban. The brand’s technology allows it to distribute its streaming content offering across every channel and in a simulcast.

gamecast group

9. Ethical Ad Group
Ethical Ad Group offers a unique approach to digital marketing that enables you to exclude under 18s and problem gamblers from your advertising activity. Essentially offering operators greater compliance but without the cost. The unique approach to excluding under 18s and problem gamblers leads to significant improvements in cost per acquisition. It also enables far greater scale which in a heavily competitive market produces a significant uplift.

ethical group

10. Charge AB
Charge AB gives you the power to automate your career by letting the company take care of your invoices, payments, taxes, and more. Charges automate and streamline your income from gaming without you worrying about getting paid in time, sending reminders, or making sure that you paid the correct taxes. The company makes sure that you can focus on your career fully, all you need is an account on the platform.

charge ab group

david black
David Black, Managing Director of EMEA at Continent 8 Technologies, this year’s Pitch Sponsors.

This year’s pitch is sponsored by Continent 8 Technologies. David Black, Managing Director of EMEA at Continent 8 Technologies, said: “We’re extremely proud to be sponsoring the 6th edition of SiGMA Pitch, an initiative that supports the next generation of start-ups and ambitious entrepreneurs. The Continent 8 story is a great example of what entrepreneurs can achieve.

This is what previous Pitch Winners had to say during their interviews:

Pasquale Saviano, the winner of the 2019 AI Pitch Battle and CEO of Photocert, had commented, “I like the fact that you call it a Pitch battle, but the battle is not only among start-ups but also, in a sense, with the crowd. Nowadays, everybody is online all the time and if you want to get your message across it has to be more interesting than the next WhatsApp notification. In my case, it probably was a mix of product novelty, current relevance (deep fakes), and fun facts.”Read what other winners had to say here.

The SiGMA Pitch competition allows startups and business to put their presentation skills to the test. Over the years many have taken up the challenge, be it in the realm of emerging tech and AI, or in the iGaming industry. Do you have what it takes to be SiGMA’s new winner?

Malta Week – Save the dates:

For the first time ever SiGMA Group is bringing its 4 leading shows together for the mother of all conferences. From the 15th to 19th November, SiGMA, alongside AGS and AIBC will bring the best in the business to a first-class meeting point at the Malta Fairs and Convention Centre (MFCC). Malta Week is a chance for investors to leverage the significant crossover potential for multi-faceted business deals and to double down on opportunities to connect with some of the leading affiliates, policymakers, thought leaders, suppliers, and operators in the industry. Register now!

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