[SiGMA Virtual] The future of gaming: casino streamers

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Poshfriends’ Head of Affiliates Katja Nordstrand joins CoinsLoot CEO Arthur Bryja to discuss casino streaming, its risks, opportunities and different strategies that people can use whilst venturing into this vast space  

The panel start by discussing the ideal platforms on people who are firstcomers to the scene, with Nordstrand explaining the different platforms, from TikTok to Twitter,  to Telegram, Whatsapp, and how important it is to not only rely on YouTube for instance, simply because there are countries that are not regulated, in which online casino streaming would not be generated in the YouTube algorithm of those countries, and since the site works with suggestions and recommendations it is the reason why it would be pointless in these countries.  



Bryja compliments Nordstrand’s point, and goes on to emphasize on the importance of making one’ product stand out as he says that one needs to  

Be creative and really stand out because that’s the only way you’re going to get recognized… there’s a lot of new ways of growing this because it’s so new.’ 

AffiliatesThe conversation then moves on to discussing which promotional implementations would get the best results for affiliates in today’s markets, to  which Nordstrand replies that primarily casinos need to give their affiliate sites diverse ways to understand and track their players, to figure out the differences in demographics 

Bryja ends the panel by urging startup viewers to use regulation and systems in certain countries as a reference to read where the market is going in the future, what to do, what not to do, and how things can be improved for the benefit of one’s company.  

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