Turbo Games releases new Javelin themed game

Katy Micallef 2 years ago
Turbo Games releases new Javelin themed game

Turbo Games, a provider of cutting-edge gaming products, has announced the release of a new JavelinX game. The new game brings players the opportunity to experience battle play and feel the might of using weapons such as the Javelin. 

A press release for Turbo Games explained that the game is combined with the important mission of keeping the peace and defusing military vehicles. 

This sort of game is known as “Wheel of Fortune,” with the JavelinX game being quite comparable to the actual weapon – the interface for the game resembles that of the real Javelin quite strongly, showing similiar modes, directions, and statuses. Every soldier dreams of having a powerful weapon in their hands such as a Javelin, and with the help of partners, soldiers in Ukraine are using exactly this type of weapon during the ongoing conflict. 

There are a range of fifty three military vehicles of varying types, and the odds for each of them are the following: 

  • 25 armoured vehicles – 48,14%;
  • 17 battle tanks – 31,48%;
  • 10 helicopters – 18,52%;
  • 1 warship – 1,85%.


Another great feature is the system of ranks, which was developed to reflect a model of Ukrainian Armed forces: encompassing everything from “soldier” to “general”. Players will be able to upgrade their characters rank after hitting the target, which implies that the more they strike the target, the higher the rank he receives. Players can bet on all of the vehicles simultaneously or even just a few of them, depending on their preferences.

All in all the game is quite user-friendly with a number of useful features. For example, on the right side of the field players are going to see their statistics, which include recently acquired targets, their personal gamer data, their rank and along the bottom of the page – a list of current players and their respective bets.

To embody the feeling of a being a 21st century warrior on the Ukrainian battlefield, players can visit javelinx.turbogames.io.


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