[WATCH] What’s going on with Japan?

Posted: Oct 07, 2020 15:46 Category: Asia , Executive Interview , Posted by Content Team

Alidad Tash, Managing Director of 2NT8 Limited, joined us on 6 October to share his expertise and insights on Japan’s forthcoming gaming industry

I part one of the two part interview, Alidad Tash explains why he thinks Japan will be a formidable market, how large its current pachinko market is, and what key items have and have not already been approved.

Japan has huge potential and a lot of disposable income. Although casinos aren’t legal in Japan, a loophole was found through pachinko parlors. Nowadays the pachinko market is larger than most casino markets around the world.

Tash describes Pachinko parlors as very noisy and inconvenient but in reality, this hypnotic form of gambling plays a huge part in the Japanese economy. The interviewee explains what the term IR is and why it’s so widely used when talking about casinos in Japan. He says that the term IR has less negative connotations than the term casino.

In reality, the term IR refers to the major resort property. The maximum total IR floor area in an IR is 3% the rest has all kinds of lavish facilities from theme parks, luxury retail, hotel, fine dining restaurants as well as bars and convention facilities.

Alidad Tash delves deeper into what has already been approved regarding IRs, what big issues haven’t been decided yet and how big of a market this will eventually be.

Tune in for part 2 of the discussion. To be aired soon!

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