List of Funny Bingo Calls & Their Explanations

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List of Funny Bingo Calls & Their Explanations

The callers at Bingo and the nicknames for the numbers are both integral parts of Bingo’s electrifying entertainment value. It’s a bonus to wait for your number to be called in a funny and sometimes cheeky way, along with the thrill of marking off your numbers and winning prizes.

Today, bingo fans can play a classic game of Bingo on an online bingo site, where the numbers are selected by a random number generator (RNG), thanks to modern technology. However, if you visit your local Bingo Hall, you’ll hear the catchy and witty Bingo calls you’re familiar with.

Depending on the setting, formal or informal, bingo calls can be customized to fit the occasion. Here, we list and explain some of the all-time favorites and some of the new bingo calls doing rounds today.

What Are Bingo Calls?

Bingo calls serve as individual clarifiers for the 90 numbers displayed during a game. These unique nicknames arose as practical solutions for distinguishing similar-sounding numbers, particularly in noisy environments. This linguistic creativity has roots in London’s bingo halls and has since evolved, incorporating elements of pop culture. 

Understanding these calls is a key aspect of learning how to play bingo, as they add both fun and clarity to the game. The following section provides a detailed list of bingo numbers alongside their corresponding calls, shedding light on the variations that emerge from different regions and caller styles.

Traditional Bingo Calls

Traditional bingo calls resonate with a sense of historical importance, nostalgia, and charm. Each call, unique in its own right, transforms more than just a number. They are associated with stories, origins, or rhymes, adding depth to the bingo names for numbers. 

As players navigate the bingo calls list, they experience a journey through a rich cultural tapestry. The bingo calling numbers 1–90 are not just a sequence but a collection of narratives, each with its unique flair. The list below goes beyond mere calls; it delves into the heart of the game, revealing the creativity and tradition behind bingo number rhymes.

NumberBingo callBrief explanation
Kelly’s eyeMilitary slang term. Possibly linked to the outlaw Ned Kelly.
2One little duckThe number two visually resembles a duck.
3Cup of teaA playful rhyme with a British touch
4Knock at the doorEchoing a line from a children’s rhyme
5Man aliveA rhyming phrase
6Half a dozen

Tom Mix

Straightforward count

Tribute to a Western film star

7Lucky sevenUniversally recognized as a lucky number
8Garden gate

One fat lady

A rhyming code

“8” resembles a voluptuous figure

9Doctor’s ordersOriginates from a military laxative pill number
10(Prime Minister’s) den Customizable with the current Prime Minister
11Legs elevenThe number looks like a pair of legs
12One dozenSimply twelve units
13Unlucky for someReflects superstition around the number 13
14Valentine’s dayMarks the date of the romantic holiday
15Young and keenRhymes and reflects youthful enthusiasm
16Sweet sixteenCelebrates this coming-of-age milestone
17Dancing queenReference to the famous ABBA song
18Coming of ageSignifies adulthood in the UK
19Goodbye teensMarks the end of teenage years
20One scoreA traditional counting term for 20
21Key of the door

 Royal salute

Age of independence  

Military tradition

22Two little ducksThe number resembles two ducks
23The Lord is my shepherd

Thee and me

Biblical psalm

An old rhyme
24Two dozenSimply 24
25Duck and diveVisual and rhyming play with 2 and 5.
26Half a crownOld British currency reference
27Gateway to heavenA rhyme linking to divinity
28In a stateDerived from Cockney slang
29Rise and shineEncouraging a bright start
30Dirty GertieFrom a wartime song
31Get up and runEnergizing call to action
32Buckle my shoeFrom a popular nursery rhyme
33Dirty knee

 Fish, chips, and peas


Classic meal

34Ask for moreA follow-up rhyme to 33
35Jump and jiveEvokes a lively dance
36Three dozenA simple multiplication
37More than 11Factually, more than 11
38Christmas cakeAnother Cockney slang phrase
39StepsRefers to the movie The 39 Steps
40Naughty 40

Life begins

Rhyming fun

A proverb about life’s start

41Time for funRhymes with the desire for enjoyment
42Winnie the PoohRhymes with the beloved children’s character
43Down on your kneesA phrase from military history
44Droopy drawersA humorous visual rhyme
45Halfway thereMidpoint in a game of 90-ball bingo
46Up to tricksSuggests playful mischief
47Four and sevenSimply the numbers stated
48Four dozenAnother straightforward count
49PCA nod to an old police series
50Half a century

It’s a bullseye!5 – 0, 5 – 0, it’s off to work we go

Fifty years

Darts scoreSnow White reference

51Tweak of the thumbA rhyming phrase
52Danny La Rue

Deck of cards

Tribute to the entertainer

Number of cards in a deck

53Here comes Herbie!

Stuck in the tree

Disney car reference

Visual rhyme

54Clean the floor

Man at the door

Rhymes with 54
55Snakes aliveRhymes and resembles snakes
56Was she worth it?

Shotts bus

Old marriage license cost

Local reference

57Heinz varietiesFrom the company’s slogan
58Make them waitA simple rhyme
59Brighton lineRefers to a train line
60Grandma’s getting frisky

Five dozen

Humorous age reference


61Baker’s bunA playful rhyme

Turn the screw

Pressure phrase

Rhymes with 62

63Tickle meRhymes, a light-hearted call
64Almost retired

Red raw

On the cusp of retirement age

Rhymes with 64

65Old age pensionThe milestone age for pension eligibility
66Clickety clickRhymes with 66
67Stairway to heavenInspired by the famous Led Zeppelin song
68Pick a mate

Saving grace

Encourages choosing a companion

A phrase denoting a fortunate turn

69Any way up

A favorite of mine

The number looks the same upside-down

Referring to the 69 sex position

70Three score and 10A biblical way of saying 70
71Bang on the drumSuggests making a celebratory noise
72Six dozenA simple multiplication, twelve times six
73Queen beeRhymes, suggests authority or a pivotal figure in a group
74Hit the floor

Candy store

An invitation to dance

A sweet treat

75Strive and striveRhymes with 75
76TrombonesA reference to the musical number in the show The Music Man.
77Sunset StripA nod to the famous TV show
7839 more stepsA clever doubling of the number 39
79One more timeRhymes with 79
80Gandhi’s breakfast

Eight and blank

A pun on “ate nothing”

Simply “8” and a space

81Stop and run

Fat lady with a walking stick

Rhymes, a contradictory phrase

Visual imagery of the number

82Straight on throughRhymes with 82
83Time for teaRhymes, a quintessentially British phrase
84Give me moreRhymes
85Staying aliveA reference to the popular Bee Gees song
86Between the sticksA soccer term for the goalkeeper’s position
87Torquay in DevonA geographical reference to a place in the UK
88Two fat ladiesThe shape of the numbers resembles two women side by side
89Nearly thereIndicates being close to the end
90Top of the shopHighest number in bingo

Modern and Funny Bingo Calls

As bingo continues to evolve and adapt to modern times, its calls also undergo a transformation. This dynamic shift in calls is a reflection of contemporary cultural influences, evident in the updated list of modern bingo calls.

These new calls often draw inspiration from recent events, celebrities, and current trends. They represent a fresh take on the classic game, injecting humor and relevance into every round. As for funny bingo calls, they add entertainment, often eliciting smiles from players. 

While traditional calls hold a special place in the hearts of many, these bingo callouts provide a refreshing change, and we’ll go over some of them now in the table below.

NumberModern Bingo CallsBrief explanation
1One DirectionA nod to the famous British boy band
2Doctor WhoA tribute to the iconic British sci-fi television series
8Tinder dateReflecting modern dating culture, where swiping right can lead to a date
9Selfie timeCapturing the era of smartphones and the selfie craze
14Netflix and chillA popular phrase indicating a relaxed night in, often with romantic implications.
15Yass queenA phrase of empowerment, popular in gay culture
22Tay TayA playful reference to Taylor Swift, the renowned pop singer
48Not another Brexit debateA humorous nod to the seemingly endless discussions about Brexit
49Amazon PrimeSignifying the era of rapid online shopping and streaming services
71J-Lo’s bumCelebrating the famous pop star Jennifer Lopez, known for her curves
86Instagram picsRepresents the culture of sharing life moments on Instagram
88Wills and KateReference to the royal couple, Prince William and Kate Middleton

The Origin Story of Bingo Nicknames

The tradition of using rhymes with bingo numbers dates back to mid-20th century London. Initially, these rhymes served a unique purpose, functioning as coded messages or secret lingo among groups. 

When bingo started to gain popularity, players in bingo halls adopted these ingenious rhymes as a practical tool to distinguish between similar-sounding numbers. For instance, distinguishing between 15 and 50 in a bustling hall became easier with these unique nicknames.

As bingo grew in popularity even more, these original rhymes evolved, resulting in new bingo phrases that varied from one region to another. Each district added local culture and humor to the mix. This evolution transformed bingo calls into a colorful mosaic of expressions, reflecting the diversity and creativity of bingo communities worldwide.

To Call or Not to Call? The Bingo Lingo Dilemma

Whimsical nicknames assigned to bingo balls have been a topic of debate among bingo callers. Is it better to stick to straightforward, clear number announcements or embrace the fun and playful aspect of bingo lingo? This dilemma often boils down to personal preference and audiences’ expectations. 

The UK’s first female bingo caller, Mandy Gorgan, offers a unique perspective. Prioritizing clarity and focus in her calling style, Mandy chooses not to use traditional calls like “legs 11.” She argues that with significant sums of money involved in the game, silly lingo can be more distracting than entertaining.

Beacon Bingo Club’s assistant manager, Mark Wilson, notes a shift in trends, highlighting that certain traditional calls like 88 have become outdated. “It’s very cheesy,” he remarks, suggesting a continuous evolution of bingo lingo.

The Internet’s Influence on the Evolution of Bingo Calling Numbers

The digital age has played a significant role in transforming bingo, particularly in how bingo nicknames are used and shared. With the rise of online gambling, bingo fanatics from the UK and beyond can connect and play free bingo, sharing regional sayings and enjoying camaraderie. This online interaction has helped spread bingo calls more widely than ever, keeping them vibrant and evolving.

Playing bingo, whether on online bingo sites, in a pub, or in a traditional bingo hall, isn’t just about the game; it’s about the community. The humorous banter over various calls and numbers adds to the fun, creating bonds among players who share laughs and the thrill of the game. This sense of community is a key reason why bingo remains one of the most beloved gambling games worldwide.

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