Popular Casino Games By Country Revealed

Bojana Grozdanic 8 months ago
Popular Casino Games By Country Revealed

From Vegas to Macau, these games are the heart and soul of any gaming establishment, renowned not just for their excitement but also for their favorable odds. Read on to explore the top casino games that have captivated players around the world.

A Breakdown of Fan Favorite Games Around the World

Every nation has its own unique relationship with casino games, influenced by culture, history, and even legislation. We invite you on a globe-trotting journey to discover the favorite casino games of players from different corners of the world.

United States

Even though American players adore games like slots and poker, blackjack’s appeal in the US goes beyond the simple excitement of gambling, and the numbers prove it. According to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, blackjack accounted for $1.29 billion in table games in Nevada alone in 2022, out of a total of $4.80 billion, more than any other casino table game. 

Aside from providing the ideal combination of strategy and luck, one of the reasons blackjack is so popular in the States is the low house edge of around 0.5% to 2%, which is among the best on the casino floor. Mastering basic strategy can even lower the house edge further.

United Kingdom

Sports betting might be the talk of the town in the UK, especially when iconic events like the Royal Ascot or the Premiere League come around. But what do Brits enjoy playing when logging onto online casinos? 

Research done by Xace states that online casino games raked in £4 billion in GGY in 2022, up from £3.2 billion the previous year. While slots took the lion’s share at 73%, roulette carved out a significant 13% slice. This data highlights that, alongside the ever-popular slots, roulette is the go-to table game for UK online punters. 

Roulette Top Tip – European vs. American Roulette

Though it may look similar to its European counterpart, American Roulette adds an extra zero to the wheel, bumping the house edge up to 5.3%. If you have a choice, always opt for the European version, which has a more forgiving 2.7% house edge.


Pokies! That’s right, slots win hands down when looking at popular casino games cherished by players down under. Astonishingly, 20% of all slot machines globally are found in Australia, thanks largely to unique laws that allow these machines to populate not just casinos, but also local pubs and sporting clubs.

But that is not the only online gambling raking in revenue in Australia. Hot on the heels of online slots, Australian gamblers also dabble in sports betting, particularly horse racing, Aussie rules, cricket, and tennis, as well as the national lottery. 

Slots Top Tip

Slots have a less-than-ideal house edge, which often starts around 4.10%. Sure, they come with bells, whistles, and the occasional jackpot, but tread carefully when wagering big, especially when it comes to 5-cent slots. With a house edge starting at around 11%, the odds are not really on your side.

For those looking to test the waters before investing real money, free casino games, specifically slots, are great for practice rounds.


Poker, and more specifically Texas Hold ‘Em and video poker, are Canadians’ top choice when they spend some time at online casinos. And why shouldn’t it be? As one of the most polite nations of the world, surely Canadians would be able to pull off poker faces like champs! 

In 2011, about 2.3 million Canadians found themselves shuffling cards and going all-in at poker tables at least once a month just for fun. By 2022, that crowd had grown to 3.1 million, indicating a rising national fascination with the game. When it comes to sports, Canadians enjoy betting on NHL, UFC, NBA, boxing, and curling.

Poker Top Tip

If you’re a fan of Texas Hold’em but crave a more solitary gaming session, consider giving video poker a shot. This unique blend combines the strategic thinking required in Texas Hold’em with the quick, straightforward gameplay of slots. With a house edge that can range from as low as 0.5% to as high as 5%, video poker sure is an appealing alternative.


In India, casino games are more than just pastimes—they’re woven into the cultural fabric. While international favorites like slots and poker hold sway, it’s the homegrown games like Teen Patti, Rummy, and Jhandi Munda that really resonate. 

Sports betting, particularly on cricket, is another major player in India’s gambling ecosystem. With a population of 1.3 billion, 80% of whom gamble at least once a year, the market is ripe for expansion. Add to this a mobile user base of 700 million, and you’ve got a colossal audience that’s just a click away from their next bet or hand.


While poker and baccarat have their loyalists, and slots are evergreen, it’s Mahjong that holds a special place in Filipino hearts. This tile-based game goes beyond gambling—it’s a social ritual, a mental exercise, and a cultural staple rolled into one. Not to be overlooked, sports betting thrives, especially wagers on the more culturally specific, albeit controversial, cockfighting.

The Filipino gambling scene isn’t just surviving—it’s thriving, thanks to an unprecedented 66.16% increase in revenue to P58.96 billion in 2022. This financial windfall, according to PAGCOR, is a sign of a resilient and growing industry.

It’s not just the top casino games themselves but also the cultural tapestry they’re woven into that makes the world of gambling so fascinating. As we’ve seen, countries around the globe have their unique relationships with gambling, reflecting diverse traditions, laws, and levels of engagement.
So the next time you place your bet, whether it’s at a high-end casino in Monaco or a top online casino, remember: you’re participating in a global phenomenon that has captivated many generations.

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