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How Has iGaming Technology Caused a Boom in the Industry?
The 21st century so far has been marked by the rapid development of technologies that have affected many industry sectors. One of them is definitely iGaming. Online gambling is now more accessible than ever thanks to a fast, dependable internet connection and the most recent iGaming technology advancements. Despite the fact that the gaming sector’s market value increased to 155.89 billion dollars in 2020 (Clement, 2021), the current casino industry figures reveal that the world of iGaming is developing further. In this article, I will explain what the iGaming industry is all about and which technological innovations have the most credit for the current and future sector development. What is iGaming? Before we dive into the topic, let’s take a quick reminder of what iGaming actually is. The iGaming industry usually refers to any type of online casino gambling and the game software that supports it. It’s an umbrella term for all types of online betting, even if there’s no actual gaming software involved. Therefore, this includes: Virtual sports Live casino games Table and dealer games Sports betting Slots and jackpots It started to develop in the 1990s with increased internet speed and the commodification of computer technology for regular households. More and more people started moving to digital spaces for entertainment, and the casino industry was no different. The international judicial system had to adapt to gambling laws, as moving to the online space provided more opportunities for players to access casinos and more opportunities for casinos to make a profit. Special gambling licenses had to be given to the companies operating online casinos, which to this day isn’t allowed in every country. Although many of the current online casinos have a Curaçao iGaming license, in the 90s, Antigua and Barbuda was the first to recognize the opportunity to give offshore casinos gambling licenses, which would then be available across the world. Seeing the market potential iGaming had, many countries started implementing policies that would make it easier for investors to enter the industry. Although many online casinos are restricted in the United States, in 2018, the Supreme Court adopted new laws and repealed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) to enable its investors to get involved in such a booming market. The projected value for the iGaming industry in 2026 is expected to be over $100 billion (Technavio, 2022). It’s no wonder this is the case, as the development of iGaming technology has been a game-changer over the last few years and is one of the main reasons why this industry is on the rise. Revolutionary iGaming Technology The iGaming industry depends on the most recent technological advancements as it expands. However, while some of these innovations become trends, others help define the whole sector’s direction. Let’s look at four technological innovations that have and will change the iGaming landscape. #1 Blockchain Technology There’s a reason that the iGaming industry has achieved such an expansion at the same time as the development of blockchain technology. Technological innovations from the blockchain sector have brought more gambling security while giving new payment opportunities and more accessible storage options to players and online casinos. The influence of blockchain as the leading iGaming technology can be seen through cloud-based storage, cryptocurrency, and the appearance of blockchain casinos. Incorporating the latest technological developments, online casinos employ cloud computing to handle and store player information while improving operational efficiency. The most recent developments in cloud-based technology can help the gaming industry reach and maintain millions of players globally. In nations where it’s illegal to gamble in brick-and-mortar casinos, cloud computing offers gamblers a safe haven where they may play casino games without worrying about facing legal ramifications. Online crypto casinos are not as liable to these restrictions as their physical counterparts, which is why crypto-only online casinos are becoming one of the main online gambling trends. The participants’ information confidentiality and anonymity are guaranteed by the encrypted storage mechanism, which minimizes security threats from the outside. Moreover, blockchain development has enabled new digital currencies to emerge. Most popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum are becoming omnipresent in online casinos. Crypto and FIAT payment options have become a new standard for all online casinos. With the help of this new technology, gamblers can receive their winnings immediately, which is a significant improvement over the high fees and drawn-out payout processes associated with credit reimbursement, bank transfers, and e-Wallets. Blockchain methods have become so integrated into the iGaming industry that many young casinos use only cryptocurrency. The benefits for players are obvious: Faster payouts Guaranteed anonymity Better security Game developers are also taking note of the blockchain integration and are now developing games compatible with FIAT and cryptocurrency. Furthermore, some new games are compatible only with crypto, so bets can only be made in cryptocurrency. This shows that blockchain technology has substantially changed the iGaming industry and will likely be a huge part of its further development. Augmented and Virtual Reality Maybe the most intriguing iGaming technology is virtual reality. Augmented and virtual reality allows online casinos to simulate the casino experience and offer a digital substitute for conventional sit-down gambling. While virtual reality (VR) is entirely based on the digital world, augmented reality (AR) incorporates elements of the digital environment into physical reality. These innovations are becoming more and more important for online casinos as they have the means to bring the full casino experience to players in any environment they are currently in. AR and VR have enabled the creation of new forms of online casinos. For example, there are now “video casinos” that allow users to connect with other online gamblers while seated at actual gaming tables. Utilizing special 3D cameras, the gameplay is streamed to online gamers, letting you fully immerse yourself in the experience. However, the technology is still at the beginning of its development, even though some of its main concepts date back to 1957. For instance, the graphics in virtual reality are a long cry from those in contemporary video games. In addition, virtual reality hardware is pricey and hence far less widely available. In order to maximize the benefits of VR technology, you will also need a powerful PC, which raises the price even further. Considering the costs and the low-quality graphics of VR games, virtual casinos might need some more work to do before they become a standard in the industry, especially if we consider the development and ease of mobile gaming. Virtual reality has limitless potential, even though its current condition is far from ideal. The good news is that many businesses have already made significant investments in the creation of virtual technology. VR is currently primarily used in the video game industry, but it will surely enter the iGaming sector more. With better graphics and accessibility, VR might become an integral part of the iGaming industry in the future. Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence and machine learning have transformed every industry possible, so iGaming is no exception. Self-learning algorithms have allowed online gambling companies to better personalize the experience for the players. The online casino sector’s use of AI analytics enhances the player experience, spots fraud, and improves data-driven business choices. With the advent of modern iGaming tech, online casinos can now monitor player history, betting patterns, preferred games, and a myriad of other “signals” of player activity. A more individualized player experience, a safer gaming environment, and more operational effectiveness are made possible by the analytics layer’s actionable insights and data usage for the iGaming technology stack. The same is true when it comes to iGaming advertisements. The algorithms can differentiate potential customers and their preferences through a thorough analysis of the data and find the right way to place the service in front of them. Vital details like a user’s betting preferences are collected when they visit a betting site and are used to customize offers, bonuses, and other services. This raises revenue while bringing down marketing expenses. So, using machine learning algorithms benefits the player and the online casino company. Mobile Gaming One more very important iGaming technology development is the vast improvement in mobile gaming. Most gamers nowadays want access to their games at any time and place, so game developers started massively optimizing their games for mobile devices. Online casinos did the same, with their websites available on all devices and platforms to maximize the potential audience group. The development of stronger devices and better mobile graphics has allowed this transition to go smoothly. Stronger internet connections are also a big factor in mobile gaming development. In addition to enabling faster game downloads than current 4G networks, 5G networks also support the growth of mobile-based cloud gaming services and augmented reality (AR) games. One million devices can be supported by 5G in a single square kilometer, encouraging more people to play mobile games, especially multiplayer ones. In 2021, mobile gaming accounted for almost 57% of global video game revenue (Thematic Intelligence, 2022). We can see the shift towards mobile happening in real-time, which benefits the iGaming industry. Mobile casino games are simple and do not need a large amount of power to be run like some video games do. Therefore, it’s perfectly suitable for mobile devices, and I believe these two industries will continue to grow together for years to come. iGaming Technology Final Words Several iGaming technologies have enabled the online gambling industry to develop rapidly. Blockchain technology has brought more digital security to the players and various payment options guarded by encryption. Although still in development, AR and VR have an interesting effect on the player experience in online casinos, as they can get real-life casino experience from the comfort of their home. The development of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms has allowed casino companies to enhance the gambling experience with personalization and help with their advertising efforts while lowering expenses. Mobile gaming is probably the most important iGaming technology as it has become the main video game outlet. It will be very interesting to see how iGaming will continue to develop, but one thing is certain: These technologies will be involved in one way or the other.
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January 10, 2023
Christmas Casino Promotions in December 2022
document.querySelectorAll(“.star-rating”).forEach(a=> = “none”) Christmas is the time when everyone gets into the holiday spirit. It’s also the perfect time for Christmas casino promotions. Online casinos take this opportunity every year to create special bonuses designed to entice you to play during the holiday season. These bonuses come in the form of a match bonus, cashback, Christmas no deposit casino bonuses or free spins, and even a combination of these types. In this article, you’ll learn what Christmas promos consist of, different types of Xmas bonuses and promotions, and how to choose and claim top Christmas online casino promos. [sigma-top-casinos-new term_id = ‘50585’ christmas=”yes”] What Are Christmas Casino Promotions? Online casinos offer innovative and enticing bonuses that new or regular players can use during Christmas. You can use some of the Xmas bonuses on slot games, sports, or special games. Comparing Christmas casino bonuses to regular bonuses and promotions, Xmas casino offers are a bit different: During Christmas, online casinos and sportsbooks offer more generous bonuses for their visitors. These Xmas promotions have lower wagering requirements. The promotional period is shorter, only during the Christmas season. Christmas promos can only be used in Christmas-oriented casino games. What Types of Christmas Promotions Are There? No matter if you’re new to the casino world, an experienced poker player, or a slots fan, you’ll certainly want to use some of the Christmas promotions. The following bonuses and promotions you can expect at online casinos during Christmas. Christmas sign-up (welcome) bonus offers To all new players, online casinos give welcome bonuses when upon first deposit, so you can explore their games, find the one you like and spin the reels until you get lucky. What’s different during Christmas? Well, online casinos lower the rollover requirements and increase the number of spins or bonus money to spice up your experience. Xmas free spins Online casinos regularly offer free spins for games in their offer, but for the Christmas period, they usually add an additional number of spins. For example, for slot games where you can get at least 20-30 extra free spins, sometimes that number can go way up. Christmas calendar Besides bonuses and promotions during Xmas, some casino sites have a Christmas calendar where each day, their users can expect something new, which adds an extra layer of excitement during winter holidays. Christmas slot tournaments As you might have noticed, there are many Christmas-themed slots, and during Christmas, these slots can have bigger cash prizes. There are even slot tournaments for specific slot games, and in this post, I’ll suggest some tournaments in which you can participate. No-deposit casino Christmas bonus At the time of Christmas, online casinos offer no deposit bonuses to new players after registration, after which you’ll have additional free money to use on slots. The bonus cash from this promotion usually is added automatically to your casino account. Christmas no deposit bonus codes This type of code you can find on the casino site of your choosing, but we recommended a few in this article that you can use during the Xmas time. Once you enter the code, the free money or free spins will be added to your account. Xmas Giveaways When the Christmas period is nearby, online casinos sometimes can offer electronic devices or even a car as prizes in their tournaments. How to Choose a Christmas Promotion at Online Casinos? If you plan on playing slot games or participating in Christmas events, you should know how to choose Christmas perks: Check where each bonus can be used Check the terms and conditions of each bonus or promotion. You can see in what games you can use certain bonus What are the wagering requirements What is the validity period Other conditions How to Claim the Christmas Online Casino Bonus If you’re new to the world of online casinos and want to take advantage of the Christmas casino promotions, on this page, you’ll see some great promos you can use during the winter holidays. As a new gambler who wants to use Xmas bonus, you need to claim the bonus at the online casino: 1. Register at the online casino of your choosing Find the casino with games you wish to play and features you want to see at casino sites. When you choose the one, go to its registration page, provide your personal details, and follow instructions in order to do everything properly. Don’t forget to check its terms and conditions page for more details about games, bonuses, deposits, and withdrawals. 2. Verify your account and deposit the money Upon completing your account registration, you must confirm your identity. Once you’re finished with all procedures, you can enter the potential code, and the bonus money will instantly be transferred to your account. In order to withdraw the money, you must complete the requirements, which vary from casino to casino. 3. Log in, use the bonus amounts and start placing bets. In case you already have an account at the casinos we pointed out, you need to log in and start playing your favorite games. Once you complete all conditions, you’ll be able to withdraw the bonus and the potential winnings you got using the promo. Best Christmas Casino Promotions for 2022 In the sections below, you’ll read about different promotions at online casinos. RAPID CASINO Christmas promotions at Rapid Casino run from the first day of December until Christmas. A daily offer will be shown between 00:01 and 23:59 CET. Players who haven’t deposited in the last 30 days aren’t eligible for the free spin. The 500 Xmas free spins will be credited to the player with the highest single spin multiplier win from the Free Spin offer. The spins will be credited on the following day by 17:00 CET. All free spin winnings have a wagering requirement of 50x within 24 hours. For Christmas Tournaments, the minimum bet is $1. Tournament winnings have a 5x wagering requirement. You can expect them to be deposited on Mondays at 17:00 CET and be accessible for a full week. Prize Drops also require a $1 minimum wager. Any qualifying spin randomly triggers a prize during the promotion. One player can trigger more than one prize. They are all paid right after you trigger them. AXE CASINO To get Axe Casino Christmas deposit bonuses, you have to make a $10 minimum deposit. The 3rd Christmas free spins are given in Road 2 Riches The 4th Christmas free spins are handed out in Lady Wolf Moon The 6th Christmas free spins are granted in Wild Cash The 7th Christmas free spins are added in Bonanza Billion The 10th Christmas free spins are awarded in Christmas Big Bass Bonanza or Elvis Frog Trueways, depending on the location The 14th Christmas free spins are given in Fruit Million The 17th Christmas free spins are handed out in Gates of Olympus or Aloha King Elvis, depending on the location The 21st Christmas free spins are granted in Brave Viking The 23rd Christmas free spins are added in Eagle’s Gold The 25th Christmas free spins are given in Candy Monsta The slots are provided mostly by the BGaming studio, other than Eagle’s Gold, made by Zillion, and Christmas Big Bass Bonanza and Gates of Olympus, provided by Pragmatic Play. The maximum bonus amounts at Axe Casino are arranged like this: The maximum 25th Christmas bonus amount is $250. The maximum 13th Christmas bonus amount is $130. The maximum 11th Christmas bonus amount is $111. The 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 9th, 15th, 16th, 18th, 19th, 21st Christmas bonus amount is $100. The 5th, 12th, 20th, 22nd, and 24th Christmas bonus amount is $50. You have to claim all Christmas cashback bonuses through Live Chat. Bonus validity is seven days. You can activate free spins within three days. Free spins duration and free spins result duration are seven days. oshi CASINO Just like Axe Casino, Oshi is also a part of the Dama N.V. group, so it has a nearly identical Christmas program. Every bonus at Oshi Casino is valid for seven days. You have to claim all Christmas cashback bonuses through Live Chat. You can activate free spins within three days. The duration of the spins and the winnings is seven days. The 2nd Christmas free spins are added in Fruit Million. The 5th Christmas free spins are added in Candy Monsta or Eagle’s Gold (Zillion), depending on the location. The 8th Christmas free spins are added in Elvis Frog Trueways. The 11th Christmas free spins are added in Road 2 Riches. The 14th Christmas free spins are added in Gates of Olympus (Pragmatic) or Aloha King Elvis, depending on the location. The 16th Christmas free spins are added in Candy Monsta or Gift Rush. The 17th Christmas free spins are added in Wolf Gold (Pragmatic) or Elvis Frog in Vegas. The 20th Christmas free spins are added in Bonanza Billion. The 24th Christmas free spins are added in Lady Wolf Moon. Maximum winning for no deposit Christmas free spins is $50. Additionally, individual online casino Christmas bonuses carry these max caps: The 18th Christmas bonus amount is $1000 The 4th Christmas bonus amount is $500 The 1st, 6th, 9th, 13th, 14th, and 22nd Christmas bonuses amount is $200 The 2nd, 12th, and 25th Christmas bonuses amount is $150 The 19th Christmas casino bonus amount is $100 CASHALOT CASINO During the Holiday Frenzy promotion at Cashalot Casino, you can claim one of four exciting Christmas casino bonuses every day. After making the first deposit of the day, you’re eligible for one of the bonuses. You can claim only one bonus per day. The options are: Video slots bonus of 75% up to $150 Table games bonus of 50% up to $100 Live casino and TV games bonus of 50% up to $100 Virtual sports daily cashback of 25% up to $50 KING BILLY CASINO King Billy’s Christmas campaign stretches between December 13 and January 15. It includes four missions with very special Lootbox Prizes, six Christmas online casino promos, and a total of 768 free spins and $465. The minimum qualifying deposit is $60, and the wagering requirement for prizes is 30x. You can get two bonuses during the promotion. If Endorphina’s Book of Santa is unavailable, free spins will be given on BGaming’s Book of King Billy. Make sure you insert the Xmas free spins. LEON CASINO The Christmas offer from Leon Casino could be the most impressive in the industry. Besides Yggdrasil’s Ygg-mas Tree and Gamomat’s 31 Days of Spinsmas, Leon provides three additional online casino Christmas promotions in cooperation with gaming studios. The PG Soft promotion with a $5,000 prize pool is available only for Leon Casino players. Start spinning any PG Soft slot machine from December 4 until the end of 2022 for a chance to win weekly prizes ranging from $40 to $1,800. Gain one point for every $1.5 you bet. Your odds of finishing in the top 20 of each tournament increase in proportion to the number of points you earn. In an effort to amaze its Live Casino customers, Evolution Gaming organized two separate prize draw campaigns, each worth $50,000. One ticket will be awarded for every $25 wagered. The drawing dates for 612 prizes are set for December 20 and January 5. Any given ticket can reward you with $50 or $5,000. Play MONOPOLY Big Baller, XXXtreme Lightning Roulette, Crazy Time, and other provider-selected games between December 1 and December 31. From December 11 to December 18, Betsoft has a special offer for Leon Casino players a tournament with 10 cash prizes worth $3,000. Spin any of the provider’s slots, get to the top of the leaderboard and win your early Christmas gift. Earn one point for every $1.5 you bet. A total of $1,400 will be awarded to the winner, with $750 and $325 going to runners-up and third-place finishers, respectively. Xmas Calendar Bonuses Stake Casino announces 25 Days of Christmas every day at 1 AM GMT on its Telegram account. Stake grants various prizes, so you can receive: Monthly Bonus Stream Twitter giveaways Bonus drops Bet and share a $100,000 prize pool ShadowBit is another Dama N.V. casino. However, it opted for a different type of Christmas promotion. The ShadowBit daily bonuses and promotions are available from December 1 until December 25. Every day you will see a new bonus offer in the Casino Christmas Bonus Calendar. It can be a cashback, match bonus, free spins or a combination of the bunch. LuckyElektra Casino Christmas promotions are similar to ShadowBit, with a different prize waiting to be claimed every day until Christmas. Platin Casino has a Christmas countdown this year, from December 1 through Christmas Eve. Platincasino rolls out proven promotions, such as deposit bonuses, free spin Christmas casino offers, and gifts, with an occasional surprise. Slot Providers That Offer Christmas Promotions Several gaming studios also see the Christmas holidays as an opportunity to appeal to slot players and become their go-to slot provider. Wazdan Xmas Cash Drop Wazdan iGaming solutions provider created a $100,000 Christmas prize pool. Join the promo by playing any game. Bet real money on Wazdan slot machines during the promotional period for a shot at landing a cash prize. Prizes don’t carry any wagering requirement, and there is no required minimum bet. All bets qualify for participation. This tournament is open to all video slot games by Wazdan. The campaign runs from December 1 until 23:59 on December 26. One bet only qualifies for one prize, but multiple bets can bring you more than one prize. You must opt-in to be eligible. Only verified casino players qualify to win the cash rewards: Five $1,000 prizes Ten $750 prizes Fifteen $500 prizes One hundred $200 prizes Two hundred $100 prizes Five hundred $50 prizes 1,500 $10 prizes Upon receiving a notification, your account will be credited immediately with the full amount of your winnings. If you use bonus money to play games, the prizes will also be awarded in bonus money. Under the Ygg-mas Tree From December 16 and January 9, Ygg-mass tree promotion will reward players from a $250,000 real money prize pool. It’s the biggest Yggdrasil network campaign to date. The promotion will run in phases: Tangled in Tinsel Fairy Light Prize Fight Bauble Bombardment 2022 Unwrapped The first phase is running between December 16 and December 22. The Christmas Missions carry $70,000 in rewards. Complete them in the following games: Vikings Go Berzerk, Golden Fish Tank, Raptor Doublemax, Multifly!, and Gator Gold Gigablox Deluxe. From December 23 to December 29, a Fairy Light Prize Fight Prize Drop is taking center stage with another $70,000 prize pool. Holmes and the Stolen Stones, Jackpot Raiders, Valley of the Gods 2, Valley of the Gods, Vikings Go Berzerk Reloaded, 90K Yeti Gigablox and Monster Blox Gigablox are the games that qualify. The third stage will run from December 30 to January 5 with another $70,000 waiting in Raptor Doublemax, Valley of the Gods, Hades Gigablox, Golden Fish Tank 2, and CherryPop video slots. Lastly, from January 6 to January 9, Prize Drop Double Chance prize pool worth $40,000 is available in Yggdrasil’s most popular 2021 titles—Atlantean Gigarise, Easter Island 2, Frost Queen Jackpots, Gator Gold Gigablox, Gator Gold Gigablox Deluxe, Golden Fish Tank 2, Golden Gorgon, Raptor Doublemax, Reel Desire, Suncatcher Gigablox, and Vikings Go Berzerk Reloaded. Under the YGG-mas Tree promotion doesn’t have a required minimum bet for any of its phases, but only real money bets are eligible for the campaign. Players must confirm their participation in the campaign at any stage in the confirmation window. Participation is completely free. Gamomat’s 31 Days of Spinsmas Themed December tournament from Gamomat has a $10,000 prize pool. Spin the reels of participating slots from the provider between November 30 and December 31 for a shot at winning anything from $20 to $4,000. You can earn 70 free spins by completing the weekly quests and 100 spins in the main, 10-day New Year’s countdown quest. Bet at least $0.20 and get points for each win. The greater your point total, the better your odds of breaking into the top 100 scorers. Play Gamomat’s Wild Rubies Christmas Edition slot on the 25th at 7 PM UTC for a chance to be one of the first 100 players to receive an extra ten free spins. The selected Gamomat games are: Down the Chimney, Egyptian Magic, Expanding Fireworks, Fruit Lines Winter, Golden Treasures, Maaax Diamonds Christmas Edition, Ramses Book Christmas Edition, Take 5 Christmas Edition, Wild Rubies Christmas Edition, Win Blaster Christmas Edition and A Winter’s Tale. Tips for the Christmas Online Casino Promotions Consider the following information if you want to participate in Christmas promos. Read the fine print to make sure that you can complete all requirements. Devise a strategy of how you’ll use a certain bonus. For example, mark the calendar, so you know on which days you have to involve more in spinning the reels. The period during which you can use these Xmas bonuses is limited. Subscribe to a newsletter to be informed on your favorite casino’s promotions, so you can get the message as soon as the promotion starts. At the end of November/December, check the promo page of your favorite online casino to check its Christmas casino promotions. On Christmas day, log in to your chosen online casino and claim the final offer in the Christmas calendar. It’s usually the most valuable. Don’t forget to gamble responsibly.
When to Split in Blackjack: Easy-to-Follow Guide
Blackjack is generally considered a game of skill rather than luck, although luck plays a role as well. Therefore, it’s important to understand the rules of the game and learn all the strategies you can use to your advantage. One of those strategies is knowing when to split in blackjack, so let’s go over the basics. What Does Splitting Mean in Blackjack? It’s possible to split two cards of the same number in blackjack, such as fours and eights, and play them like a separate hand. You have to place the same bet on the new hand as the original bet you placed on the first hand. The following is a more detailed explanation of how to play each pair, but you can learn the basics in the following way: Aces and 8s should always be split Don’t split 10s Split 4s if you can double on split hands When to Split in Blackjack? It’s possible to split any pair of cards in blackjack. The question is, however, whether splitting every time is a good idea. The answer to this question is no. To determine if a split is possible, you need to know the dealer’s card. Let’s see when can you split in blackjack. If You Get a Pair of Aces It’s easier to hit 21 when you have an ace because the deck has many 10-value cards. Therefore, if you get a pair of aces, you shouldn’t second-guess your decision to split because any drawn card valued at 10 gives you 21. If You Get a Pair of Eights It’s always a good idea to split a pair of eights because you risk busting if you stand or hit. In other words, if you stand, the dealer will likely beat you with a higher total. On the other hand, if you hit, you’ll probably bust. However, if you decide to split, you have a high chance of getting a 10, bringing your new total to a hard 18. Furthermore, if you don’t get a 10, you have a chance of getting an ace, which results in a total of 19. Finally, even if you get a nine, your total will be 17, which is again a better outcome. When Not to Split in Blackjack? You already have a good hand if you’ve got nines or tens. With a pair of nines, you have the best chance of beating the dealer. A marginally stronger hand can be made by splitting them if you hit an ace or ten. The same applies to tens. With 20, you have a great starting hand, and it’s hard to improve upon if you split. However, you may split high pairs when the dealer’s up card isn’t good. If You Get a Pair of Fives Most players decide not to split a pair of fives regardless of the number of decks in a game. They know they have a better starting point if they have a 10 as opposed to two pairs with fives. Therefore, instead of splitting, you can either hit or double down. If You Get a Pair of Fours Basically, if you split two fours, there’s a high chance of ending up with two 14s, which isn’t good for you. The best strategy, in this case, is to hit and hope to get a 10, resulting in a total of 18, which is a far better outcome. The bottom line is that this is a decent hand. Splitting Depending on the Dealer The dealer can also split hands when certain up cards are shown. The following are three examples: Dealer: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 You: 2-2, 3-3, 7-7 Decision: split You have a better chance of getting a strong hand if you split these. However, take another card if the dealer shows an eight or higher. Dealer: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 You: 6-6 Decision: split Even if the dealer busts, it’s possible to win at blackjack. As a result, splitting 6s is a wise move. A dealer may have to hit again and lose if you draw a 10 to make 16. Dealer: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 You: 9-9 Decision: split In general, nines are bad for splitting, but they can be good if the dealer gets a strong hand (18, 19) or busts (having to hit on 12, 13, 14, 15, or 16). Blackjack Splitting Rules The best way to learn blackjack split rules is to play at an online or land-based casino. Splitting is just one possible strategy, depending on the cards you’re dealt. Keep the following rules in mind before playing: Splitting 10-value cards is only allowed in some casinos if they rank similarly. It’s fine to split a 10-10 hand, but not a jack-queen hand. Doubling down and splitting hands may be limited after the first split. If you have a 10-value card on one or both of the aces or an ace on one or both of the tens, they’re considered non-blackjack 21. You aren’t allowed to hit more than once after splitting aces. Pros and Cons of Splitting in Blackjack Pros: Increases your chances of beating the dealer Splitting doubles your winnings It can turn a bad hand into a decent one It can turn a bad hand into a decent one Your initial hand is at an advantage as a result Cons: If you make the wrong move, you can lose twice as much as you bet Since you’ll be doubling your bet, splitting requires a higher bankroll Luck plays a major role in the game FAQ When should you split cards in blackjack? It’s always a good idea to split aces because there’s a high chance of drawing a 10-value card and reaching a total of 21. Should you ever split 10s? Blackjack players are generally advised not to split 10s and to always stand on 20. This is because card counters sometimes split 10-rich decks. What are the best numbers to split in blackjack? It makes sense to split a pair of aces because there are a lot of 10-value cards in blackjack. A single ace receives a value of 1 if there is no splitting and a double ace gets a value of 11. With a nine, you can only get to 21 on your next card. Should you split 7s in blackjack? Knowing when to split in blackjack sometimes depends on the number of decks used. In multi-card games, it’s generally advised to split a pair of 7s when the dealer has cards 2–7. In double-deck games, on the other hand, split a pair of 7s against the dealer’s 2–8 if DAS and 2–7 if NDAS.
How to Play Blackjack: Ultimate Guide for 2023
How to play Blackjack in online and brick-and-mortar casinos? What is a soft hand, and what is a hard hand? Here, you’ll find answers to all these questions and much more. I’ll provide insights regarding betting strategies you can utilize, Blackjack etiquette, differences between a hard and soft hand, card values, and everything else you’ll need if you want to start playing the Blackjack card game. What Is a Blackjack Card Game? Blackjack, also known as Vingt-Un or Twenty-One, is a card game played with a 54-card deck where the goal is to get as close to 21 points as possible without exceeding it. Unlike some other casino games, Black jack or Blackjack is played against the dealer, no matter the number of opponents. If you already know some of the basics of this card game, you can try playing it online for free (or for real money) or in land-based casinos. There are many various versions of Blackjack you can try. However, if you want to learn more in-depth about how does Blackjack work, stick to the end, and you’ll be ready. Blackjack Rules You Should Know In blackjack, there are a variety of rules and deck counts that need to be followed. There are several ways to play blackjack, but one of the most common ways is to use a shoe (a plastic device that distributes cards). Currently, there are still single-deck and multi-deck blackjack games in casinos. This article will illustrate how to play blackjack with six decks of cards, which is the most common game. The step-by-step process is as follows: A player purchases chips A player places a wager A player receives cards from a dealer A player plays a hand A dealer plays a hand Payouts Buying Chips As a requirement for playing the game, chips must be used. You’ll have to exchange cash for casino chips at casinos that no longer accept cash. It’s as simple as walking up to the table and putting your money on the felt. The dealers will never touch your money. There’s a rule that prohibits dealers from taking items from players. You can see the amount of money on the table as soon as the dealer lays it out. A pit boss will verify it. After you buy in, a dealer counts out chips and pushes them toward you. Once you have the chips in your hand, you can begin betting. Your dealer will arrange the buy-in amount on the felt so cameras can see it. For $1,000, this is what buying in looks like. Placing a Wager At the start of a round, you first place a bet in the betting circle (sometimes a square or just the casino logo on the felt). There will also be a small sign that tells you what your betting limit is on the far right or left side of the table. On most US poker tables, a minimum wager of $5 per hand needs to be placed. This may vary depending on the casino and its regulations. Dealing Cards As soon as players place their bets, the dealer deals one card face up to each player and themselves. Another round of cards is dealt face up to every player, but the dealer’s second card is dealt face down. Deciding How to Play a Hand In blackjack, you can decide to hit, stand, double down, split, and surrender, depending on the cards you’re dealt. If you like your cards, the dealer will move on to the next player. That means you’ve decided to stand. The hand signal, in this case, is waving your hand horizontally over the cards. If you wish to hit, the dealer will give you more cards, one after another, until you reach 21 or decide to stand. There’s no limit to the number of cards you can take as long as you stay under 21. Tap the felt with your finger to signal to the dealer that you want another card. In blackjack, you also have the opportunity to double down or increase your initial bet. If your hand total is favorable to you, but you need one more card to make it a winning combination, doubling your initial wager will allow you to take only one more card. To take more cards, you must place your initial wager on the left side of your original wager. Technically, you can “double for less,” but it isn’t a good idea most of the time. You can also place a second wager if you have an equal-value pair of cards, and the dealer will divide them so that each becomes the first card in two new hands. It’s also possible to deal with a face card this way. If, for example, you have a King and a Jack in your hand, you can split them because they both have the same value, even though they’re not a pair in reality. To indicate that you wish to split rather than double down, make a “peace sign.” You will receive a second card when the dealer makes two hands out of your first. Finally, can surrender your initial hand in exchange for half of your original wager if you don’t like it. Using your finger, draw a line across the felt behind your bet to indicate that you want to surrender. It’s common for dealers to confuse this signal with the hit signal. If you want to be safe, just utter the word “surrender” and make a hand gesture for the cameras to see. Payouts You and the dealer have played your hands according to the 21 card game rules. Therefore, there are two possible outcomes. When the dealer busts, each hand still in play on the table will receive even money (1x the wager). The dealer will deal cards (17 through 21). It’s just a matter of who has a better hand if your hand is still in play. The dealer sweeps your wager in that case. The dealer pays you a one-time bet if you have the higher hand. If your hand total equals the dealer’s hand total, it’s considered a push, so you keep your money but don’t receive your wager as a reward. We have now reached the end of the round. Therefore, the cards are swept, and you start over. Basic Blackjack Strategy You Can Employ As you make your decision based on the cards you hold and the cards that the dealer shows, you employ the basic strategy to help you make the right decision. It’s possible to calculate the most advantageous strategy for every possible combination of a hand and the dealer’s up card. This strategy was developed by a computer based on millions of blackjack rounds to determine the best way to play each hand combination. For this reason, blackjack will never be a guessing game. Player Hand Resolution You can expect different outcomes depending on the situation. When dealt a hand where the basic strategy dictates that you shouldn’t take any cards, you made the right move by standing. In order to make a hand, you must take more cards (hit, double, split) and reach 21 or under without busting. If you bust or surrender your hand, you’re out of the game. When your hand busts, you immediately lose the wager you placed. This is beneficial to casinos. Since the player busted first, they still keep their money despite the dealer busting. As long as your hand hasn’t busted and you haven’t surrendered, the dealer has the option of playing their hand. The dealer then turns over their hole card and adds two cards. There is an automatic requirement that dealers stand when their hand totals 17 or more. If the dealer has a hand total of 16 or under, they will take additional hit cards. Unlike players, dealers can’t double, split, or surrender and must play their hand the same way every time. The only exception is when the dealer has a 17 consisting of an ace and a 6. Depending on the casino, the dealer may decide to hit this hand because it counts as a 7 (since the strength of an ace can be determined in various ways), which will give them a chance of getting a better hand. The casino has an advantage when the dealer stands on all 17s in a row. The dealer usually indicates whether a soft 17 will be hit on the felt, so you know what to expect. Furthermore, dealers aren’t allowed to deviate from the casino’s rules. Blackjack Card Values Fortunately, it’s very easy to figure out the total value of your cards at any given moment, which is good news. The value of cards 2 through 10 is the same as their number. In addition, all picture cards (i.e., jacks, queens, and kings) carry a value of 10. So that leaves us with the ace, which may be worth 1 or 11, making it a valuable card to receive because it gives you a variety of options. As a result, your blackjack card value chart should look something like this: Ace: 1 or 11 2: 2 3: 3 4: 4 5: 5 6: 6 7: 7 8: 8 9: 9 10: 10 Jack: 10 Queen: 10 King: 10 In blackjack, 52 cards are used as part of the standard deck. Depending on the number of players at the table and the preference of the casinos, the game can be played with up to eight decks. After most rounds, the dealer would have to stop and shuffle a single deck. Hard vs. Soft Hand in Blackjack When it comes to blackjack hands, there is only one card that makes the difference between a hard hand and a soft hand—an ace. Soft Hand As soon as the player is dealt two cards at the beginning of the game, the player is considered to have a soft hand if one of those cards is an ace. That’s because the ace can either be a 1 or an 11. It all depends on the other card. Having a soft hand implies more liquidity and that the player has more choices. Hard Hand In contrast, in blackjack, a hard hand is when there is no ace in the hand. Therefore, a hard hand leaves the player with no options in certain situations. Betting Rules for Blackjack As with any other casino game, blackjack tables have a set of bet limits that all players must adhere to. A game’s minimum and maximum bets vary based on whether it’s designed for high rollers or low-stake gamblers, but they generally range from $2 to $1,000 for the minimum and maximum bets, respectively. In blackjack, players must make their wagers before any cards are dealt. The game begins after that. Even Money Rules If a player has blackjack and the dealer’s up card is an ace, the dealer may offer even money. The player accepts a 1:1 payout on their original bet before the dealer checks for blackjack. Generally, this bet isn’t recommended since players are statistically better off not taking it. How to Play Blackjack: Step-by-Step Instructions Now that we’ve discussed blackjack rules, let’s see what strategies you can employ to maximize your winnings. Number of Decks Blackjack can be played using one or multiple decks of cards. The number of decks affects the house edge. In other words, the house edge increases as more decks of cards are included in the game. Also, the more decks are used, the higher the complexity of the game. In modern blackjack played in most land-based casinos, six to eight decks of 52 cards are typically used. When playing online blackjack, up to eight decks of cards are normally used. Live dealer blackjack, on the other hand, is streamed online, but it feels like a real casino. Typically, eight decks of cards are used in live dealer blackjack, but it’s possible to play with six decks of cards. Hitting In order to receive another card, a player must “hit.” No additional wager is required, and you can hit as many times as you like. Depending on the dealer’s up card, you’ll have to decide whether to hit or stand. It’s generally recommended that players don’t hit if the dealer’s up card is a 6 or lower unless their hand is an 11 or lower. Splitting In the event that a player has two cards of equal value, they can split their hand and play them separately. A player must match their original bet to cover their new second hand. Among all moves, splitting has the most variations in rules. It’s possible for players to split up to three times per round in casinos, resulting in four hands per round. If players are uncertain of the casino’s betting rules, they should always ask the dealer or check the blackjack variation rules. As long as the dealer’s up card is 7 or lower, pairs of aces and 8s are always worth splitting in Blackjack. Standing In order to end a turn, players should stand if they’re satisfied with their hand. All players (including the dealer) draw cards until they’ve completed all their hands. After a player stands, their turn is over, and the rules state that they can’t make any more bets. Players generally tend to stand when their hands have a value of 17 or more and 13–16 unless the dealer has an up card of 7 or higher. Doubling Down Doubling down can double a player’s bet, but it’s risky. In order to receive one extra card, players must match their original wager; they can’t hit afterward. Dealers will give players face-down cards and must wait until all wagers are settled before the dealer flips them. In some blackjack games, you can only double down once per round if their hand value is 9, 10, or 11. Doubling down in Blackjack is a good idea on most hands containing 10 or 11 and can pay off on many hands containing aces and 2–7, but only if the dealer’s up card is low. Surrendering In some blackjack variations, players can return their cards and receive half their original bet if they have a bad hand. Players who wish to surrender must do so before drawing any further cards. Surrender rules at casinos are generally divided into two categories: Early surrender: Before a dealer checks for blackjack, a player can surrender and pay only half of the initial bet. Late surrender: After a dealer checks for blackjack, a player can surrender and take half of the initial bet only if the dealer doesn’t have a blackjack. Blackjack games with early surrender are rare. However, early surrender is available in a few RNG-powered PlayTech games, for instance. It should be noted that some blackjack variations don’t offer surrender as an option. As a result, the odds for players are generally worse in these blackjack games. Blackjack Etiquette If you’re wondering, “how do you play blackjack?” it’s important to understand and learn the basic rules of the game. Blackjack etiquette is also important to follow to play the game effectively. Those new to the game who don’t know the rules might get confused. It’s essential to know what to do and what not to do to avoid embarrassment and enjoy the game. These blackjack table etiquette tips will help you avoid being a nuisance at the blackjack table. Don’t hand your money to the dealer Never give cash to the dealer. In a Las Vegas casino, it’s never allowed for a dealer to take the money out of your hand. It’s not personal, but it’s a casino rule. Before placing your cash on the table, wait for the current round to end. The dealer will spread out the equivalent chips before sliding them to your side of the table. If you wish to purchase chips of a particular denomination, tell the dealer. Keep your cards in one hand Make sure that you only use one hand when you are holding cards. In order to prevent the switching of cards, this rule is in place. It’s easier for a player who uses two hands to switch cards than a player who uses only one hand. Table cards should never be removed Keep in mind that you should never remove your cards from the table at any point during the game. It’s recommended that the cards are seen by other players, the dealer, and the security cameras. Once the dealer calls “no more bets,” don’t touch your chips. After you’ve placed your wager and the cards have been dealt, you aren’t allowed to touch your chips until the end of the game. Your chips can only be collected after you’ve won. However, if you lose, the dealer will collect your chips for you. Don’t touch the cards when they are dealt face up The shoe-dealt version of blackjack involves players receiving both cards face up and the house receiving one card face up and one face down. Players can’t touch the cards. Instead, you indicate a “hit” or “stand” by using your hand motion for another card or signaling to the dealer if you’re standing. Cards and chips can only be removed or moved by the dealer. Signal your decision, don’t say it You must communicate your decision to stand or hit in Las Vegas through hand signals. Instead of saying “stand” or “hit,” signal your decision to the dealer. Security cameras serve to record the game. Don’t let hand gestures intimidate you. The dealer will be glad to show you the signals if you’re new to the game. Conclusion Now that you know the rules of Blackjack, card values, hard and soft hands, moves, and all other instructions on how to play Blackjack, you can check a cheat sheet for Blackjack that you can use while practicing. If you already know how all these things, you can try to learn card counting, which can be a valuable skill in Blackjack. Lastly, I’ve prepared frequently asked questions regarding Blackjack. FAQ Is blackjack skill or luck? There are specific rules and tactics you can employ to win a blackjack game. For that reason, blackjack is considered a game of skill rather than luck. Should I hit or stand on 16? If you hold a hand of 10 or 12 to 16, it’s best to hit. If you hold a 17 and over, it’s wise to stand. It’s important to note that when a dealer has cards 7–9, your chances increase because they can’t make a blackjack. How much should you bet in blackjack? A typical blackjack bet ranges from $10 to $10,000 per hand. There’s a little wiggle room—you might only find $20–$5,000 or $5–$20,000. A large casino blackjack game typically accepts between $10 and $10,000. Is ace 1 or 11 in blackjack? The value of Aces is 11, but if you need it to get to 21, it can be counted as a 1. Do you hit on 15 against a 10? In case you hold 15 in your hand that consists of an 8-7, you should hit against a dealer’s 10. What does it mean Blackjack pays 3 to 2? A 3:2 payout means you’ll get $3 for each wager of $2. This payout ratio is a standard one, giving a casino a slightly higher house edge.
How to Play Backgammon: The Definite Guide
Players of all ages can benefit from Backgammon’s positive effects on cognitive capabilities. The prefrontal cortex and the hippocampus are both exercised during play, which are parts of the brain responsible for memory formation and complex thought processes. The game’s strategic and tactical elements are ideal for stimulating these areas. Moreover, playing this board game reduces your risk of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s due to the mental stimulation it provides. So, if you want to learn how to play Backgammon, you have come to the right place. But before I answer the main question of this article, I’ll provide information about the game’s origin, rules, and strategies. Origin of Backgammon Backgammon is among the most popular Western table games, and its roots can be traced back about 5,000 years to Persia and Mesopotamia, i.e., today’s Iran and Iraq regions. Backgammon is a derivative of the Irish game that was first played around the 16th century. The first written record of Backgammon was found in 17th-century England. Essential Information About Backgammon Wondering how do you play Backgammon? It’s played between two people using a board with 24 triangles. Those narrow triangles are called points and are divided into four groups of six triangles that alternate in color. Groups or quadrants are referred to as the home board and outer board. A ridge along the length of the board, known as the bar, separates the boards. Every point is numbered: for you, the outermost point is 24th, but at the same time, it’s 1st for your opponent. Everyone starts with 15 checkers, stones, tablemen, or just men. All 15 are of the same color. The following list is the Backgammon board layout, i.e., players begin with: five checkers on each player’s 6th point three men on each 8th point five on each player’s 13th point two checkers on each player’s 24th point There are two dice per player. The current bet is displayed on a doubling cube with the numbers 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64 printed on its faces. The goal of Backgammon is to move all of your pieces into your home board and then bear them off. The first person to do it is the winner. Players roll a single die to establish who goes first, and the one with the greater number plays first. How to Set Up Backgammon? To understand what is Backgammon and how it’s played, I’ll dive more into the rules for setting up the board and the movement of pieces. Board The board represents the single largest expense, as the price of tournament-sized models typically ranges from $250 to $1,300. The dice can turn many times on these boards because they don’t roll on top of the checkers or fall off the board. The boards can often be folded into little briefcases, making transporting them much simpler. The board is divided into four equal sections and in two by a ridge that runs down the middle. This ridge is called the bar or middle bar. Another imaginary line divides the board into four quadrants: two home boards and two outer boards. We’ve already gone through how to set up the Backgammon process, but I want to focus on a couple more details regarding the initial layout. Pieces The movement of the pieces, referred to as stones, men, or checkers, along the points is determined by the player’s roll of the two dice. Each player begins the game with 15, which can be any one of several different colors. Dice The players each have two ordinary dice with six faces and numbers ranging from one to six. Most Backgammon players who take the game seriously opt to use precision dice. These dice have round corners, allowing them to roll more frequently and unpredictably. The dice will typically correspond in color to the pieces, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Some players prefer clear dice because they feature an internal marking that makes it simple to determine whether or not an opponent is attempting to cheat by exchanging good dice for crooked dice that have been weighted to generate more favorable results. Note that cheating can be avoided by using dice shakers or mugs. Last but not least, each Backgammon set comes with a doubling cube, a die with six sides, and the numbers 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64 on them. This die is used to increase the amount at stake in a game. How to Play Backgammon: Step-by-Step Instructions Tablemen are moved by the person who rolled the higher number, using the numbers on both dice. Once the initial roll has been made, each player will throw two dice and take turns. A player’s next move is determined by the number of points, or ‘pips,’ shown on the dice. When moving the pieces, you must follow these rules: The pieces are always moved forward to a lower-numbered point. A checker can only be moved to an unoccupied point, not taken by two or more opposing pieces. Two numbers on the dice give you different options. If you roll a four and a two, you can move one piece four spaces to an open point and another two spaces, or you can combine and move the same checker a total of six spaces, provided that one of the intermediate points, which would be the fourth and second place from the starting point, is open as well. If you roll a double, the number on the dice is played twice. If it happens that you roll a pair of sixes, you’ll have four sixes at your disposal and can use them to advance the pieces as he sees fit. If allowed by the rules, you must use both numbers of a roll or all four in case of a double. If only one number can be played, you’re obliged to do so. If both numbers are playable, but there’s only one place available, you’re obliged to play a bigger number. When you can’t use either number, your turn ends. In the case of doubles, if all four numbers can’t be played, you’re obliged to play as many as possible. Entering, Moving & Hitting When you understand these basic Backgammon rules, you can move on to the next area: moving, hitting, and entering. There is only a couple of essential regulations, but the similarity of moves with those from other games compels me to go through all: A blot is a position on the board where just one checker of both colors is stationed. A blot is hit and moved to the bar if the opponent’s checker lands on it. The first duty of any player with pieces on the bar is to move them onto the opponent’s home board. To enter the game, a piece must be moved to an empty square whose value matches that of the dice. If you roll a three and a five, you can move a checker onto the opponent’s third or 6th point, provided that the prospective point isn’t already home to two or more of the opponent’s pieces. In case you try to move while neither of the points is available, you lose your turn. But, if you can only enter a portion of your checkers, you must enter what you can and forego the rest of your turn. Any remaining numbers on the dice must be played after all your checkers have been entered, either by moving the entered checker or a different checker. Next on the list of instructions for Backgammon are doubling and a more comprehensive outlook on bearing off. Doubling When playing Backgammon, the stake is determined per point. Every game begins at one point. If you have a significant edge at any moment in the game, consider raising the stakes or doubling. This can only happen at the beginning of your turn before the dice roll. If you’ve been offered a double and declined, you’ll lose the game and must pay one point as a penalty. On the other hand, you can take the double and continue playing for the bigger stakes. After accepting a double, you can request the next one. Redoubles are repeat doubles within the same game. If you decline a redouble, you’re responsible for covering the original number of points at stale before the redouble. If not, you get possession of the cube, and the stakes are doubled from there on. Every player can redouble at any time during the game. Bearing Off You can begin bearing off once all 15 checkers have been placed on your home board. To bear off a checker, you must first roll a number that corresponds with the point where the piece is located. For example, you must roll a six to remove a checker from the sixth point. To bear off, you must make a move by placing a checker on a higher-numbered point if there’s no piece on the point that you rolled. If there are no other checkers on a higher numbered point, you can and should remove your piece from the highest point. Any time a player has the option to make a valid play, he doesn’t have to bear off. In order to bear off, all of your live pieces must be within your home board. If you hit the piece while bearing off, you need to return that piece to the home board before you can resume to bear off. You win the game if you’re the first to bear off all the pieces. Gammon and Backgammon Knowing how to play Backgammon helps you minimize your losses. For example, if you remove at least one checker from the board before the end of the game, you’ll only be penalized the value that’s displayed on the doubling cube. However, you’re Gammoned and lose twice the value of the doubling cube if you haven’t borne off any of your checkers before the game ends. Alternatively, if you don’t bear off any pieces and still have a checker on the bar or in the winner’s home board, you’re Backgammoned and lose three times the value of the doubling cube. This is the worst possible outcome for the loser. Additional Rules in Backgammon The following guidelines are frequently applied in practice: Automatic doubles Beavers The Jacoby rule Automatic doubling is an optional rule. The stakes are immediately increased if both players turn the same number on the first roll. The doubling cube now reads two and is kept in the middle. Usually, players agree that there will only be one automatic double throughout each game. After a player has doubled, that player can redouble or beaver instantly while maintaining ownership of the cube. As with a standard double, the original Doubler can accept or decline the double. With the Jacoby Rule in play, it’s only possible to count Gammons and Backgammons as a single game in the event that neither player has offered a double for the game’s duration. This rule helps speed up the game by removing circumstances in which a player would want to avoid doubling to continue playing for a gammon. Irregular Moves in a Game of Backgammon Any comprehensive ‘How to play Backgammon’ guide also needs to emphasize illegal moves. Both dice must land flat on the surface of the right-hand portion of the game board after being rolled together. If either die lands outside the right-hand board, on a checker or if it doesn’t land flat, you must re-roll both dice. The turn is considered complete when you pick up dice at the end of the round. If the play is invalid or unfinished, you can either accept it as it is or ask the player to make a valid move. The result of a roll is nullified if you roll before the opponent has finished his turn and picked up the dice to end the game. However, this rule is often disregarded. In Backgammon, the concept of a stalemate is practically impossible. It can only occur when both players actively prevent the other from moving forward. Both of them may have prime in front of the other player’s checkers. Both players can only maintain their prime positions once they are pinned to the bar. Therefore, if both players are currently on the bar, one of them will ultimately re-enter the game unless both players are eliminated at the same time. The only way to reach a deadlock is for both players to be on the bar simultaneously and for both players to be closed out. However, this scenario isn’t going to play out. If you are on the bar and your opponent closes the gap, you can’t hit your opponent. So, stalemate is possible only if one of the players performs a move outside the rules. Strategies for Backgammon You Can Employ The dice rolls determine the outcome of a game of Backgammon; therefore, if your opponent rolls 6s while you roll 1s, you’ll likely lose regardless of what you do. Considering there are so many throws of the dice in a game of Backgammon, the luck tends to equal out, and the player who employs the superior strategy is most likely to emerge victorious. Therefore, learning the ins and outs of these methods is essential if you want to become proficient in Backgammon. So, in addition to the rules for Backgammon, you’d want to check out a rundown of the five fundamental Backgammon strategies: the blitz, the running game, priming, the holding game, and the back game. The Blitz The Blitz is an all-out assault against your opponent’s weak checkers in one or more areas. Instead of just running for home or attempting to create points along the board, this approach emphasizes landing on your opponent’s checkers whenever possible to send them to the bar. The advantage is that you’re setting your opponent back a certain number of pips, and it also allows you to trap certain checkers on the bar if your opponent doesn’t roll the appropriate numbers to come back onto the board. Remember that attacking close to your home row doesn’t cause your opponent to lose a significant number of pips and that if your attacking checker remains susceptible, you run the chance of losing a significant number of pips yourself. The Running Game The Running Game is the most basic Backgammon board game strategy. It entails moving your checkers toward your home board in the quickest possible manner. If you and other players want to engage in a running game, the match’s victor will be determined by who rolls higher than the other. Having this in mind, you should only commit to a running game if you start with powerful rolls at the beginning of the game. Priming A connected series of made points along the board is an important part of the Backgammon strategy known as priming. Many experts consider this the most crucial technique when learning to be successful at Backgammon. You have formed a wall that your opponent cannot get around until they roll a five or a six. This wall slows down your opponents and makes it simple for your other moving pieces to find safe locations by providing an easy target. Priming is the most efficient when used in conjunction with the blitz, referred to as the two-way forward offensive. Your opponent’s checkers will be placed on the bar due to the blitz, and getting off the bar can be challenging. This will cause your opponent to waste a lot of dice rolls. Holding Game As you move away from your home board, the Holding Game depends on maintaining an anchor point in your opponent’s home board. Leaving an anchor point on the opponent’s home board provides you with two advantages, although it’s frequently prudent to advance your furthest checkers early in the game to prevent getting trapped. For defensive purposes, it provides you with a secure position to fall back on in the event that one of your checkers is sent to the bar. This stops an opponent from entirely baiting you into an automatic defeat. When playing offensively, the Holding Game allows your anchor to provide a reasonable threat to the pieces that your opponent is advancing. Even if your opponent responds by capturing one of your checkers from your home board, you’ll still come out on top in terms of pips if you capture a checker from your opponent’s home board. Back Game The Back Game is an extension of the Holding Game that focuses on keeping numerous points on your opponent’s home board. Considering that you begin the game with only two checkers on your opponent’s home board, it’s obvious that the only time you’ll play this strategy is if your checkers are repeatedly knocked onto the bar. The Back Game is a backup strategy. Some call it a last-ditch effort to save face when losing badly. This tactic not only makes your opponent’s life more difficult by increasing the offensive threat of the Holding Game, but it also makes your life more difficult by taking up a valuable part of the home board. Conclusion To wrap up, I all reiterate a couple of the most important rules and guidelines you must know to learn how to play Backgammon. It’s a board game between two people with 15 checkers. The winner is the first player to put all his pieces into a quadrant of the board, i.e., the home board. To do that, players use dice or doubling dice if doubling has already occurred. In this Backgammon guide, I’ve explained all the rules, complimented with the list of irregular moves and the standard tactics that will help you win when you start playing it. FAQ How do you start a Backgammon game? To decide the Backgammon starting position, you and the other player roll a single die to determine who goes first, with the higher of the two getting the first turn. If you roll the same number, you need to repeat the action. After that, you alternate turns and roll two dice at the beginning of every turn. What is an object of Backgammon? The object of Backgammon is to be the first player to remove all pieces from your inner table, which is called bearing off. If the opponent removed at least one piece, you win a single game and receive the current stake. If he doesn’t remove a single piece, this is a ‘gammon,’ and it’s worth double the current stake. Is it hard to learn to play Backgammon? The rules are easy to understand, and a new player can pick them up in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, these rules are easy to grasp once you’ve played a couple of games. It’s easy to see why so many people keep coming back to play it and why it remained popular after thousands of years. Why is the 5-point important in Backgammon? The 5-point is deep in your home board, along with the 6-point, which is effective protection when your opponent is trying to re-enter from the bar. When your opponents roll a five or a six, they’ll fail to re-enter and, as a result, waste a lot of their pips.
Learn How to Play Mahjong: Ultimate Guide
The game of Mahjong consists of tiles and is played by four players. The Qing dynasty is credited for developing it, which spread across the globe by the early 20th century. Known as Sparrow because of the clacking of the tiles that resembled the chattering of sparrows, its origins are unknown. However, one theory suggests that it’s an adaptation of an earlier card game called “madiao.” Depending on how you shuffle the tiles, locals have also referred to the game as “dry swimming.” It’s a game of strategy, luck, and skill, and I’ll cover everything you need to know, from the basic rules to the gameplay. What is Mahjong? The South China Morning Post reported that Mahjong, or Mah Jongg, originated more than 300 years ago in China. The game requires four players and is widely played in Asia and around the globe. After being introduced to the United States around 1920 by Joseph P. Babcock, an American businessman who had lived in China, the game gained particular popularity. New York’s Abercrombie & Fitch was the first to sell Mahjong sets. The game of Mahjong consists of 144 tiles, each displaying an illustration from one of five categories. Chinese symbols or characters are used in the illustrations. Equipment Needed for Playing Mahjong Before I explain how to play Mahjong, I’ll list the equipment you’ll need in the sections below. Tiles There are 144 tiles in a Mah Jong (Mahjong) set, usually 30 x 20 x 15mm. Plastic has replaced bone or ivory as a common material for these sets. Below, you can learn more about the types of tiles in Mahjong: Four sets of nine circle tiles numbered 1-9. Among the 36 tiles, nine are in each of four sets. Each set of bamboo tiles contains 36 tiles numbered 1-9. 1. A sparrow or rice bird often depicts one of the bamboos. 2. Red and green bamboos represent 1, 5, 7, and 9. 3. The other bamboo tiles are represented only by green bamboos. Each of the four winds is represented by four tiles. The tiles have 12 dragons: Four Red dragons, which represent bright red characters. Four Green dragons represent bright green characters. Four White dragons, which represent completely blank tiles. A capital letter ‘P’ is used to denote a white dragon, which stands for ‘Pai,’ which means pure or white. Suits A mahjong set has numbered tiles called suits. Namely, there are only three suits in Mahjong, bamboos, characters, and dots numbered 1 through 9. There are four tiles of each suit, making 108 tiles in all. Since suit tiles can be chowed, punched, konged, or paired, they offer the most flexibility. Honors The Wind suit is one of two honor suits. Each tile features a compass direction character — north, east, south, and west. In order to recognize and organize this suit, you must learn to read the cardinal direction characters in Chinese. There are four sets with four tiles each. Therefore, there are 16 wind tiles in each game set. Arrows, or dragons, are the other honor suit. Each set of arrow tiles has three tiles. As a result of ancient imperial exams, archery, and Confucius’ cardinal virtues, this trio has multiple meanings. Seasons and Flowers Flowers can be worn as an optional suit. Each tile has a picture of a flower and a number ranging from one to four. Interestingly, each region has its way of playing the flower suit. Flowers can be used as wild cards to complete tile combinations or as a Joker in card games. Moreover, you can earn extra points by using flowers. As with the flower tiles, the seasons are associated with a specific wind: Spring – East Summer – South Autumn – West Winter – North Even though each season has only one tile, all four-season tiles match. Wild Card or Jokers Joker tiles can be used in assembling a hand, but for example, you can use four jokers in Southeast Asian and Chinese mahjong variations, including Shanghainese mahjong. On the other hand, you can use eight jokers in American Mahjong. Dice To determine seating and wall breaking, dice are used. There are usually two to three dice in a typical set. Therefore, it would be sufficient to use any six-sided dice. There are, however, some differences between mahjong dice and normal board game dice, including rounded corners and red numbers one and four. Score Cards In Mahjong, hands range in difficulty from 1 to 88 points, and a simple sum is derived by adding the points from each hand. In order to win, Mahjong can be declared with a minimum of eight points in the official Chinese version. Using a scorecard, you can keep track of your score. Wind indicators Wind indicators display the current wind speed. Usually, it’s held by the east (dealer). American Mahjong is referred to as a bettor, as the fifth player bets on who will win. Different sizes and shapes are available, but generally, the most common forms are a rotating cylinder, disc, or cube and its placeholder. Scoring Sticks and Coins There are many ways to play Mahjong, considering many elements such as points, cash, coins, or chips, but the most popular method is with scoring sticks, also known as ”bones”. This set is ideal if you have a Mahjong set without scoring sticks or prefer to play with more sticks. Racks and Pushers Tiles are held in racks while pushers, also known as “extending arms” or “helping hands,” push the wall into place. Note that racks and pushers were traditionally separate. However, the modern set includes racks attached with pushers to make it more convenient. How to Play Mahjong? There are variations of the game in different regions, but the basic rules of Mahjong are the same: Face the illustration down as you shuffle the tiles. Dice are rolled, and the dealer gets the biggest roll, and the person to their right is the first to play. The players choose 36 tiles and arrange them into two rows of 18 each. After that, the “walls” are pushed forward, leaving a space on the table for discarded tiles. As the players take turns, they draw thirteen tiles from the pool, or the dealer divides them. When the first player draws a tile from the pool, he or she can keep it or discard it so that their total number remains 13. Then, this process is repeated in a circle by the players. After that, you can take a new tile or pick up one discarded by another player. Pong or Kong melds are formed when a player discards a tile, regardless of their turn. Compared to a Chow meld formed when the player to your left discards a tile. Note that a meld made using a discarded tile has to be announced and displayed to the other Mahjong players. The player with four melds, or suits, and a pair wins. The total number of tiles required is fourteen. How to Read Score Cards? Red, blue, or green numbers or letters represent the hands on a scorecard. Using different colors means using different suits since the colors aren’t specific to a particular suit. For example, there are no suits for flowers and zeros, which will always be blue. 1-9 In accordance with the tile’s specific number (excluding flowers) N,S,E,W North, South, East, West D Dragon R Red Dragon G Green Dragon 0 White Dragon (Soap) F Flower To organize the scorecard, you can use common patterns to categorize hands: Year A year’s patterns, such as 2023. 2’s, 0’s, and 3’s would be used in such cases. The white dragon is always used as a zero. 2468 Patterns that require even numbered tiles. Change-up This section varies Quints A hand with at least one quint (5 identical tiles), at least one of which is a Joker. Consecutive Runs Patterns of consecutive numbers. 13579 Patterns that require odd-numbered tiles. Winds-Dragons Patterns requiring wind and dragon tiles. 369 Patterns using 3’s, 6’s, and 9’s. Singles and Pairs Patterns with single and paired tiles. There are several different combinations for each hand. It’s possible to find combinations with non-matching tiles, but most have at least two matching identical tiles. Pair Two identical tiles. Pung Three identical tiles. Kong Four identical tiles. Quint Five identical tiles, with the use of Jokers. Sextet Six identical tiles, with the use of Jokers. Each hand has a value for scoring or gambling. The hand is marked with an ‘X’ or ‘C,’ depending on whether it is exposed or concealed: E Exposed C Concealed The Charleston (American Mahjong) The “Charleston” sequences before the gameplay are one of the main differences between American-style Mahjong and other Mahjong styles. Charlestons are exchanges of tiles among players. By passing tiles to other Mahjong players during the Charleston, players can get rid of tiles they don’t want. There are three stages to the Charleston: The First Charleston (required) The Second Charleston (optional) The Courtesy Pass (optional) Let’s examine each stage in more detail in the following sections. First Charleston You, as a player, must perform the first Charleston regardless of how many hands you have drawn from the wall. The step consists of three passes: 1st pass — To the right of each player, three tiles are passed. 2nd pass — Players pass three tiles to each other. 3rd pass — It’s the responsibility of each player to pass three tiles to the player on the left. When you perform this step, you can choose to perform a “Blind Pass” by taking one, two, or three tiles and passing them to the player to your left. Second Charleston Performing the Second Charleston is optional and must be agreed upon by all players. Three passes are involved in this step: 1st Pass – Each player passes three tiles to the player on their left. 2nd pass – Players pass three tiles to each other. 3rd pass – Players pass three tiles to their right. It is possible to perform a “Blind Pass” at this step. Courtesy Pass When the First Charleston and Second Charleston are completed, two players who sit across may want to perform one last pass. Depending on the lesser tile request, one, two, or three tiles can be passed. The courtesy pass won’t be completed between a player and the player if no tiles are exchanged. When all Charleston steps have been completed, the game can begin. Tips for Playing Mahjong If you still wonder, “how do you play Mahjong?” don’t worry, as I will explain several Mahjong gameplay tips in the following sections, such as drawing and discarding tiles, calling tiles, rules of joker in Mahjong, how to end the game, and some common errors. Discarding and Drawing Tiles The excitement begins as players attempt to improve their hands. Since East has 14 tiles, it discards a tile when it starts the game. Unless a discarded tile is called (claimed by another player), the turn passes to the next player on the right. Next, a tile is drawn from the wall. Next, the tiles are taken from where the walls were broken. Finally, when two tiles are high; otherwise, the bottom tile is picked. In either case, the drawn tile can either be discarded or placed in the player’s hand and discarded similarly. Their names are announced upon discarded tiles being placed face up in the center of the table. It won’t take the other players long to figure out which kind of hand you want to build when you discard a tile. The turn moves to the next player on the left if the next player does not call the discarded tile on the right. Drawing the card, discarding it, and continuing the turn is continued until an interruption occurs by a call. Calling Tiles During the play, any player may use the tile they just discarded if it completes either a pung, kong, quint, sextet or some other exposed hand combination (the types of hands marked with an “X” on the scorecard). When a hand consists of only one tile, it is not permitted to call one for it to be completed. To complete the Mahjong hands, each tile must form a pair with the adjacent tile. Those tiles discarded before the most recent update are called dead tiles. If a player calls for a discarded tile, and that tile doesn’t result in Mahjong, the combination completed by that tile is exposed face up on top of the rack and that combination cannot be changed for the rest of the game. Following the discarding of the tile, the player will discard a tile, and if no one else calls it, the turn will go to the player to the right. Some players’ turns may be skipped when a tile is called. If several people call at the same time, provisions are made as follows: Any tile a player calls to complete the mahjong hand trumps any tile called by any other player. As long as none of the calls make sense in terms of completing a mahjong hand, the discarded tile will be given to the nearest player to complete the hand. You must draw all the tiles in your hand from the wall to hit a concealed hand (the hand with a “C” next to its value on the scorecard) that has been concealed. Except for the last one, which allows you to declare Mahjong, none of these things may be called tiles except for the last one. Joker Mahjong Rules In addition to tiles used in a pung, a kong, a quartet, and a sextet, jokers can replace any tile in any combination. As a result, you cannot use tiles for completing a pair or a single tile if you have one in hand. It is possible to exchange the joker for a tile in an exposed combination when a joker is substituting a tile if you happen to have the tile that is being replaced: Draw a tile from the wall as usual on your turn, or call for a discard before the turn. Substitute the substitute joker for the actual matching tile. It is possible to exchange multiple matching tiles for the exposed jokers. If you want your hand to remain populated with the right number of tiles, you must discard a tile. As long as the joker creates a combination, you do not have to expose any tiles when you exchange for it. In addition, it is permissible to exchange jokers in dead hands (hands not in the game due to a rule violation). How to End the Mahjong Game? The game of Mahjong ends when a player declares that it has ended or when they have drawn all the tiles on the wall. The game of Mahjong is created when the scorecard is filled in with tiles from the wall or tiles called from a discard. In addition, it may be added a tile from the wall. It is the player who declares “Mahjong” who wins the game. To determine the payout to the winner is based on the value of the hand and the way that Mahjong has been created: Type of Mahjong Payout Mahjong made off a discard. Discarder pays double the hand’s value to the winner. Other players pay a single amount. Mahjong made off a draw from the wall. Each player doubles the value of each hand. There are no jokers in Mahjong, and it does not fall into the Singles and Pairs category. Winners of discarding hands are paid four times the hand’s value. Other players pay double. A draw from the wall is used in Mahjong, which contains no jokers and is not categorized as Singles or Pairs. Four times the hand value is paid by each player. Draw As long as no Mahjong is called, all tiles from the wall have been collected, and the last discard has been made. The result of this is that no payouts are made as a result. Mahjong Game Rules for Errors Incorrect discards, incorrect exposures, and incorrect calls of Mahjong are some errors that can happen. In these types of situations, there may be penalties that have to be paid. As a general guideline, here are some general guidelines regarding errors: Error Penalty The table has been touched or announced by an accidentally discarded tile. Tile cannot be taken back. A tile has been announced incorrectly. Tile cannot be claimed. Tiles are called but not exposed. The call may be retracted. An incorrect exposure has been made. The exposure may be corrected before discarding. A player has too few or too many tiles. At the end of the game, the player’s hand is dead (out of the game), but the winner will receive the same payout as all the other players. There are too few or too many tiles for three players. The game is replayed. Based on the tiles exposed on a player’s rack, another discovers that the player’s hand is impossible. The player’s hand is dead. Mahjong is declared incorrectly in this case, but the hand has not been exposed. No penalty, and the game continues. Mahjong is declared incorrectly, and the hand is exposed. A player’s hand is dead. In this game, the player pays the winner. Conclusion Mahjong is an excellent way to learn about Chinese characters, culture, and tradition, keep your brain sharp, and, most importantly, have fun. Learn the different variations of this game, and design your strategy based on your knowledge of the different tiles. FAQ How many players are in a game of Mahjong? Three or four players can participate in the Mahjong game. How many tiles are used per Mahjong game? A Mahjong game requires 144 tiles and two dice. However, the way people play varies from country to country due to cultural differences. How long does a game of Mahjong take? The Mahjong game can last around two hours. Is Mahjong Chinese or Japanese? Mahjong originated in China in the 19th century. How many Mahjong pieces do you start with? There are many variations of Mahjong, but usually, a player starts with 13 tiles Is Mahjong good for your brain? It’s found effective in middle-aged and elderly people that playing Mahjong improves attention, logical thinking, and short-term memory. Is Mahjong based on luck or skill? Mahjong game is a game of skill and luck, 25% and 75%, respectively. Is Mahjong difficult to learn? It’s not the easiest game to master, but the basics of the game can be learned in no time.
Overview of the History of Backgammon
Without a doubt, Backgammon is a popular board game worldwide. But did you know it’s also one of the oldest games in history? Unlike traditional games such as chess and go, Backgammon has been around since 3,000 BC. In this article, I’ll talk more about the history of Backgammon, so read on if you’re interested to learn the origins of this game. The History of Backgammon Evidence suggests that Backgammon has been played by the rulers of ancient civilizations such as Greece, Rome, Persia, and the Far East for thousands of years. Iran The oldest known backgammon board, which dates back 5,000 years, was found in 2004 in the Iranian province of Sistan-Baluchistan. Pieces were made of turquoise and agate, and the board was made of pure ivory. During those days, these materials were commonly used to construct backgammon boards and other board games. Around the same time, ancient dice made of human bone were also discovered. Ancient Mesopotamia In the 1920s, archaeological discoveries were made in ancient Mesopotamia and present-day Iraq, dating back 5,000 years and revealing six artifacts similar to what we see today in backgammon boards, dice, and different colored pieces. These discoveries provided a fascinating glimpse into the game’s potential origins in ancient Mesopotamia. Even though there’s a debate over the exact origin of Backgammon, it’s known that Egyptians, Sumerians, and Persians all played games similar to our modern backgammon games. A 5,000-year-old backgammon board was found in the Royal Tombs of Ur in Mesopotamia in 1962. Although, as previously mentioned, this was the area where The Royal Game of Ur was played, the wheel, the first written language, and the first known math system were all invented. Roman Empire There were times when the Romans were so enthralled with the game that they proclaimed it to be the sport of emperors; they played it on surfaces such as wood, with stones as markers and dice made from bones, wood, or pottery as dice. It’s believed that during the long journeys of Emperor Claudius, he incorporated a special board into his chariot to be able to play the game during those long journeys. Backgammon was believed to have been taught in the Holy Land and brought back to Europe by the Crusaders. In the Middle Ages, Backgammon was an advantage of knighthood in England; it was the privilege of the aristocracy and noblemen. References of Backgammon English literature and art used to refer to Backgammon as ‘tables’ until 1645 when the word ‘backgammon’ first appeared in print. There are several references to the game in works by Chaucer and Shakespeare, as well as Dr. Jan Steen’s masterpiece of the 17th century, ‘Argument over a Card Game,’ which deals with the game’s history. A reference in the book written by writer Edmond Hoyle in 1745 describes the rules of Backgammon and discusses some strategies still used today in the game. The invention of the double cube took place in the 1920s. The Doubling Cube Among the most significant developments in the history of Backgammon, the invention of the doubling cube is most notable. The doubling cube is shaped like any six-sided dice, except its numbers are different — six numbers are displayed on the doubling cube, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64. The cube sits between each player. So, using the cube, one player can double their stakes if they feel they have the advantage. In the 20s, the doubling cube became popular in New York City, but it’s unclear who introduced it to the public. Today, the doubling cube is used by western players in modern backgammon games. And, for example, in Armenia and Greece, the doubling cube isn’t commonly used. Backgammon Today During the 60s, there was a surge in the popularity of Backgammon, partly because of the influence of the Russian Prince Alexis Obolensky. It was believed that he was the father of modern Backgammon for a time. He was a co-founder of the International Backgammon Association and wrote the first set of rules for the game. He also hosted a series of tournaments in Manhattan in the 1960s, drawing many celebrities and royalty. Backgammon was once one of the most popular games in the Western world. Over the years, it has always been one of the most popular board games throughout the Middle East, and its popularity has never diminished over the years. In the late 60s, Hugh Hefner’s backgammon parties were held at the Playboy Mansion. And during the last days of Hefner’s life, he played the game with his family and close friends. In 1967, there was even a World Championship held in Las Vegas. As a result of the establishment of the United States Backgammon Federation in 2009, Backgammon has become more and more popular worldwide. This federation is composed of all-time top players and tournament directors worldwide. For this reason, backgammon tournaments have become increasingly popular in recent years. Backgammon has become a popular game in most land-based and online casinos. However, in casinos, it may have slightly different rules, but its popularity shows just how common it is. And lastly, home versions of this game are available at the major board game manufacturers. Digital Backgammon It’s now possible to play Backgammon anywhere at any time. There are hundreds of backgammon versions available on flash game websites. Moreover, versions are available through Apple and Android’s app stores. Alternatively, you can play a version of this game through iMessage with other iPhone users. Conclusion I provided a brief overview of what I’ve mentioned in this article about the history of Backgammon: In 2004, the ancient backgammon board was discovered in an Iranian province, dating back 5,200 years. In the 20s, six artifacts were in Iraq that originated approximately 3000 BC. A 5,000-year-old board was discovered in Iraq in the 60s. In England, in 1645, the word ‘backgammon’ first appeared in print. The father of modern Backgammon is Alexis Obolensky. First World Championship took place in Las Vegas in 1967. In 2009, the United States Backgammon Federation was established. It’s one of the oldest dice games, but people still love playing Backgammon at home, at parties, land-based and online casinos. In case you don’t know anything, you can learn the rules and gameplay of Backgammon.
Interesting History of Baccarat Perhaps You Didn’t Know
Baccarat is one of the most popular games at online casinos today, with a rich and long history that goes back more than 500 years. The ancient populace considered the game to be for Aristocrats only. With the help of casinos and, by extension, online casinos, Baccarat became an international game in no time, reaching even India. Anyone can find out where they can play Baccarat online in India or elsewhere in Asia with just a simple internet search. In this article, I’ll point out the fascinating history of Baccarat and explain how it became such a popular game all over the world. History of Baccarat In the following section, I’ll discuss the Baccarat game throughout the years. Origin of the Baccarat — Italy When it comes to Baccarat origin, there are a variety of theories. Some believe it began in France, while others believe it began in Rome, Italy. The Italian story is regarded as an origin because it’s the most popular version and seems to be the most accurate. Namely, Baccarat originated in Italy in the 1400s. Falguiere created the game and named it “baccara,” which in Italian means zero because the face cards had a zero value. Then, Baccarat spread rapidly to France, where the French spelling “Baccarat” originated. As of today, French spelling has become the norm in Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world. According to legend, Felix created the game based on old Etruscan folklore about a virgin who threw a die with nine sides. There are different versions of the story, with some saying it was a pregnant woman. She became a priestess for every eight or nine she threw. However, if she threw a 6 or 7, she would remain alive but lose all her priestly roles. However, if she throws anything below 6, she’ll drown in the sea. Baccarat History in France — Chemin de Fer During the 1800s, Baccarat quickly spread from its birthplace, Italy, to its neighboring country, France. The French called it Chemin de Fer. However, as the name was shortened, many people called the game Chemmy. During the reign of King Charles VIII, Baccarat became a game for the aristocracy in France. Interestingly, only the nobles and the wealthy people of France could participate in the game with King Charles. For many centuries, the game was popular among the rich and noble in France. Soon after being brought to France, the game was introduced to England by French travelers. In England, Baccarat was a game for everyone to enjoy, and in a short time, it became wildly played. After learning how to play the game, Ian Fleming conceived James Bond, a fictional character who loves Baccarat. Punto Banco Baccarat spread across the ocean to South America and the Caribbean over time. In the early years of Baccarat, it was known as Punto Banco and was adapted in several ways to fit into the local culture. The main change was that the players played only against the house instead of each other. Also, the casinos acted as banks. After a while, the game became known as “American Baccarat.” After that, Tommy Renzoni introduced the game to Las Vegas, Nevada, in the late 1950s. In contrast to roulette and slot machines, Baccarat haven’t been played that much among casino gamblers. Due to this, casino owners marketed the game as a game for the select few by setting high minimum bets and hiding the tables in special rooms furnished with posh leather chairs. Thus, the baccarat game attracted additional attention and added to its allure. Baccarat at Online Casinos Since the 1990s, the online casino industry has grown rapidly and attracted millions of players. As one of the most popular casino games in the world, the Baccarat casino game is available at most online casinos, and it’s unlikely that you’ll find one that doesn’t have at least one Baccarat variation in its selection of games. As a result of the fast connection speed and the latest technology, players can now enjoy sharp graphics and a user-friendly interface regardless of the device they use for playing. The stakes are typically lower when playing Baccarat online, making it more exciting and joyful. Baccarat at Brick-and-Mortar Casinos It’s well known that the Baccarat card game that attracts high rollers. The house edge is approximately 1%, making it one of the games with the lowest house edge. In the middle of the 20th century, the French version of Baccarat, Chemin de Fer, also called European Baccarat, was introduced in US casinos. Initially, the rules were complicated, players acted as bankers, and three dealers were required to be involved in the game. Due to the high stakes, the game became most popular among wealthy players, while mass players preferred blackjack and roulette. But, after some of the issues were resolved, Baccarat became more popular among regular players. There were also simplified rules, and three dealers were no longer needed. Instead, players needed to place an initial wager on either the player, the banker, or a “tie.” In addition, all game action was handled by the dealer, and stakes were lowered. Old vs. New Baccarat When you think about it, Baccarat has some pretty scary stories. Now that all that has passed, women can play the game without fear of losing their lives. In Baccarat, throwing a number less than six means you lose. Aside from that, there are differences between how we play Baccarat today and how gamblers used to play it. In spite of this, the majority of the differences that we see in Baccarat today were adopted when the game was introduced to Americans. Today, Baccarat only has one dealer, and players can place bets against the house, which also acts as the bank. Conclusion To sum up, the history of Baccarat goes back to the 1400s, and it was known as Baccara which translates to zero in Italian. A few centuries later, in France, in the 1800s, this game was known as Chemin de Fer or Chemmy. After being introduced to the players in South America under the name Punto Blanco, the game of Baccarat came to Nevada around the 1850s, with slightly changed rules, and got the name — American Baccarat. While new variants have emerged in recent years, EZ Baccarat and Super 6 Baccarat have experienced less innovation than others. Over time, the rules of Baccarat have changed, and now there are various versions of Baccarat that casino game fans can play in land-based or online casinos. FAQ Who was Baccarat made for? Originally, the game was intended for aristocrats and noblemen, but today many gamblers prefer to play this game, especially high rollers in brick-and-mortar casinos.
5 Best Bitcoin Casinos in Thailand in 2022
With each year that passes, more and more gamblers use cryptocurrencies to avoid the problems associated with fiat currencies. That’s why finding reputable online bitcoin casinos that offer perks and have great features is crucial. In this post, I’ll talk about the best Bitcoin casinos, but I’ll also point out online gambling regulations in Thailand, the types of games you can play, and things you should know if you plan on gambling online. Top 5 Best Bitcoin Casinos for Thai Players In the sections below, you’ll be able to read reviews of the best online bitcoin casinos in Thailand: 1. Cloudbet — Pioneer of Crypto Betting 2. Rocketpot — Innovative Online Crypto Casino 3. Betwinner — Great Odds 4. Spin casino — Great Welcome Bonus 5. Las Atlantis — RealTime Gaming 1. Cloudbet License: Curaçao Available cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, BCH, USDT, USDC, PAX, PAXG, LINK, DAI, DASH, DOGE, and LTC At Cloudbet, you’ll find everything from jackpot slots to virtual games, table games, and live dealer games. Slots games contribute 90%, while tables and live dealers only 10%. Namely, this casino’s slots category offers games from providers like Microgaming, Betsoft, Relax Gaming, and NetEnt. Some of the popular titles are Bridesmaids, Black Gold, Game of Thrones, and Majestic King. In addition, they offer all the popular table games and variations you would expect. When it comes to bonuses, the welcome package consists of a 100% first deposit match that can go up to 5 BTC. The minimum amount you can deposit is 0.001BTC, and you’ll get another 0.001BTC to play some of Cloudbet’s games. Cloudbet has many other promotions available to both new and existing players. For example, every week, you can unlock the Thursday deposit bonus and compete for huge rewards. Furthermore, you can claim a 10% cashback on some games. It’s good to know that many of their games have high RTP, while the volatility can vary. In addition, if you use their bonuses, you’ll return your funds and likely win more money. Like any popular online casino, has VIP and loyalty programs. According to your ranking based on the site’s six main tiers, you’ll be awarded various such as deposit bonuses, priority customer support, customized account management, and free spins. Cloudbet casino accepts cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Litecoin, and Tether. Cloudbet casino has a 24/7 live chat option, and players can also contact support via email. Alternatively, there’s a selection of frequently asked questions. 2. Rocketpot License: Curaçao Available cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, DOGE, BCH, LTC, NEO, USDT, ADA, and USD Coin Rocketpot bitcoin casino provides a wide variety of games on its website — almost 3000 different slot games, more than 300 table games, and live casino games. This online casino will match up to a 1 BTC deposit as a welcome bonus, doubling your first deposit instantly. To be able to withdraw this bonus, an x100 wagering requirement must be met. Note that some games are excluded from bonuses. To retain exclusivity, the Rocketpot VIP program is strictly invitation-only. When your account meets its requirements, a VIP manager will reach out to you. This casino has customer support in German, English, Finnish, Japanese, French, and Spanish. Namely, Rocketpot offers live support and they can be contacted through email. In order to offer a pleasant gaming experience to its users, it has partnered with some of the prominent game providers in the igaming industry, like Pragmatic Play, Evolution Gaming, Push Gaming, Microgaming, EvoPlay Entertainment, and many others. Rocketpot is a crypto casino, meaning regular banking options aren’t available. Nonetheless, paying with crypto is usually more secure, faster, and private. Both deposits and withdrawals are completed instantly, and processing time only depends on a blockchain network. In addition, there’s a function that lets you instantly send money to other Rocketpot users. Lastly, withdrawal limits, you can only withdraw $1,000 per week or $4,000 per month. 3. Betwinner License: Curaçao Available cryptocurrencies: BTC, LTC, DOGE, DASH, ETH, XMR, BCH BetWinner holds a gambling license issued by the Government of Curaçao and caters to more than 40 sports betting markets, hundreds of games, and pre-match events. At this casino, betting odds are shown in the American odds format. Punters can bet live and watch live streaming. The two primary parts of Betwinner’s online casino are slots and live casino games. Some of the slot titles are Danger High Voltage, Nile Treasures, and King Jackpot, while the casino games section includes games such as bingo, keno, and baccarat. You can get up to $300 in casino bonus funds or $/€100 to spend on sports betting when you make your first deposit at BetWinner. Once you make your first deposit, the casino will match your deposit with a 100% bonus on sports or slots, depending on what you selected. You can deposit as little as $1 and still claim the bonus. BetWinner offers a Daily Jackpot, where your bets get in the running for a daily prize. If you like eSports, you could get up to 30% cashback and a new daily bonus. You can also browse through the Promotions tab to see what is available in the daily, weekly, and monthly giveaways. Moreover, there are VIP & Loyalty programs for recurring users. Betwinner provides a wide range of deposit methods, more than 40 depositing options. The minimum deposit is $/€1, but the minimum amount varies depending on the bank or method you use and the country you live in. The casino doesn’t specify the maximum amount you can deposit. When withdrawing, the casino prefers that you use the same method you used to make a deposit. The minimum amount you can withdraw through payment methods is $/€1.50. Generally, it takes around 15 minutes to process a withdrawal, but the withdrawal times could vary from 1 minute to 7 days, depending on the method. Aside from fiat currencies, at BetWinner, you can deposit in cryptocurrencies — Dogecoin, Dash, Bitcoin, and Ethereum, which is highly beneficial for punters as it allows instant, fee-free payments. 4. Spin casino License: Malta Gaming Authority The Spin casino is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. As of today, in its offer, there are more than 650 different games provided by one of the industry’s largest and most reputable software developers — Microgaming. At Spin Casino, as a new player, you can expect a 100% match bonus of up to $1000. The playthrough requirement is 70x. Daily, Weekly & Monthly Promotions — The rewards don’t stop after the welcome bonus. Players will be sporadically rewarded with generous prizes for signing in every week and month. Just be sure you log in every day, so you don’t miss any of them. Jackpot Rewards — Jackpot Rewards at this site can be won every day by playing their bonus-packed jackpot slot games. There are plenty of ways to deposit and withdraw money. Using a debit card is likely the most popular, but you can use plenty of other options as well. Moreover, PayPal is accepted alongside ten other banking options. However, noticeably missing from their list of options were cryptocurrencies. Spin casino has a great loyalty program where you can earn points every time you bet real money on the site — the more you bet, the more you earn. New members are rewarded with 2,500 points right off the bat, which is enough to shoot you right into the bronze level. In addition, the casino is certified by the online casino watchdog, eCOGRA, which confirms that it’s fully legitimate and safe. It employs strong encryption to ensure that user data will be perfectly safe at all times, and the same is true about any money you deposit to the website. 5. Las Atlantis License: Malta Gaming Authority Available cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Tether Las Atlantis casino is licensed by the jurisdiction of Curaçao. It offers 200+ slots and games for you to enjoy, and noticeably the casino uses Real Time Gaming (RTG) as its main game provider. Besides slot games, there’s a good selection of video poker and a few other table games — there are only three blackjack games, one roulette game, and a single version of keno. The website offers welcome bonuses as the most rewarding of all the offered casino bonuses. It allows users to multiply their betting stake when they make their first deposit. In addition, this casino provides a 280% welcome bonus on games like no progressive slots, real series video slots, keno, board games, and scratch cards. The Lucky Day bonus offers a slots bonus of between 120% and 165% depending on the value of your deposit. The Uncharted Bonus offers up to 160% slots bonus, plus an extra 20% for crypto deposits. The Ancient Spins bonus gives free spins on Wild Hog Luau, with an additional 15 spins for Bitcoin and Neosurf deposits. When it comes to banking methods, Las Atlantis casino’s deposit and withdrawal methods are fast, reliable, and carry no additional fees. The site keeps your information safe with multiple levels of account validation. Las Atlantis casino has a VIP program for its loyal users, that are rewarded in the form of comp points that can be used in their betting journey to enhance their winnings. In addition, VIPs get specific bonuses and promotions, special events invitations, and a private account manager for any general assistance. If you have some inquiries, you can contact their customer service through live chat and email. Moreover, there’s also telephone support for both US and international phone numbers. Types of Games You Can Play In this section, I’ll provide essential information about the casino games you can play at best online casinos. Online slot games Online slots are a type of online casino game where players can play games from any computer or mobile device and don’t need to be in a real casino. These slots can be played for free in a demo version, but most people play for real money. Table games Casino table games may be the traditional tables where dealers conduct the games with chips, or there may be electronic table games that are similar to a traditional game but use an electronic device through which customers place their wagers. In a table game: You usually sit around a table designed specifically for the game being played. The croupier or dealer enables the game and manages payments. You bet on specific outcomes, and a successful bet is paid according to the odds set at the table. Live dealer games Companies such as Evolution Gaming offer inventive new games like MONOPOLY Live and Deal or No Deal, which can be great for acquiring new customers. By introducing new forms of gaming, live dealer game developers have the potential to reshape the future of online gambling. Technological improvements like faster data speed and better video streaming quality have allowed operators to format games for smaller screens. Live dealer games are getting increasingly popular among online casino operators, spurred on by increasing player demand worldwide. While each target audience has its own demands depending on different player preferences, live dealer games are popular across the globe. Online Gambling in Thailand Current law, the Gambling Act of 1935, in Thailand states that if an individual is caught in any illegal form of gambling can be fined and imprisoned. However, online gambling falls under the grey area as the law doesn’t mention the legality of online gambling. Even though Thai officials see online gambling as unacceptable, many gamblers participate in gambling and sports betting because it’s not mentioned in the Gamlbing Act. Note that if you’re living in Thailand, you can’t gamble at online casinos based there. But you can place bets at internationally licensed casinos that accept Thai Baht. What Do You Need to Know When Gambling in Thailand? If you plan to visit some online casino websites, you should know the things below. Banking Methods — Online casinos offer easy depositing and withdrawal methods such as Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and Neteller. In addition, you can use cryptocurrencies in some online casinos and sportsbooks. Provably Fair Games — They allow players to verify fairness, meaning that online casinos can’t cheat a player because the game’s outcome is provable, transparent, and verifiable. These games are handled by programming code, meaning there’s no chance for a casino to change the result of the bet. Customer Support — In general, online casinos offer customer support via phone, email, and live chat. It’s usually a good sign if a casino has a 24/7 live chat option and FAQ page for some common questions. Bonus Offers — Casinos have various bonus offers, such as attractive welcome bonuses and long-term promotions that punters and casino game players can use to boost their gameplay. Pros and Cons of Playing at Bitcoin Casinos In this part of the article, I’ll talk about the advantages and disadvantages of gambling at online casinos that accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies: Pros Fast payments — All cryptocurrency payments are conducted without the interference of third parties, such as banks and other financial institutions. Anonymity — Blockchain technology provides users with anonymity while making cryptocurrency transactions. The wallet address is the only publicly available information during the transaction, so players don’t have to provide personal data. Low fees — Crypto transactions are made without the interference of the banks, so players usually have to pay comparatively low fees, or they don’t have to pay any commission. Security — The technology backing cryptocurrencies allows access to the payment history. Therefore, the records of all money transfers can be checked to ensure fair casino operation. Crypto wallets are also fully protected, making the attacks complicated and almost impossible for hackers Cons However, there are some disadvantages: It’s volatile — Its price bounces up and down every day because of the limited number of Bitcoins in circulation and the increasing demand for them. It’s a work in progress — With such a high uptake, the Bitcoin network, which wasn’t originally built to process the current number of transactions, has encountered scalability issues. Not a “household” payment method — While holding a 78.5% iGaming market penetration rate, Bitcoin isn’t always available as a go-to payment method. Untraceable — Bitcoin’s anonymity, viewed by many as an advantage, on the other hand, is often associated with criminal activity in the sense that it’s easier to get away with fraud. Conclusion Bitcoin casinos have become very popular in the past few years because you don’t need to share personal information when using cryptocurrencies. Other benefits of Bitcoin gambling are fast payments, low fees, and security. On the other hand, the prices of cryptocurrencies are volatile, which is the biggest con of this kind of gambling. Gambling at online casinos based in Thailand is prohibited, but you can place bets at international casinos and sportsbooks. Finally, the list of best Bitcoin casinos is only a small number of crypto casinos making a splash in the gambling industry, which you can explore, play some demo games and decide which one suits your needs.

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