Myanmar repatriates over 800 Chinese with online gambling link

Jenny Ortiz 4 months ago
Myanmar repatriates over 800 Chinese with online gambling link

The Ministry of Public Security of China revealed on Wednesday that more than 800 Chinese citizens involved in online gambling and telecommunications fraud have been returned from Myanmar. 

This repatriation marks the culmination of extensive collaborative efforts spanning a year between law enforcement agencies from China, Thailand, and Myanmar, all committed to thwarting cross-border telecom fraud and online gambling activities. 

Bolstering international cooperation 

In a press statement, the ministry emphasized its dedication to bolstering international cooperation in law enforcement to effectively combat such transnational crimes.  

It added that this commitment aligns with China’s broader strategy to relentlessly crackdown on offenses of this nature. 

Joint operation conducted in August 2023 

In a proactive stance against gambling-related crimes, China, Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos initiated a joint operation last August, targeting not only gambling but also fraud, human trafficking, kidnapping, and unlawful detention. 

Suspects of cyber scam fraud syndicate in custody 

Moreover, earlier this year, Myanmar authorities handed over six individuals suspected to be key operatives in a cyber scam fraud syndicate and four other significant crime suspects to Chinese public security authorities, further underscoring the ongoing efforts to combat such illicit activities. 

Massive arrests in Myanmar last February 

In February, a joint operation with Thai authorities, military police in Myanmar raided a venue in Tachileik, a town situated along the Thai-Myanmar border, resulting in the arrest of 689 individuals allegedly involved in illegal online gambling.  

Local media reports indicate that the raid focused on a compound near or at the 1G1-7 Hotel, leading to the apprehension of 540 locals, 148 Thai nationals, and one Chinese suspect. 

According to the report, the operation, which saw the confiscation of 400 computers, 270 smartphones, 170 motorbikes, and 10 cars, underscores the significant crackdown on illicit gambling activities in the region.


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