A SiGMA Foundation project: St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish

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A SiGMA Foundation project: St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish

SiGMA Foundation has partnered up with Gozo-based charity, Missionary Movement Jesus in thy Neighbour, supported by Brown’s chain of pharmacies, to extend its philanthropic work to Bataan in the Philippines

SiGMA Foundation has taken its charity work all the way to Bataan in the Philippines, acting as the lead facilitator for the renovation of the roof at the St. Catherine of Alexandra parish church. The project entails the renovation of a church roof, and the supply of a solar panel system that will supply the whole complex.

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This church goes well beyond a place of worship. It also hot seats as a music academy, a workshop area and a sewing centre.

The Parish in Bataan is currently awaiting the installation of the solar panels, with all the electrical preparation ready to be connected to the whole solar system.

146155955_752868232005423_361300693444427214_nFeeding program

Why are we focusing on solar panel systems for this Parish?

Solar energy provides numerous advantages, one of them being that it is applicable everywhere and that is why SiGMA Foundation decided to go with this project. Moreover, the whole solar panel system project will create a reliable and constant flow for the whole community.


It will definitely benefit a number of children, youths, adults, and families within the community – as many of them are living on the poverty line at the Centre, giving them basic needs that everyone deserves – electricity and water.

The Centre itself is almost 10,000 sq. meters while the facility has 7 computers and 5 laptops with the team providing daily meals to the families living there. It provides all it can for the community but resources are stretched, therefore, the Parish is looking for sponsorships to continue feeding these families and children three times a day.

Sewing roomThe Centre’s contribution to the community does not stop there, as they also provide the children who visit their programs with daily meals and all their academic needs; including books, photocopies and study materials.

The Centre also offers a number of exciting programs, mixing arts and technical skills together. The music programs sees the children attend online platforms run by teachers coming from different countries from all over the world, including Malta, while there are also teachers coming from Manila to teach the community.

In addition to this, the Centre is looking at setting up an allowance for their senior students to give them something back for all their efforts in teaching juniors and beginners. Furthermore, in another initiative created to generate some income for families, the Centre has also taken on the project of setting up a small sewing co-operative with a group of adults. Till now, the Centre has six industrial sewing machines and it is continuously looking to increase that number and provide materials like cloth to build up the capital.

Chuch center philipine

Mission accomplished!!

This project’s financing was made possible through a collaboration with the Brown’s chain of pharmacies.

Alexander Fenech, co-Founder and CEO of Browns Pharma“As someone who enjoys the privileges of a loving upbringing, a great education designed to prime me for success, and an abundance of luck in the pursuit of my business objectives, I feel obliged to help those less fortunate in any way I can.”

Alexander Fenech, co-Founder and CEO of Browns Pharma, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist.



Keith Marshall ‘Kindness knows no borders, no creed, no colour. It should be within everyone’s ethos to contribute to the betterment of society. Proud to have been involved with the SiGMA Foundation in this project, lets vie for more.’

SiGMA Foundation CPO Keith Marshal

About SiGMA Foundation

SiGMA Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the SiGMA Group, reflecting the company’s commitment to supporting those in need around the world through fund-raising activities, charity, education, and crucial skills to enable self-confidence and personal empowerment. The organisation operates with a focus on transparency and all accounts are available on request.


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