Accessible tech: Driving growth and success of Arkafort

Maria Debrincat 2 years ago
Accessible tech: Driving growth and success of Arkafort

Arkafort leverages the full potential of technology whilst simplifying the complexity of managing it. In this interview, Maria Debrincat invites Justin Fenech and Gordon Grech, both Co-Founders and Executive Directors at Arkafort to share their insights on what lies behind the brand

What is the concept behind Arkafort?

Gordon Grech, Co-Founder & Executive Director at Arkafort.
Gordon Grech, Co-Founder & Executive Director at Arkafort.

Arkafort is an IT company based in the Maltese islands, offering a wide range of IT solutions including 24/7 IT support services and consultancy, IT infrastructure solutions as well as software development, hosting and cloud services. Through our PCI-certified ISO compliant Malta-based data center, we also offer a number of products and services that include co-location and bare metal servers, VPS servers, and MGA replication servers, which are automatically provisioned removing the need for complex contracts and negotiations.

At Arkafort, we are driven by one main mission: simplifying complexity. Nowadays, businesses that fail to leverage the advantages of technology are at a disadvantage and will inevitably face difficulties. We feel that it is our mission to make technology easily accessible and to provide our clients with all the necessary IT requirements. That is why we specialise in a number of different areas; so as to be able to provide an all-inclusive service that supports businesses and removes any technology-related burden or hurdle, allowing clients to focus on what really matters to them.

Our offerings and expertise as a company allow us to operate across a number of different industries. Our clients range from very small businesses and medium-sized enterprises to large corporations based in Malta, Europe and the US.

How they supporting companies in the gaming industry?

We are in a position to provide a number of IT services to gaming companies, in the same way we offer these services to a range of other businesses. However, based on our experience with a range of different gaming companies, we understand the need for specific services which cater to the industry. In fact, we are developing a cloud platform that is making our services more accessible both to Malta-based and international companies with one of the products being a replication server whereby gaming clients can replicate their data over to Malta, this whilst being fully in line with the regulations set by the local gaming authority.

Through this product, we have made it simple for gaming companies to extend their operations and to host in the Maltese islands. What makes this feature pretty unique when compared to other services offered by other companies, is that these servers can be provisioned easily and instantly through the Arkafort cloud with minimum effort and knowledge. This is one example of how we are making it easier for gaming clients to access essential services. Even though this may be done remotely, we also have the necessary support structures in place so that the clients can be supported if needed. So although flexibility, automation, and autonomy are pretty much at the core of our offerings, we have got your back, whenever you need us.

What are the benefits for your clients having a long-term relationship with them?

As a company, we are very proud of what we have achieved so far we have a number of loyal customers who have trusted the company since the very beginning and who are still working with us. We are always on the lookout for new, meaningful collaborations and relationships and it is something we particularly cherish.

Justin Fenech, Co-Founder at Arkafort.
Justin Fenech, Co-Founder at Arkafort.

At Arkafort, we have chosen to service businesses exclusively, because we understand the requirements and needs. We know how difficult it is to find the right partner to trust with important information and with your growth and success, and that is why we take this point very seriously and do our utmost to service clients as best we can. We try to achieve that by being consistent and by
being straightforward about the services we offer and what we cover. Clear and efficient agreements are what allow us to build this element of trust.

We are also very aware of the changing nature of businesses and, therefore, cater to these changes. That is why all our services may be scaled up to address your business’ current needs and adapt accordingly. We are proud of the Forever Free offer, which is highly beneficial to start-ups or small companies but also cuts costs significantly for larger companies. This offer is basically our promise to deliver a select number of services for free for the first 2 members, forever. Which is a very good deal for all kinds of companies. This is one way of showing gratitude to our clients for trusting our services.

This interview has been featured in SiGMA Magazine issue 17.

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