AI and online casinos: a love story?

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Artificial intelligence is playing a major role in online casinos

Have you ever wondered how online casinos work? If there’s some sort of intelligence behind it or maybe it’s just completely random? At least it’s supposed to be. As long as there’s an algorithm involved, we can talk about some kind of AI. Online casino of course uses algorithms to work, and here you can learn a lot more on what the relationship between AI and online casino is really like.

In a real casino, there are rarely any computers present. The dealer at a poker table uses his own hands, the roulette table leaves everything to gravity and chance, and then there are slot machines that are entirely analogue. You might wonder how an online casino incorporates these earthly principles in a digital fashion. It’s not easy simulating reality, and especially not if you want it to be as trustworthy as possible.

Beware the Random Number Generator

artificial-intelligence-online-casinosIn online casinos as well as in online games in general, there’s a principle called RNG – Random Number Generator. This is an algorithm that works basically to generate completely random number out of the blue. This makes sure that the online games have a certain sense fairness to them. If there wasn’t a sense of randomness in online games, then players would often feel cheated or as if the games were rigged to the player’s disadvantage. And this means fewer players in the long run.

You might want to ask if absolute randomness is possible at all. It’s a philosophical question more than anything and going down that path is the same as chasing the rabbit down the hole. You have to remember, that the algorithms in online casinos simulate randomness. If no one knows the outcome of the throw with the dice or what the next card in the bundle is, it might as well be considered random. You can check it out for yourself at a site like Turtlebet.

Is it possible to beat artificial intelligence?

Actually, you might even say that today online casinos are fairer and more random than the brick-and-mortar type casinos we see in “the real world”. There’s simply no way of cheating. We’ve come a long way since an AI programme beat Kasparov in chess all the way back in 1997, the simulations are simply impenetrable and impossible to predict. This means that online casinos rely purely on luck and it’s very hard to acquire skills in let’s say roulette or slot machines.

So, it’s obvious that without modern technology as artificial intelligence, there would be no online casinos. It simply wouldn’t be possible to randomise all of the outcomes of a games like dices, blackjack or roulette. You’ve probably seen how people count cards in the movies or throw the dice in a certain angle to get that lucky number seven. In an online casino, you have no way of affecting the game like this other than choosing to continue or not.

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