Arkafort: Supporting the gaming industry

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Arkafort: Supporting the gaming industry

Managing to wrench some time out of a busy schedule, Arkafort’s Customer Success Consultant Jeremy Dingli shares some of his insight on Arkafort’s place within the iGaming ecosystem, its role in supporting innovative startups, their remote working policy, and the future of iGaming

On the topic of how the executive arm of Arkafort deals with issues that crop up in their day-to-day operations, Jeremy shared his belief that the difference between an opportunity and a problem is mainly in the attitude you take when a bump in the road comes up. For him, anything from a call to help with a simple printing error or a phone’s connection  can hold within it the potential for a great project. 

Having said that, the challenges  they mainly find themselves dealing with, and the ones that give them the most opportunity to add value, is helping to build up the capacity of local startups. Startup companies and other organisations setting up locally have a rough initial 6 months when it comes to  setting up legally compliant hosting, threat resilient platforms and scalable everyday communications. 

jeremy arkafort
Jeremy Dingli.

He asked his potential clients to imagine being displaced  or landing in a foreign country to start a new chapter of their life’s story  and only needing one contact on speed dial to give you a hand setting up , whether it being your communications, your storage, designing your environments, maintaining them, and making sure they are secure with  contingencies in place. “Imagine that a friend is available 24/7.” They do all this by taking out the  lump expenditure barrier and replacing it with a scalable service and pricing model modelled specifically for iGaming environments and protocols. 

When asked about their presence at SiGMA this year, Jeremy shared that it would be an incredible chance for the company to bring this amazing opportunity to all new startups by offering to help them in the first 6 months when they need the most support. This would include bespoke services for iGaming and IT companies. For those lucky enough to be present at the event, they will be able to take a guided tour of Arkafort’s Cloud Marketplace  including their Cloud telephony and, if they like what they see, register onto their Forever Free plan. “We are always on the lookout for opportunities to have interesting, challenging, and creative conversations so SiGMA is always on our radar. The vibe is forward thinking and collaborative which we welcome with great enthusiasm.”

When asked about Arkafort’s potential in the iGaming industry, Jeremy argued that he thinks that iGaming can continue to be a breeding ground for innovation. “With all the momentous changes in the iGaming industry such as the disruptive rise of  crypto and AI as well as IoT being the talk of the town now, one cannot avoid getting excited just thinking about what the future can hold for the industry.” He continued that, when the inevitable convergences between these technologies and the gaming world start to be bridged, it is hard not to think of the great opportunities ripe for the picking at the frontier of this new era . The good news is that, whereas ideas are cheap these days and implementation is where the biggest hurdle lies for start-ups and new projects, it is reassuring to know that there is significant support backing the potential unicorns. 

In terms of their remote work policy, Jeremy pointed out that ,historically, the most difficult periods have given birth to the greatest innovations with the rise of remote working in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic being another iteration of this eternal need to evolve and move forward. 

Aside from the obvious cost reductions and potential for globalization, he thinks that companies should embrace the psychological side of working from inspirational and productive environments. According to him, modern firms need to understand that we are all unique when it comes to what environment we need to be the most productive. “I might want to be in a café authoring an article but in the office to make client calls.” He continues that the IT sector is the vanguard of this productive revolution and can serve as a bellwether for how this new way of working can help people live more fulfilling lives. 

In terms of our their personal contribution towards being a pillar of the IT support , Jeremy responded by saying that Arkafort holds a great place in supporting the gaming industry ecosystem in Malta, not only through the continued growth of their ISO and PCI compliant Data Centre, but also their vision for peer-to-peer IT services which will revolutionize the industry and a sustainable start-up framework to support innovation, implementation and growth. “So, if I were you, I’d watch this space!” 

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