Australia’s NSW Government to introduce cashless poker machine cards

Posted:: Oct 05, 2020 10:37 Category: Casino , Regulatory , Posted by Content Team

Gamblers must register a card issued by the state government and transfer money to it before playing poker

The New South Wales government of Australia plans to implement a new gambling policy reform. All gambling machines in the state will use gambling cards issued by the state government. In other words, cash gambling will not be allowed from next week in New South Wales. This means that the gambler must first register the card and transfer money to the card before it can be used. This approach also means that gamblers’ funds will be tracked by records. 

There are more than 95,000 gambling machines in NSW, which brings in taxes of 1 billion AUD to the state government each year. From gambling operations to complex gambling machine manufacturing, more than 100,000 jobs are created. 

Victor Dominello

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, NSW Customer Service Minister Victor Dominello, who is in charge of the gambling industry, the decree also received the support of neutral member of parliament such as the Green Party and the One Nation Party in the NSW House of Lords, which also greatly increased the possibility and passage of this regulation. 

Also, the NSW gambling card will be linked to the ‘Gambling Self-Management System’. Those who are determined to self-discipline can enroll their own names into this system to ban themselves from entering one or a few places that with gambling machines. This method is expected to be a way to control and keep thousands of people out of gambling places. 

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