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An interview with Pontus Axelsson, Project Manager at Linkpirates

The main source of traffic for most affiliates has for a long time been Search Engine Optimisation. With new websites opening up everyday, the competition is constantly increasing and the affiliate budgets for link outreach are growing each year.

sigma igaming Building success through SEO strategy Pontus Axelsson, Project Manager at Linkpirates.

For a few years now operators have also been working harder with their SEO efforts and brand protection, which aims to be present on all the brand keywords, and has become a vital part of most casino’s SEO strategy.

One of the most important ranking signals from Google is the incoming links to the website. To be able to rank, even for your own brand variations, you will need a lot of strong, relevant, and authoritative backlinks pointing to your website.

Linkpirates, a new Malta-based company, is built by successful iGaming affiliates and provides affiliates and operators with links and link building strategies. With a unique collection of websites and a maximum number of outgoing links, they believe they could be the difference between a successful and non-successful journey in the Search Engine Result Pages. We met up with Pontus Axelsson, Project Manager for Linkpirates  to discover what Linkpirates can bring to the table.

What type of service is it that you offer? 

We are a genuine off-page SEO company that focuses mainly on link building. We build and refine our websites in-house with the intention for them to be thriving, unique sources of information. We want these sites to satisfy the end-user and in direct descent, search engines. 

With this as the base for all our decisions across the sites, we can increase the chance for the links we provide to act as powerfully as possible for you as a client.

Furthermore, we offer different concepts depending on what you are looking for. Our sales portfolio ranges from link placements in articles tailored for your purpose, to authoritative index page links. 

For the more prominent actors in the industry, we offer brand protection as well.

Why is this a valuable service for the industry?

The competition in, for example, the online casino and sports betting niches, are among the toughest in the world. To stand out in the crowd you have to be at the forefront in all avenues that come with running a website. 

Historically, and today more than ever, having a strong backlink profile relevant to the market you are present in is a big part of getting ahead.

We offer links on sites with high-quality content and extremely niche relevant backlink profiles with improved metrics over time.

Is this service mainly for affiliates or can it also benefit operators?

This service is for anyone that is looking to take their SEO efforts seriously. it doesn’t really matter if you are a big operator with multiple brands or a small affiliate company. What matters is to get your metrics right in order to be able to compete for the top positions in the SERP.

For operators that want to protect their fundamental traffic source, or the ones launching a new brand. We also offer a product that combines link building and brand protection. 

The best of both worlds.

What does brand protection mean?

Brand protection in our case means that you have a potential exposure (and thereby traffic) in the search engines based on your reputation. 

In most cases today we find that other actors than the operator itself take up a big part of this exposure in the SERPs.

What we do is that we provide a service where you as an operator are able to strengthen your backlink profile. At the same time as you are able to protect your branded searches, in for example google.

What are your plans going forward?

As we only have been operative for less than 6 months, we are right now trying to establish ourselves as a reliable partner that delivers a great product tailored to each client’s needs. We are in a phase where we are trying to build up our relations within the industry.

Part of what we promise is for the sites to have improved “hard” metrics over time, this is a never-ending project, of course. We are also looking into branching out to other industries where competition is high in SEO.

Later this spring we’re also launching a platform where you can sign in and shop links of your choice, filtered by values that you prefer. 

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