Chile’s casinos record gross income of $4279 million

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The gross gaming revenue was generated mainly due to the COVID-19 Management and Prevention Protocol in casinos, gambling and entertaining establishments

Casinos across the South American country of Chile has recorded a gross gaming revenue of $4279 million pesos according the Superintendency of Casinos of Chile.

This figure was recorded after 11 gaming casinos resumed operations in the country between November 19 and 28, 2020. Additionally, out of the $4279 million pesos generated, 513 million amounts to the specific tax on gambling for the Regional and Municipal Governments in which they operate.

The generated tax income is vital to the financing development works and contributes a large amount to the general nation funds.

This gross gaming revenue was generated mainly due to the COVID-19 Management and Prevention Protocol in casinos, gambling Chile | SiGMA Newsand entertaining establishments that organised the reopening of casinos in most regions depending on their specific tier of general lockdown.

However, other than the voluntary opening of casinos it was made mandatory that those entertainment venues in Phase 5, including gambling casinos, were to open for business.

Additionally, once specific municipal gaming casinos start operating and commence operations, it is a must that they continue operations for at least three days a week whilst respecting protocols set in place.

In financial terms, casinos that commenced operations during November 2020 recorded a gross gambling revenue of 4279 million pesos, 43.6% under the amount recorded for November 2019. In terms of visits to such casinos, it is estimated that about 39,042 people registered upon entry to the 11 casinos that were in operation in November 2020.

In comparison, daily visits were 57.2% lower than those recorded in November 2019 at the same casinos.

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