China identifies over $150 billion in illicit gambling activity this year

Posted: Oct 23, 2020 10:21 Category: Asia ,

China’s Ministry of Public Security spots equivalent of nearly US$150 billion ready to exit the country for cross-border gambling activities

The Chinese government was not clear on how much of that money had actually been prevented from exiting the country, but it is estimated that the number amounted up to $150 billion over the first nine months of the year. 

5e302df1a3101282064e16abThis August, the government also made it clear that it had nor established a ‘black list’ for any other country that attempts to attract its citizens to go gambling, and to add to that, it also plans on using ‘big data’ to prevent anyone seeking gambling abroad from leaving the mainland. 

This month of October there also seems to be new plans to create a tailored offence against citizens organizing gambling activities overseas. 

Even though the government also stated that they caught 590 China passport holders involved in illicit gaming-related activities, it refrained from mentioning the countries involved or publish details about the offences. 

Throughout the past year, especially the recent months, China has been strongly pushing anti-gambling operations through mainland media.

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