Clinton Sparks unveils marketing beyond the target at SiGMA Asia

Maria Debrincat 4 months ago
Clinton Sparks unveils marketing beyond the target at SiGMA Asia

During his keynote speech at the SiGMA Asia summit, Clinton Sparks presented an extraordinary keynote speech that transcended the boundaries of conventional business practices. He unraveled the secrets to expanding companies beyond their current target markets and unlocking the true potential of the gaming industry. Sparks challenged the audience’s perceptions of the gambling world, unveiling the power of innovative language and authentic connections that have the potential to change the entire dynamics of selling and building.

Marketing beyond your target market

With captivating insights and a fresh perspective, Sparks emphasised the importance of expanding your company beyond its current target market. He highlighted that in order to achieve this, one must learn how to market beyond their existing audience. Many businesses and entrepreneurs attending events like these often seek inspiration from those who are already successful in their desired fields. Sparks went on to say: “If you want to build your company past the target market you must learn how to market past your current target.”

Changing perceptions of the gambling industry

Sparks acknowledged that the gambling industry is often perceived negatively by individuals who are not gamblers. To overcome this stereotype and reach a broader audience, he stressed the significance of using new language and innovative approaches to connect with people on a more personal level. By framing the industry in a way that aligns with their interests and values, businesses can change the dynamics of how they sell and build relationships with customers. Sparks cited their success in creating a “gaming lifestyle brand” that appeals to a wider audience, allowing them to see the potential for careers and success within the industry.

Recognising the positive impact of gaming

Another crucial point Clinton Sparks highlighted was the positive impact of gaming in terms of financial opportunities. He pointed out that this aspect is often overlooked and not widely discussed. To fully grasp the potential of the market and expand its share, businesses must collaborate with the right individuals who can help them navigate and leverage the gaming industry’s potential.

Effective communication with different audiences

Sparks emphasised that the number one key to success is learning how to speak to different audiences effectively. While this may seem challenging, he emphasised that it all boils down to caring genuinely about the audience. Customers can discern whether a company genuinely cares about them or merely wants their money. This same level of care should extend to employees and even competitors, as building authentic, organic, sustainable, and scalable relationships is crucial to foster long-lasting support from fans and customers.

With valuable insights on marketing beyond the target audience, reframing perceptions of the gambling industry, recognising its positive impact, and communicating effectively with diverse groups, Sparks provided a roadmap for businesses to build organic and enduring relationships with customers and support, fostering growth and success in the dynamic gaming market.

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