Crypto Millions Lotto offering “never seen before” affiliate program – Sulim Malook

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Following their marketing efforts within the sports community, Crypto Millions Lotto Founder, Sulim Malook, has touted their new affiliate program as one that offers “never seen before” rewards

As the online gaming market reaches new heights, operators are forging ahead with their fine-tuned marketing strategies. Crypto Millions Lotto have focused on launching their own Affiliate Program, and Founder Sulim Malook spoke with Jeremy Micallef on the thought process behind the decision. 

What prompted you to launch an affiliate program?

We had a choice. We could either start from scratch and build our own audience using traditional advertising, or we could tap into an audience someone else has already built. Affiliate marketing has already been successfully used in iGaming – basically anything that involves betting online. It’s particularly effective in casino and sports betting. We think lottery is a natural extension.

What strategy have you employed to spread the word?

Apart from affiliate marketing, which is our main channel, we’ve done some organic marketing and promotion. We’ve advertised online and we’ve started some brand building activities such as football and boxing sponsorship, PR, and influencer marketing.

Do you target specific industries to sponsor to attract affiliates and/or clients?

Yes, we’re targeting industries that we think are a natural fit for lottery. Gambling affiliates in lottery, casino or sports betting are the obvious ones. But we’re also targeting influencers in crypto and charities.

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What can you tell us about how this fits into your wider marketing strategy?

We’re a destination site, so our main goal is to drive traffic to cryptomillionslotto.com. In terms of offline activity, affiliates are the main route to market. We also do some sponsorship (football and boxing), PR and influencer marketing, as well as a lot of traditional online activity. We have an active SEO program, we run online ads, and we’re big believers in marketing through content.

What are you offering potential affiliates who join your program?

Affiliate marketing is quite competitive, so we’re offering a few things they won’t have seen before. The first is a 5% bonus of any jackpot won by a customer they refer. That could easily run into millions! Another is daily payouts with no complicated net gaming revenue calculations. We pay on top-line lottery sales.

website internal image affiliate program 2As an incentive to help them attract customers, we’re offering any new players they refer, six free lottery tickets without paying a deposit, as well as guaranteeing that our jackpots are bigger than on any other lottery site worldwide. What that means is that players will get a bigger prize than they could get on any other lottery site, anywhere, if they play the numbers on Euromillions, the UK National Lottery, Australia’s Oz Lottery and five others on our site.

How do you plan on sticking out?

There are lots of affiliate marketers all in competition and they’re all looking for something different. Crypto lottery is a relatively new vertical to affiliate marketing, so we think that will give us some momentum, especially with the incentives and huge jackpots we offer.

Once we’ve recruited them, we’ll keep them through great service. We have a very experienced team who’ve worked in affiliate marketing for many years. On top of that, there are very practical things we do that are important to affiliates. Our commissions are transparent, we offer several different options, we pay them quickly and we don’t play any games with how we calculate what they earn.

Do you think the crypto angle gives you an edge?

Yes, crypto is central to why we are able to be so generous with affiliates. Crypto removes borders for lottery. It means we and our players aren’t reliant on card providers, banks and the whole complex global currency infrastructure which makes everything slow. If we didn’t use crypto, we wouldn’t be able to offer affiliates daily payouts on lottery and 48 hours after month-end payouts on casino games.

Can we and our delegates expect Crypto Millions Lotto at Malta Week in November?

Yes, we’ll be making our Malta Week debut in November, and we can’t wait to meet your delegates.

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