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The SiGMA Pitch competition is aimed at helping entrepreneurs and businesses in the gaming, and affiliate sectors kickstart their growth journey

The SiGMA Pitch can be seen as a challenge for most investors who are starting up their careers in the industry.  This is also an excellent opportunity for businesses to meet professional investors shaping the industry’s future who can help out with investment guidance and possibilities.

These are the top 10 shortlisted startups from our judge’s selection. On stage, the ten finalists will present their products and initiatives. One deserving winning startup idea will receive a prize package that includes free office space, public relations services, digital marketing services, and much-needed training solutions to help them succeed.


Ekbaaz, a B2B sales platform, offers small company sellers in Singapore and Bangladesh warehouse listing, logistical support, and micro-credit solutions. The purpose of this brand is to empower small business owners to use digital tools to boost revenue and improve themselves. Clients may use the app to generate orders, deliver them, and pay for them in real time, with everyone involved receiving immediate notification. The software also allows you to reserve dedicated grocery store space and generate possibilities to prominently display your products to shop visitors.



Factrade is a B2B trading platform that allows buyers and sellers to transact with trust and transparency. Factrade was established to address the existing issues that suppliers and buyers face, such as a lack of information, limited access, and references.This is a quality assurance system, a negotiation gateway, and a platform for rating each and every transaction. New business prospects are produced as a result of Factrade’s approach, which allows new buyers and suppliers to trade, lowering buyer costs and expanding supplier portfolios.


Lock and stock

Lock&Stock is a startup encouraging people to live healthier, more productive lives while also contributing to the education of impoverished children. Currently, an estimated 400 million adults worldwide suffer from screen addiction, with an additional 72 million youngsters lacking access to primary education. Their goal is to make digital wellness a habit and, in the process, make the world a better place.



ViewIT is a complete real estate solution that integrates the agent and client journeys into a single, seamless experience. ViewIT’s patented technology is used by agents to upload personalised video listings. ViewIT is the only real estate website that only displays video listings. We believe that videos provide a more immersive experience for potential tenants and buyers. Clients can then look at and engage with these listings, and if they like what they see, they can contact the agent for more information.



Gaming is the fastest-growing form of entertainment, and audio is regaining popularity among consumers throughout the world. AudioMob was intended to assist game producers in monetizing their games with non-interruptive audio advertisements. The company was created on the belief that there is a better way to make money from games. They enable advertisers to contact their target audiences and game creators to monetize their games without interfering with gameplay.



Fanera is the first crowdsourced, intuitive, scalable, and multilingual 360 degree social platform developed for and by football fans to share their favorite moments and consume football content made by a football community of fans, influencers, players, and clubs, and was launched in 2018. Fanera also provides services to football teams and stadiums in order to help them get the most out of their client engagement initiatives. Due to the highly targeted nature of its users, Fanera may give up to a 37 percent improvement in ROI to its clients.


ReSpo Vision

ReSpo.Vision is a startup which uses artificial intelligence to revolutionise football. The brand uses the most cutting-edge AI research to watch and analyse football games, delivering unrivaled depth of knowledge to clubs, federations, bookies, and the media. Our cutting-edge Computer Vision and Machine Learning algorithms can track 20+ body parts of all players and the ball 60 times per second while watching any football game captured by a single TV camera.


The underlying event data connects seemingly disparate use cases like fraud detection, anti-money laundering, account compromise, and credit risk. NOTO can handle data in a variety of ways and provide a large number of quick decisions. In any sector or vertical, a simple connection may help firms alter their approach to fraud and risk management. NOTO is data and sector neutral, and it consistently exceeds expectations.



HouseMaster is a startup company which adds DeFi to online gaming, allowing investors and players to benefit from the best of both worlds. The House Master team can deliver a skillfully designed cocktail in which investors enjoy casino earnings while players are spoiled with interest on their gaming accounts by combining Casino with Defi and a native token. They claim to have the right plan, team, and partners in place to ensure that everyone involved has a positive experience.



Soken is a customised mobile corporate well-being platform that aims to boost employee engagement and make every employee happier, healthier, and more productive. We are a software-as-a-service platform that caters to businesses with more than 100 employees and charges a monthly subscription per employee. The Soken App includes physical corporate challenges, fitness plans & content, mental well-being programs, nutritional support, recognition & prizes to help employees better manage their well-being. The best kind of procrastination.


Asia Awards 2022:

The Asia Awards will be held during the first edition of SiGMA Asia. Alongside premier networking opportunities, the gala event brings together luminaries in the industry for an evening of recognition and celebration of achievement, attracting a guest list of over 300 esteemed individuals to its inaugural debut. Give recognition where it’s due by nominating someone whose work has created a positive impact on the industry. You can join us and witness the most intriguing and creative projects changing the face of the sphere. Book a seat at the Asia Awards by sending your request here.

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