Emerging iGaming trends in 2022

Emerging iGaming trends in 2022

In 2020 and 2021, the Covid-19 pandemic caused widespread disruptions that forced most gamers to rethink how they played their favorite games. In 2022, we see more impressive trends emerging in every segment of the iGaming market, including online sports betting, lotteries, casino, live casinos, bingo, poker games, and more.

Online gambling establishments have exploded in popularity thanks to rapid technological development.

Additionally, the gaming industry shows no signs of slowing down. As a result of a plethora of alternatives, gamers have high standards. Future developments and increased popularity are to be anticipated.


As the presence of decentralised gambling grows, more and more sites are beginning to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

Due to the privacy, speed, and convenience that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum provide to gamers, they are quickly becoming the standard in the business. The absence of hacking and identity theft on platforms accepting digital currency gives players peace of mind. Additionally, the need for blockchain casinos will increase as NFTs and the Metaverse gain more popularity.

A growing number of online casinos now accept the most popular digital currencies, despite the fact that cryptocurrencies are not permitted by legislation in many countries. The risk for both players and casinos is the volatility of Bitcoin and other crypto tokens. The value may significantly rise or fall between the time of deposit and the time of withdrawal.

VR Gaming Development

Even though virtual reality (VR) isn’t a new concept, it has recently become a hot trend in gambling. In light of this demand, major game developers are releasing virtual reality casino games. These strategies also incorporate Artificial Intelligence to boost the quality of service provided and to better detect fraudulent behavior.

Recently, Net Entertainment, one of the most prominent software developers in the gambling industry, showcased a VR version of their Jack and the Beanstalk slot.

Further demand for VR, AR, and MR will arise as the Metaverse evolves and immersive experiences become the new normal. New features, like 3D avatars or live interactions, will become a constant in VR online casinos.

This technology might completely transform the digital poker experience by making it like the real thing as closely as possible.

However, it will be a few more years before virtual reality and augmented reality technology completely take off in online casinos, despite their steady progress. The price of VR headsets and other equipment is a major obstacle. It’s difficult to convince people to invest in virtual reality headgear, but once that barrier is crossed, live casino gambling will offer a whole new dimension.

Rise of the Deposit Bonus

The recent rise in the number of people who gamble online may be attributed, in large part, to the fact that online casinos have totally grasped the benefits of rewarding newcomers for opening an account with them.

In 2022, deposit bonuses have become increasingly popular across a wide variety of platforms, and some online casinos are going as far as to provide a 200% deposit bonus to new players. Players have immense potential to make a return on their original investments while also expanding their gameplay options.

Usually, bonus terms and conditions stipulate a 100% match for the first deposit, while casinos also offer additional bonuses for the second, third, and sometimes even fourth deposit. In a couple of instances, we noticed that casinos also offer a bonus for the tenth deposit, which also has bigger incentives than previous bonuses, hoping that gamers will continue playing on the site between those two bonus offers.

Enhanced Visual and User Experience

Year to year, we are witnessing a significant increase in the quality of visual experience, and it is anticipated that this trend will continue.  The most reputable service providers and software developers have started the process of updating and enhancing online casinos in order to make them as contemporary as possible.

The attempt to deliver a live gaming experience to players who are playing online from the comfort of their own homes by utilizing virtual tables and live dealers is also making strides.

Traditional casino games, such as slots and card games, are not appealing to younger people. As a result of this, software companies stepped up to the task of developing more interactive forms of entertainment in the style of video games, which mix elements of gambling, social interaction, and skill. Likewise, more online casinos will need to incorporate incentivised gamification elements to keep players interested. This can involve competing in challenges or tournaments, accumulating points, or the casino’s own currency.

New players demand that their iGaming experiences not only provide amusement but also be quick, fluid, and glitch-free. This includes a quicker or lack of registration procedure altogether, instant withdrawals, simple navigation, and a user interface that is responsive regardless of the device.

Also, the evolution of video games resulted in a general increase in realistic features, a trend that has also been recognised in casino games. The development of new computer and smartphone technology is most likely one of the reasons for this trend. Smartphones are comparable to portable PCs but boast far higher levels of performance power. When you play the most recent versions of casino games, you’ll notice that the visuals have been upgraded. Game designers are capitalizing on the increased computer power, and players are benefiting from the fact that 5G networks can bring games to them without any delay.

We should anticipate more enhancements to the graphics, as well as improved aesthetics and a higher resolution. In addition to that, increasing the number of polygons will result in a more immersive experience.

Live Dealer Game Expansion

Until recently, playing live dealer games was the main draw of traditional casinos over their digital counterparts. New, digital live casinos eliminated this difference, and you can play poker, blackjack, and other casino games against live dealers and other players. Live dealer blackjack, poker rooms, and other live casino games are widespread now on iGaming websites. Live casino games can successfully replace a portion of the in-person gaming experience without the inconvenience of lag or poor customer service.

The majority of gamers would rather play at home, where they’d like to have a more comfortable, but also realistic experience. Online casinos are capitalizing on this trend by recreating the atmosphere of a traditional casino in the comfort of one’s own home.

Games blackjack, which benefits greatly from having engaging and skilled dealers, are increasingly popular. More time spent playing is typically prompted by the presence of other players. Modern technology made live dealer games appear authentic and inviting to customers.

Wearable Tech Gaming

Having an app will no longer be sufficient for an online casino to cater to the growing market of mobile gamblers.

Gambling using wearables like smartwatches will also rise in popularity. The variety of operating systems and smaller displays in various shapes make it difficult to design an optimal experience for this device. The promise of the wearable gambling industry hasn’t been lost to all game developers, either, as some have already begun making slot applications for Apple Watches.

It’s no surprise that gaming studios entered the smartwatch market, given projections for its growth from $56.15 billion in 2021 to $60.14 billion in 2022. In the next years, as more gaming software developers create new games that can be readily linked to all devices, wearable technology will be as popular as ever.

Availability in restricted countries

Due to the anonymity and untraceability of cryptocurrencies, many players from around the world are able to access and play online gambling games despite restrictions in their home countries or regions.

The best example could be the recent explosion of cryptocurrency-accepting online gambling sites in Taiwan, a country with stringent regulations on the practice.

In the next couple of years, this trend will continue to rise as more and more online casinos gain the courage to market and expand into these markets. Given the size of the potential revenue pool, serving this underserved market has become a top priority.

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