Entaractive’s new player-centric retention mobile service gives players the power

Tina Dimitrijevic 2 years ago
Entaractive’s new player-centric retention mobile service gives players the power

SiGMA TV’s guest Andrew Foster, Chief Business Officer at Enteractive sheds more light on their new player-centric retention mobile service, ‘The Engager’

Player retention is the holy grail in the casino industry and we’d all love to know the magic formula.

The new product that Enactive has just launched, called The Engager gives players more options to engage with the product. Foster says that the engager was built with the player’s last 12 year’s requests in mind.

“We tried to develop the product further to drive success and do things better and better.

When we were calling our players we started to see that we were getting phone calls back, this really supported the idea that players wanted to be engaged across a channel that they really appreciate or use the most hence why the new tool ‘The Engager’ was developed.”

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SiGMA TV Interview.

This tool is focused mainly on a human one to one connection and it enables the player to choose whether they would like to take an initial call or set up a follow-up call at a time that suits them, at a time of day that makes the most sense or just jump into the chat and have a conversation with one of the available. This is what makes players engaged in that perspective so “that is really what we envisage to be the future – engaging with players.”

With the Euros having just passed, sports operators were all keen to get dormant players back on their books, how does the engager help support this?

It’s no secret that this is a great opportunity for operators to engage with players. New players that have not yet registered on the site or new players that were not active for some time.

If a new player had just joined or made one or two deposits only, the biggest challenge is to stand out from the crowd and not be tempted to copy your competitors who would also be trying to pull in a new player’s attention. Keeping a player loyal and thus keeping them from moving to a competitor is a huge hurdle which is why the company is putting this as their biggest focus nowadays.

With the casino industry exploding, what impact will the engager have on the landscape?

This is a whole new age of giving players the ability to choose how and when they do things in personalised offers. There is a need for operators to give the power back to the players. For a long time, the focus was on giving the operator’s control but with the new engager tool, the focus has now shifted on giving the player back that power so they can decide when and how they speak to our company. This will be a huge milestone for operators and players alike.

With a lot of Enteractive’s operator partners, we see that there is a huge focus for them to understand which channel players like to make use of the most and with the flexibility of a tool like ‘The Engager’, the company believes that this is what will take that engagement and loyalty to the next level.

Does the engager mean that there is a space for everyone in the market?

We are seeing amazing opportunities for growth in a certainly more saturated market than it was in the past, but there are also new ideas invading the market. There is space for everyone in the market so there isn’t much over-saturation but it’s far less forgiven than what it was before.

To succeed you have to be at the forefront of technology and be able to give players what they want and when they want it.
The product offering and the player engagement is going to be what define whether you’re going to make it in the market or whether you’re going into the market and then struggle to gain that market traction which is really important at the beginning of launching a novel brand.

Player loyalty:

A player usually has between three to four betting accounts. Making sure that you are the brand you’re marketing yourself to be, keeps the players coming back for more. There is this desire that players expect. To have that personalised experience. Players expect to have more tailored offers. It’s imperative to make each player feel comfortable by making them connect with the brand. This is what really builds long-term loyalty.

With Enteractive having more than twelve years of experience in player reactivation, the company is in the top four traffic generators globally for the iGaming sector.

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