Former adversaries in the betting industry join leading age and identity verification

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Former adversaries in the betting industry join leading age and identity verification

Simon Bazalgette and Ralph Topping are joining forces after being appointed to the advisory board of 1account

Following 1account’s significant success in KYC validation, Bazalgette and Topping  will help drive the continued roll out of the company’s existing solution as well as its new consumer digital ID app, 1account ID. 

The new B2C product will help to prevent unlawful betting online and in shops, casinos and sports stadia within the UK and internationally, aligning with the British Government’s strategy to build a Digital Identity Trust Framework. The company believes the initiative will take the gambling sector into a new era by supporting the development of self service betting terminals.

The new consumer digital ID app will complement the company’s existing online verification technology which cross references consumers’ information against data sources that enable it to validate its authenticity, such as a user’s mobile phone network.

1account’s online validation platform uses more data sources than other providers, and as a result it has seen validation success ratios exceed 95%, rapidly expanding the company’s reputation across a range of age restricted sectors, such as vaping and gambling. The company’s extended KYC capability  also facilitates comprehensive AML checks, seamlessly incorporating Electronic ID verification, affordability and PEPs and sanctions checks in addition to its own exclusive data.

Through its online verification process, the company is fast growing the numbers of consumers signing up to its consumer digital ID solution. The app means consumers won’t need to have their details & personal data checked every time they visit an online gambling site that requires KYC verification or in a store to prove age or identity. 

Bazalgette and Topping are joined on the advisory board by:

  • Mark Aylwin, the former Managing Director of Booker, part of Tesco, and owner of Budgens and Londis as well as  the largest wholesaler in the UK convenience retail sector supplying over 100,000 independent shops and off-licenses; 
  • and Murray Perkins former Policy Director at the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC)

Ralph Topping - 1accountTopping said: “The potential for digital ID in the gambling industry – both online and offline – is huge. It’s a no brainer for gambling businesses as it ensures that they are seen as doing everything possible to be compliant and responsible in preventing under-age betting and protecting vulnerable groups such as problem gamblers. It also improves the customer experience when gambling on and offline by speeding up the KYC process which is the cornerstone of the sector’s compliance requirements. 1account can offer betting operators a solution both online and offline that enables compliance for now and the future.

“Digital ID opens up opportunities for running self-service betting shops in the high street and automated betting terminals in sports stadia in the future. It will also help deblur the lines between the online and offline betting activities of customers.

“As an existing provider of KYC & AML solutions for online betting operators, 1account is ideally positioned to be first to market in the gambling sector with a digital ID solution which has significant uptake by an engaged audience that enjoys betting and gaming.”

Simon Bazalgette - 1accountAdds Bazalgette, whose career has also involved setting up highly successful digital music and race course media businesses: “As someone who has worked in the horse racing business for the last 20 years and has been involved in launching and growing start-ups into major businesses, I am extremely excited about this development which will enhance the image and support the growth of horse racing, one of Britain’s most loved sports.

“The industry has a moral responsibility to put a stop to underage betting.  The huge investment made by 1account in digital ID technology means that the horse racing sector can now demonstrate that it’s gone to the greatest lengths possible to ensure that anyone placing a bet online, at a race course or in a bookmakers is over the legal age of 18 and meets the strict criteria set by regulatory bodies. In addition, the digital ID app can be used to ensure alcoholic drinks in hospitality areas at race meetings are purchased by those at the appropriate age.

“It will also enhance the betting experience across the sporting industry,  particularly punters who like to have a flutter online and those attending a race meeting, football match or boxing contest who are young adults and need to prove that they are legally entitled to place a bet.”

Ben Keirle - 1accountBen Keirle, Chief Executive of 1account, commented: “KYC & AML validation is at the heart of our current operations but we are seeing unprecedented demand for our digital ID product that will play a part in everyday lives in the very near future. In creating this solution, which complements existing processes and provides added protection to minors and vulnerable groups, we are now in a position to help licensed operators and their players to make the transition to a truly digitised gambling environment in the future.”

“We’re delighted to have appointed a heavyweight advisory board to help us achieve this, including Ralph and Simon who know the industry inside out.” 

Keirle added: “Our digital ID customer base is growing all the time. We have the investment  and strategy that will see millions of adults registered for our 1account ID solution by the end of the year, making it an extremely useful proposition for any business providing age restricted products and services. This includes the gambling sector, which wants to be seen as doing the right thing, whilst at the same time enhancing the purchasing experience of customers.”

1account is introducing its own one-click payment solution for vendors of age-restricted products and services addressing customers’ concerns in sharing personal data on such platforms in order to make a purchase.

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