Almost 34% of gambling activated via advertising

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Almost 34% of gambling activated via advertising

Gambling Commission of Great Britain reveals surprising  survey results on gambling advertising efficiency

The survey among 6,258 participants published by the UK Gambling Commission revealed detailed numbers on the high efficiency of gambling ads, as listed in the following:

Out of the 4,566 respondents who had gambled in the prior twelve months, 34% stated to have graph-2been prompted to spend money on gambling by advertisements. Out of the different ad strategies, free bet or money incentives seem to have the highest conversion rates, reportedly activating 22% of gamblers. 25.9% of active gamblers, those who had been gambling in the past 12 months, were activated by this kind of gambling ads. However, 35.2% were not affected by these incentives at all.

Concerning already persistent gambling habits, 52.8% believe to not have changed the amount they gambled because of advertisements. 13% say to have engaged in gambling for the first time due to seeing ads, while 16.3% increased the amount they gambled. 14.7% were reportedly taken back to gambling by ads, after taking a break. 10.1% also stated to have traversed to another form of gambling or to change the games they were playing.

Eight-five per cent of all survey participants to have seen some kind of advertising or sponsorship for gambling, with 76% having seen some through television, which is still the top medium for gambling ad visibility. Online advertising was only seen by 66%. The group most likely to have seen gambling adverts is active gamblers of a four-week period prior to the survey, with 89%.

The study warned operators to be aware, that online gambling was more visible for younger adults age 18 to 24, with 77% of this age group having seen gambling ads.

Ultimately, the survey states, that Covid-19 has not significantly increased the amount people gamble. However mobile betting and esports betting have gained popularity in comparison to other verticals.

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