Ghana’s Presidential nominee vows to eliminate gaming taxes

Shirley Pulis Xerxen 2 months ago
Ghana’s Presidential nominee vows to eliminate gaming taxes

As Ghana gears up for its general elections later this year in December, the country’s political landscape is abuzz with promises and pledges from key contenders. Among these pledges is a bold assurance from Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia (Pictured above), the vice president and presidential nominee for the New Patriotic Party (NPP). Bawumia has declared his intention to abolish gaming taxes if elected to the presidency, sparking significant interest and debate within the nation.

Bawumia’s promise and political context

Addressing a crowd at a n NPP event, Bawumia unveiled his plan to scrap gaming taxes if elected. While the specifics of this proposal remain unclear, it aligns with broader fiscal changes he envisions, including transitioning towards a “cashless society” and eliminating the existing E-levy. The announcement comes amidst a tight political race, with the NPP holding a slim majority in parliament, setting the stage for a closely contested election.

Opposition stance and regulatory developments

In contrast to Bawumia’s stance, the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), represented by presidential candidate John Mahama, has taken a more cautious approach. Mahama has signalled a willingness to review gaming taxes but has stopped short of committing to their removal, opting instead to evaluate the broader taxation landscape. Meanwhile, the Gaming Commission of Ghana is actively working on regulatory proposals aimed at modernizing gaming laws, with a focus on enhancing player protection and addressing emerging forms of gaming.

Public sentiment and revenue implications

The issue of gaming taxation has become a focal point in Ghanaian politics, resonating particularly with the youth and gaming enthusiasts. Despite projections of significant revenue generation from gaming, discontent with the current tax regime persists among the Ghanians. With the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) forecasting substantial revenue from betting, the disparity between revenue targets and public sentiment underscores the significance of the issue.

As Ghana approaches the December polls, the fate of gaming taxes hangs in the balance, serving as a strong sign of public discontent and political manoeuvring.

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