Nagasaki IR update: Pixel Companyz set to meet the original schedule date

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Nagasaki IR update: Pixel Companyz set to meet the original schedule date

Pixel Companyz announces that it intends to pursue Integrated Resort development in Nagasaki

A few months ago Pixel Companyz partnered with French casino company Groupe Partouche to join forces and develop new Japan IR. Today it is confirmed that they the former company is set to pursue the development of the IR in Nagasaki, and in intends to do so on schedule.

Established in 1986, Pixel Companyz is a member of an international consortium pursuing developments of an integrated resort in Japan, focusing mostly on the entertainment, development and system innovation side of things.

Supported by other prefectures of the Kyushu region, the Nagasaki prefecture currently remains one of the few local Japanese governments that has done some significant progress on the development of the IR’s.

CEO of Pixel, Horiaki Yoshida was reported saying that

Nagasaki is the optimal site for an integrated resort in Japan. Sasebo city, where the development site is located, is a beautiful seaport city rich in history and  international culture. The prefecture has seen support for integrated resort development from both the prefectural and municipal councils, and also the private sector in the business communities of the Kyushu region.’ 

It is expected that the consortium continues to add domestic and international partners to work with gaming industry experts, which along with the experience of Pixel Companyz in Japan, will form a solid team for the Nagasaki IR.

SiGMA website adds French as its 6th language:

SiGMA Group is excited to announce the addition of a 6th language to its website. Users can now find all content, including the SiGMA News website, in French. The latest addition to SiGMA’s portfolio of languages will run alongside the recently launched Russian, Mandarin, Spanish, and Portuguese content, and aims to cater to SiGMA’s wide portfolio of international events.

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