NSoft Taps Optimove as CRM Marketing Solution for its operator portfolio

Posted: Feb 04, 2022 15:00 Category: Online , Regulatory , Responsible Gaming , Posted by Content Team

The betting and gaming supplier is set to use Optimove in a bid to boost player lifetime value, boost retention rates, and significantly scale multichannel personalization

NSoft, the award-winning international betting and iGaming supplier, has chosen Optimove, the global leader in CRM Marketing, as the solution for its operator portfolio. NSoft, which offers a state-of-the-art Sportsbook software solution for Pre-Match and In-Play Betting will provide Optimove’s CRM Marketing platform to its 50-strong operator portfolio.

NSoft has fast-tracked the Optimove integration with Balkan Bet,a long-time NSoft client, who is already leveraging Optimove’s AI-mapped CRM journeys to delight customers across channels.
With Optimove’s CRM marketing solution, Balkan Bet is maximising players’ lifetime value by micro-segmenting its audience and ensuring every player is approached with the most personal message, every given time across every channel.

dubravko simic
Mr Dubravko Simic, SVP of Sales & Business Department at NSoft

“We are committed to offering best-in-class CRM marketing solutions to our clients,” said Mr Dubravko Simic, SVP of Sales & Business Department at NSoft. “Smart, actionable, measurable customer journeys and data-driven decisions are at the core of our ability to adapt and stay in front of the industry and competition. That is why we have decided to partner up with Optimove, the industry leader in CRM marketing solutions for successful customer journey management and business optimization.”

Moshe Demri
Moshe Demri, GM EMEA at Optimove

“We are pleased to be chosen by NSoft as their CRM Marketing solution and look forward to working together on providing each of their players the utmost personalised experience,” said Moshe Demri, GM EMEA at Optimove. “We at Optimove are committed to continue fostering the blend of marketer-friendly tools, advanced AI capabilities, and scientific experimentation and measuring, that makes us the solution of choice among iGaming industry leaders such as NSoft.”

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