Philippines allocates $1.8m US for WHO solidarity vaccine trials

Posted: Sep 17, 2020 10:25 Category: Asia , Posted by Maria Debrincat

The clinical trial of COVID-19 vaccine led by WHO may be launched in the Philippines in October, and the trial period will go on for 18 months

On September 16, the undersecretary of Philippine Department of Health Maria Rosario Vergeire stated at an online press conference that the clinical trial of COVID-19 vaccine led by the World Health Organization may be launched in the Philippines in October, and the trial period will continue as long as 18 Months. 

She told the reporter this trail will also take place alongside independent trials for other vaccines being eyed by the Philippines’ vaccine expert panelIncluding three vaccines being developed by Taiwan and China. 

Vergeire said at the meeting: ‘The duration of the vaccine clinical trial under the WHO will be 18 months, this is a project funded by the Ministry of Science and the current approved budget is 1.8 million US. Although the said duration may be just tentative depends on the situation, but the expected launch time will be the third week of October.’ 

She also added that because vaccines are provided by WHO and certificated by vaccine manufacturers, the budget will be limited to only operating expenses of the project. 

“There are several companies that have initially expressed their interest to participate in our local clinical trials. However, before disclosing more information, we will first make an internal evaluation to finalise the list of vaccine candidates we have selected.’ 

The deputy minister also revealed: ‘The executing agency of this clinical trials will be the Philippine General Hospital.’ 

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