Pipa Games launch novel live casino in Brazil

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Pipa Games introduces a new concept of live casino to the sector

The debut of the live casino studio Pipa Games in the iGaming sector is the complete representation of the moment that the gaming and betting industry in Brazil begins to live. This is a project with 100% Brazilian development created to serve a growing clientele looking for a more tropicalized entertainment that promotes new experiences always in a captivating and humanized way.

The always promising Brazilian gaming industry is gaining more and more space in specialized media outlets in the market and is already competing with potentially more developed regions and with greater resources for the attention of the main operators in the world.

Taking advantage of the actual context, Pipa Games starts its ambitious project by launching its first product on the market; a live roulette game that is presented by the most experienced dealers in the country who were trained by Dealer Pro, the first and most traditional school of game professionals in Brazil.

In charge of this innovative experience are entrepreneurs André Schuartz, the entrepreneurial visionary who brought to Brazil the real IMG_5898entertainment experience of a casino for corporate events, parties and the like, with Cassinera; and Alessandro Valente, a veteran in the affiliation industry, co-founded Super Afiliados and consultant to several foreign operators who entered the country.

For more than ten years in the gambling and betting market, founder of Cassinera and Dealer Pro, André is responsible for leading the day-to-day operation of the technology and dealer teams. Pipa Games quickly became a passion of the entrepreneur who believes that it will bring a new spirit to the sector.

“Making this game happen was challenging, but at the same time an important step for the industry and participating in this feat is very satisfying”, comments Andréa regarding his journey during the process of creating the first game from Pipa Games.

“It is an honour to be able to work side by side with a brilliant industry figure like André on an innovative project in the region and to be able to bring something that we really believe is relevant to meet an increasingly important demand”, said Alessandro Valente about your participation in the project and your expectations for the future.

In a time when Brazil seeks to increase the range of options for collecting taxes considering the regulation of casinos in resorts or perhaps an urban casino model, Pipa Games has shown that the time has come to resolve the issues regarding the legalization of games as a whole.

Tropicalization is an essential tool for the success of a project, whatever its area of ​​operation. When it comes to online casino games it is impressive to see that this is a demand from players; who prefer to bet on a friendlier environment. Participate in a live roulette round and be able to interact with a dealer

that speaking your language would be incredible, but, if added to that, the bettor finds an ever more welcoming environment, the result is that he would be more captivated and faithful to the product.

Pipa Games is taking its first game out of the oven. Still in the testing phase, however, with some integrations in progress and the prediction of a pre-launch with some operators carefully selected for 2020, where it will pass the evaluation of those who can actually judge: the public; after all Vox Populi, Vox Dei!

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