Prestige for Pixel as they throw their hat in the ring for Japan’s Nagasaki IR race

Posted: Nov 17, 2020 15:59 Posted by Maria Debrincat
Category: Asia, Land-Based,
Posted: Nov 17, 2020 15:59 Category: Asia, Land-Based, Posted by Maria Debrincat

Pixel Companyz group CEO, Hiroaki Yoshida, sat down with Maria Debrincat and shared exclusive insights on the company’s announcement to pursue Nagasaki’s IR bid in Japan

After looking for ways to boost tourism and generate new revenue, Japan has considered measures to approve an Integrated Resort. Nagasaki commenced the RFP process this summer to identify potential vying private-sector partners for the Nagasaki IR casino project with hopes to conduct its operator partner selection by winter. Yesterday, the company announced that their Japan IR development consortium has made a commitment to pursue the development of an integrated resort in Nagasaki. According to Nagasaki’s IR basic concept tentative plan the whole development will cost up to $4 billion and is estimated to see around 7 billion visitors anually.

The interview took off with SiGMA News congratulating Hiroaki Yoshida for the huge decision made to enter the bidding process in Japan’s first Integrated Resort, Nagasaki.

Maria Debrincat: Pixel Companyz group centers around entertainment, innovation and development can you tell us a little bit more about your company?

PHOTO-2020-11-16-12-45-33Hiroaki Yoshida: Pixel is a Holding Company with several subsidiaries, each subsidiary having different business commodities. We are expanding in the integrated resort-related businesses by using three pillars, namely: entertainment, technology and development. We are currently working on gaming machines and system development and are looking to expand the casino market in Asia. Our strength is the development of technical support services in the finance-related field.

Maria Debrincat: You have just confirmed that you are now Nagasaki’s fourth IR candidate, what does this mean to the company?

Hiroaki Yoshida: With a limited number of licence holders, this is a huge step forward for us. The fact that this is the first IR in Japan means that receiving this go ahead is extremely exclusive and we are immensely grateful and glad about this.

Maria Debrincat: Why Nagasaki?

Hiroaki Yoshida: Hundreds of years ago, Nagasaki was the center of international exchange and trade forPixel companyz dd the rest of Japan. Various ambitious young people came to Nagasaki from all parts of Japan to acquire new knowledge in the fields of medicine, astronomy and chemistry, laying a foundation for the modernisation of Nagasaki and Japan as a whole. Pixel sees a lot of potential in Nagasaki. It has various cultures that are not known yet by the international tourist. Pixel Companyz group sees Nagasaki as an opportunity to express the true definition of an IR to the world.

Maria Debrincat: Where do you see Pixel in a few years time?

Hiroaki Yoshida: In a few years’ time we aim to partner up with various other companies to further expand relationship-building. In terms of this IR business, Pixel sees itself as member of a “Consortium” rather than a company working on its own. Being a part of a consortium means that we take on this enormous Japan IR project, and connect Japan to the rest of the world. In the future we strive to be at the heart of Japan’s IR so we can share the beauty of this country with the rest of the world.

Maria Debrincat: Do you envision an IR for Malta?

Hiroaki Yoshida: Although I’ve never been to Malta, I have heard a lot of beautiful things about the island and its culture. What I’m sure of, is that Malta has issued several casino licences, so maybe there is room for an IR as well. I must come there first to answer this question.

Maria Debrincat: We’ll be sure to invite you for SiGMA Malta next February!

Hiroaki Yoshida: Thank you and thanks for this interview. To close off, I want to say that the preparations for Nagasaki are underway. We hope to get support from all over the world, let’s do this together!

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