Referendum proposals as part of rising opposition to Yokohama IR

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200,000 signatures colleccted from locals pushing the issue to the public, far exceeding the needed 62,500 

Last Friday in Japan a petition was presented calling for a referendum on the Japanese government’s plannned developments of the integrated resort in Yokohama, having triple the amount of signatures needed for the petition to go through. 

There has been a lot of anticipation around these resorts as the largest and most popular Japanese cities are all part of this race, which, if won, would lead to the inauguration of the breakthrough for the industry on Japanese soil. But all the separate projects have been experiencing delays and set-backs from the begnning, not to mention a lot of opposition. 


The citizens group taking care of the petition were being represented by Keio University Professor Emeritus Kobayashi Setsu, who stated that seeing as one in 15 citizens have asked for the referendum, the city should grant this wish. He reportedly posed the question

Should the cultural city of Yokohama be changed into a casino city?

The situation is naturally quite complex seeing as the government and the Yokohama council recognize the eocnomic benefits that come part and parcel of this project, yet many locals belive that it would cause social problems. 

It is not yet confirmed whther the petition for a referendum will be accepted by the city council. 

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