Scratchcard and video bingo to push Columbia’s economy

Posted: Jun 22, 2020 17:21 Category: Regulatory , Posted by Marieke Janssen

Two new gaming verticals were intoduced by Columbia’s gaming officials with taxes oriented to fund healthcare system

Columbia’s gaming officials under their gambling regulator, Coljuegos, updated their gaming regulations with the addition of scratchcards and video bingo. By taking this step, the health care system will be benefiting from the new fundings.

COVID-19 has caused the gaming industry to suffer from a worldwide shutdown. To boost this sector Coljuegos has collaborated with Cornazar, Colombia’s National Gaming Council (Consejo Nacional de Juegos de Suerte y Azar – CNJSA), regulator industry associations Fedelco, Asojuegos, Fecoljuegos and local operators. From the governmental side, the national Federation Departments were involved.

The released update includes several new regulations. The main focus lays on instant-win scratchcards, that can be played both online and offline, and video bingo games allowing participants in bingo halls to play together with online players. By offering a broadcasting gaming model, social distancing protocols are assured. This also gives the land-based industry a chance to head back and carry on with their income.


Juan B. Pérez Hidalgo, Coljuegos’ executive, describes the new regulations as way to boost the industry and Columbia’s health care system. 


The lottery is the second sector that will be gaining from the new update. The government will be allowing them the set up new promotions and two more prize draws per year, as long as they take place in different months. These measures are giving participants a better chance to win.

Gaming officials hope that these measures will increase gamblers’ interest and thereby bring people back to the sector, as Juan B. Pérez Hidalgo, Coljuegos’ executive said: “We are going to authorise the operation of video bingo as a measure to reactivate the operation of local gaming.’

The main goal is “to guarantee the recovery and sustainability of territorial [gaming] companies and of course, collect more resources towards the health of Colombians”.

To further settle their ailing finances such as money gaps caused by the reduced business operators can set up specific payment plans with their distributors.

Two months ago, regulators adapted the legal framework by adding live dealer casino games aiming to increase revenues and taxes.

The gaming industry plays an important role for Columbia’s healthcare system. Taxes collected by these operations are oriented to fund the system.

President of Asojuegos, Juan Carlos Resterepo describes the new measurements as key: “What is in play are the resources with which the health of the Colombian people is financed, and for that reason we’ve brought together associations, operators and the government to work collaboratively on measures which will provide relief in the sector”.




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