Significant margin wins for bookmakers at World Cup

Posted: Dec 21, 2022 09:06 Category: Events , Online , Sportsbetting , Posted by Lea Hogg

This year’s World Cup, with participation from 32 teams, is being described as the ‘most bookie friendly in history’ by City Bet Club, a research-led betting analytics insights service. From an early stage of the tournament, there were significant margin-wins for bookmakers and wipe-outs for punters.

Bookies netted better revenues than in previous World Cups

Dinos Stranomitis, co-founder of sportsbook solutions provider Altenar says “overall this year’s World Cup in Qatar was a great tournament for bookies.

Dinos Stranomitis

There were quite a few upsets and an element of surprise for the spectators especially with Japan and Morocco failing to qualify for the next stage”. The knock out stages and 90 minute draws netted higher-than-expected revenues for bookmakers when compared to previous World Cup tournaments. Surprise results occurred with Spain, Portugal and Brazil experiencing defeats from lower ranking teams, Saudi Arabia beating Argentina and Japan beating Germany.

Stranomitis explains that “this gave some indication that anything could happen”.

In this tournament teams defeated higher ranking opponents and as a result bookies netted better revenues than in previous World Cup matches.

The final

The final match brought two of the world’s best teams playing head to head. Prior to the win by Argentina the odds for both France and Argentina were 10/11 to win, each with a 52 percent chance of winning. According to FIFA rankings, France was ranked 4th and Argentina 3rd.

“The final was not an easy game and at the end the best two teams competed to offer a spectacular game,” says Stranomitis. He believes bookmakers may have lost some money during the final match and that it was more profitable for the punters.  He added that “this was well deserved after the good profits made by bookmakers throughout the tournament”.

Sportsbook is a growing market

David Brown, co-founder of City Bet Club, described this year’s World Cup as the most “bookie-friendly competition” he has ever known.

Looking forward Brown comments that “all eyes are now on the return of the Premier League”.

Dinos Stranomitis explains how sports betting forecasts rely on maths with surprise outcomes as a result of unpredictable factors such as last minute injuries of important players. He adds that playing football at 11am in a desert environment proved to be difficult for most players. “The World Cup this year has been proof that sportsbook is an ever growing market. It will become even more competitive with cutting edge technology.”

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