Skywind Group and Sisal announce partnership

Posted:: Feb 23, 2021 11:23 Category: Casino , Europe , Posted by Marie

Skywind Group and Sisal have signed a new deal, signaling Skywind’s further expansion into the Italian market

Sisal, one of Italy’s largest operators will now gain access to more than 350 premium games alongside Skywind’s innovative and adaptive player engagement tools, elevating gameplay while providing the operator additional opportunity to play on its strengths and stand out in a highly competitive market.

Sisal’s strong focus on trust, security and integrity have driven the operator to thrive and complement Skywind’s approach and vision for evocative entertainment in a sustainable market.

The partnership with Skywind will provide Sisal with premium, market-specific video slot games, including branded titles, such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Lothar Matthaus: Be a Winner and El Principe. It also includes series of chicken theme titles such as Vinci La Gallina, La Gallina D’oro and Punto La Galina.

Combined with the premium games, Skywind provides strong acquision and retention tools in the form of unique, customizable player engagement tools. Skywind’s player engagement tools include split pot jackpots, time and amount based jackpots, in-game tournaments and the innovative reward system set to upend free spins, Bonus Coins.

Cohen Shwartz - SkywindSkywind Managing Director Oren Cohen Shwartz says of the partnership: “Sisal is a great home for our premium online casino games and player engagement tools. We are increasing our footprint in the Italian marketand we are happy to form this partnership and are sure it will strengthen further over time”.

Marco Bedendo - Sisa“I am very satisfied of the agreement we have signed with Skywind, Provider with strong international background that represents a further step in Sisal’s continuous search to offer innovative and avant-garde content to our customer base’ – commented Marco Bedendo, Gaming Machines & Online Casino Managing Director at Sisal – ‘Skywind, thanks to its wide and constantly evolving library, guarantees a consistent support to the growth of our gaming offer thanks to high quality graphic content and unique features, and will be an important driver for the enrichment of Sisal gaming experience ”.

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