Smooth changeover: Allwyn’s supportive measures for National UK lottery retailers

Maria Debrincat 2 months ago
Smooth changeover: Allwyn’s supportive measures for National UK lottery retailers

Allwyn’s supportive approach empowers National Lottery retailers during their transition from Camelot to Allwyn, ensuring a smooth journey to success

Allwyn, the new holder of the National Lottery licence, has revealed its comprehensive plan to support National Lottery retailers in preparation for the upcoming changeover on February 1, 2024.

As part of the transition, Allwyn will be reaching out to retailers to explain the process of electronically transferring their existing Retailer Agreement from Camelot to Allwyn through an online portal. Simultaneously, Camelot Retail Sales Executives will personally visit retailers to discuss significant changes and address any inquiries before finalising the new agreements.

The key modifications in the agreement comprise updating the name to reflect Allwyn as the new operator, modernising certain language, aligning conditions with legal changes regarding data protection and record keeping, and consolidating two separate terminal agreements into one.

Before the Agreement transfer deadline on December 18, retailers can expect to receive a ‘Welcome to Allwyn’ pack in the New Year. The pack will provide detailed information about the changes taking place on February 1, 2024, including the introduction of new and improved National Lottery games starting in March 2024. Retailers will also receive information about the necessary digital training before the transition.

Katharine Challinor, Allwyn’s retail director, stated, “Retailers will soon receive instructions on how to smoothly transfer their existing Retailer Agreement. Additionally, their Camelot Retail Sales Executive will visit their store to assist with the process and address any queries they may have. We take this opportunity to express our gratitude to National Lottery retailers for their ongoing support and the crucial role they play in raising £30 million every week for Good Causes across the UK.”

Allwyn’s unveiling of its comprehensive plan marks an exciting new chapter for National Lottery retailers. With careful attention to detail and a commitment to seamless transitions, the company aims to support retailers throughout the changeover process. Their gratitude towards the retailers for their unwavering support in raising funds for Good Causes underscores the collaborative spirit that will continue to drive positive impact across the UK.

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