Thai doctor removes cheating magnets from man’s fingertips after 40 years

Posted: Apr 26, 2023 17:18 Posted by Maria Debrincat
Category: Asia, Casino, Regulatory,
Posted: Apr 26, 2023 17:18 Category: Asia, Casino, Regulatory, Posted by Maria Debrincat

Doctor shares viral images of man’s fingers after magnetic cheating device removal

According to Dr. Wat Lun of the Wiwat X-ray Clinic-Lab in Chon Buri, Thailand, a Thai man had implanted magnets into his fingertips four decades ago to cheat in the illegal Hi-Lo dice game. Recently, he approached the doctor to remove the magnets as he had to board a flight and feared that his magnetic fingers would trigger the airport security alarm.

Dr. Lun shared images of the man’s fingers after the operation on social media, which have since become viral in Thailand.

“You probably won’t believe it but a patient inserted magnets into the fingertips of his left-hand middle and ring fingers for 40 years. He put them there to play Hi-Lo.

“He came and asked to have them taken out because he wants to take a flight and is scared the magnets will set off an alarm at airport security. When I cut open his fingers, I found two very tightly embedded magnets.”

The implanted cheating device operates by linking to a concealed magnet in the dice, which is powerful enough to flip the dice over.

Despite being illegal, Hi-Lo is a well-known game played in illicit casinos throughout Thailand. As per the Gambling Act of 1935, participating in the game during a police raid could result in a penalty of up to 5,000 baht fine and/or imprisonment of up to three years.

Roll the dice and take your chance: How to play Hi-Lo

Before the game starts, each player places their bet on either the “high” or “low” option. The “high” option means that you are betting that the total of the next roll of the dice will be higher than the previous roll, while the “low” option means that you are betting that the total of the next roll will be lower.

The dealer rolls the three dice and reveals the total of the roll. This is the point at which players will determine whether they won or lost the round.

If the total of the dice is higher than the previous roll, players who bet on “high” win, and those who bet on “low” lose. Conversely, if the total of the dice is lower than the previous roll, players who bet on “low” win, and those who bet on “high” lose. In the event of a tie, the dealer will declare a push, and all bets are returned to the players.

The game continues with players placing their bets again for the next round.

It’s worth noting that there can be variations in the rules of Hi-Lo depending on the location and specific casino or gambling establishment. However, the basic gameplay remains the same.

Using magnets embedded in fingertips to cheat at dice games like Hi-Lo and Sic Bo has been reported in some instances. By implanting small magnets under the skin of their fingers, usually, in the fingertips, players can manipulate the outcome of the dice rolls. The player can attract or repel the dice with the magnets to control the outcome of the roll, thereby increasing their chances of winning.

To prevent such cheating practices, some casinos use specialised dice made of non-magnetic materials or install metal detectors to detect any foreign objects on players’ bodies.

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