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SiGMA sit down with Co-founders Chris Vella and Anthony Hennessy to dive deep into their journey in iGaming, fintech and IT

  • Can you give me an overview of your journey through the industry bringing us right up to date?

Anthony (1)Co-founders Chris Vella and Anthony Hennessy had previously been employed together at another firm. It was around late 2019 that they decided to set up their own business: Exacta Solutions Ltd. Roughly a year later, towards late 2020, Trifecta Directory was launched – a subsidiary of Exacta Solutions Ltd.

  • Can you give me an introduction to Trifecta Directory and Exacta Solutions?

Chris Vella (1)Trifecta Directory is a specialist business directory offering a B2B platform across the rapidly evolving industries of online gaming, financial technology and IT. The aim of Trifecta Directory is to help other small-to-medium-sized businesses find the right contacts in a broad network, guaranteeing more exposure of services, whilst benefiting from bespoke online tools that track a business listing’s click rate and performance. This is particularly beneficial considering the current situation the world finds itself in today, in which physical touch and face-to-face contact have become limited.

Exacta Solutions, on the other hand, is the headhunting arm of the business. Within the team, we have accumulated over 50 years of collective experience. The team is able to attract talent and offer a consultative approach to what is happening in the market.

  • In which Market do you operate?

Our main focus is iGaming. It is our bread and butter and where we undoubtedly have the most expertise. However, we do also operate within the Fintech and IT spaces.

  • Which are the most successful, which are still seeing growth?

Gaming has been experiencing growth for the past 15 years, no sign of slowing down. Fintech is a much bigger space, will keep growing for the foreseeable future.

  • And which have you got your eyes on for the future?

All of them are lucrative markets. The secret of every successful business is to be able to diversify. We do it across industries and different locations.

  • In such a competitive marketplace, what USP’s does Exacta Solutions and Trifecta Directory have to attract new customer and create customer retention?

Our people. Our team’s combined years of experience, knowledge in the field and network that is established on a global scale, are definitely the company’s unique selling points. We live and breathe in this market.

  • How has Exacta Solutions and Trifecta Directory developed in the last year, particularly in light of the current climate?

Initially, it took a few weeks of adjustment, but the business quickly took off again and the industries adapted to the new reality. We have also managed to expand our geographical reach, and this has enabled us to keep up momentum and growth.

  • · Looking to the future, where do you see your direction?

Our main priority will be to continue to expand on the current growth that we are experiencing. The target for both Exacta Solutions and Trifecta Directory is to follow the same trajectory, expanding on both a geographical and market level.

The SiGMA Roadshow

The SiGMA Roadshow is stepping up its game; now virtual, the webinar will take on a new jurisdiction every month, targeting a global agenda of gritty conference topics and a small, yet buzzing expo floor. Hosted on an interactive platform, the 2 hours mini conference will delve into 5 key areas of debate, bringing key themes specific to the region – such as regulation, tax and compliance, and emerging tech, to a table of thought leaders and academics at the top of their game. The SiGMA Virtual Roadshow will reflect SiGMA’s global events opening in 5 major regions over the next few years, specifically Europe, the CIS region, Asia, the Americas, and Africa. The monthly event, which launches with a worldwide tour of 14 countries, starts off with the recently legislated Ukraine, and will be published via podcast.

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