A hand-picked list of the top 10 shortlisted start up companies competing during SiGMA Americas

A hand-picked list of the top 10 shortlisted start up companies competing during SiGMA Americas

These ten start up companies will have the opportunity to demonstrate the value they can bring as well as their ambitious intentions to take the gaming world by storm on the SiGMA Pitch stage

SiGMA Group will be offering the trial-by-fire opportunity that could launch one start up dream into reality. Listed below are the top 10 start ups shortlisted to take the stage and pitch their companies with hopes of forming meaningful relationships with strategic partners and securing important investments during SiGMA Americas.

Listed below are our brightest and finest vying to be the final Gaming Pitch project standing. From eSports betting markets to Fantasy Sports apps, SiGMA Americas is about to take these start up experiences to new heights.


BetSwap provides benefits for both buyers and sellers and the sportsbook itself. Buyers can actively search for and purchase odds that are no longer available, not just passively accept current odds offered by the sportsbook. Sellers can lock in guaranteed profits as they see fit before the expiration of their bet slip, in addition to relying on the cash-out feature. Sportsbooks are able to offer a new and innovative platform to their users while using the BetSwap marketplace as an advertising tool and additional source of revenue.

Betswap tool logo

The Parleh

The Parleh Media Group is a digital media, content development, and events firm that specialises in sports-related material. The company owns sports and betting brands that engage fans across social platforms, websites, and live events. It was founded in 2021 by six Canadian digital media visionaries. The combination of sports and entertainment content provides sports fans with content that is simple to comprehend, entertaining, instructive, and perceptive. Their goal is to help sports fans improve their understanding of sports betting. As we simplify the vocabulary and methods of sports wagering, you’ll be able to enjoy sports in a whole new way.

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When it comes to booking flights or hotels, we’re sure you’ve heard of Travelocity, Expedia, Priceline, and others. Atlas World Sports is more than just an odds comparison site; the start up offers handicappers to assist you #BetBetter, offering the most up-to-date scores, analytics, and data for every league. Atlas World Sports also sends notifications for you to place bets and keep track of all live bets before they payout.

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Pokerload is a start up that improves and automates the typical end-to-end poker experience found in casinos and poker venues around the world. As a result, the company eliminates all time-consuming tasks such as standing in long lines, looking for nearby poker venues and games, withdrawing money from ATMs, and keeping physical records of your performance.


With their “bet-on-anything” wagering platform Sparket, is blowing the doors off the traditional betting sector. Operators can now provide an infinite number of free-to-play and pay-to-play betting options that appeal to a much wider audience while also adding significant value to existing customers. The best part of this platform is that is allows you to earn commissions on every wager without exposing yourself to any risk.

sperket logo

We the Bookie

We the Bookie provides customers with openness and fairness in a new approach to placing sports wagers. Customers will lose less money and will get a taste of what it’s like to be a bookie by participating in We the Bookie’s book of bets. The gross betting revenue of a bookie is calculated as follows: Amount wagered – Winning Payouts. Since it does not involve any costs, it is equivalent to “sales” or “revenue” rather than “profit.” We the Bookie redistributes 50% of its collected Gross Betting Revenue to its consumers on a monthly basis. These “WeShare” payments have no restrictions and can be withdrawn as cash at any moment. The WeShare pool is split proportionally among clients who have had net losses in the previous month.

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PlaynBrag is a place where Fantasy Sports and Sports Betting collide, with something for both Fantasy Sports players as well as for sports fans. This social media and sports betting start up gives sports fans a fully immersive social experience. This is a place where friends and other social groupings can compete in live sports betting. Users may also create or join bets in a social setting in under 40 seconds, as well as consume and participate with all of the newest material on favorite sports via the app’s social media feeds. The company is fully regulated and compliant, with a UK Gambling Licence.

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eSquad Technology

eSquad Technology is a Delaware Limited Liability Company. Founded in January 2020, this start up is an innovative company that uses human-focused design to create solutions for improving social interaction and building community. eSquad Technology provides fans with the opportunity to help grassroots teams by donating winning game coins.Whatever you win on this platform is 100% yours as this platform allows users have total control, by making their own odds, choosing squads, as well as decide your own rewards. This business model is ready to transfer into DAPP to become the first DeFi wagering platform.

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Let Bob

An early-stage start up, Let Bob is a leading technology and algorithm behind an AI-Powered all-cap ETF and the innovative personal AI-powered digital advisor for retail investors. In collaboration with Financial Advisors and individual investors, the team has created a platform that makes previously inaccessible asset manager financial modeling available to the masses. With Let Bob’s technology, the start up automates ETFs and annihilates the racial wealth gap by providing a new experience of trading exchange to expand financial literacy and ownership in the Black community and other marginalised communities.

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Mobilfund INC

Mobilfund serves the charitable raffle and lottery market in Canada and the United States on mobile platforms. Mobil Fund’s 50/50 SMS raffle software provides charities and non-profit organizations with the world’s most secure means of fundraising. The company’s 50/50 system is one of the fastest, easiest to use and least expensive ways for qualified organizations to raise funds.

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Join us for SiGMA Americas – Toronto:

Toronto is the perfect hub for SiGMA’s growth in North America, making it a nexus of networking and business development in the region with regards to land-based gaming, eSports, iGaming, sports betting, and more. Playing host to a massive iGaming industry, Toronto will be the home for the SiGMA Group’s initiative to link the industry pioneers of the continent together for 3 days of networking, workshops, and awards.

To learn more about sponsorship and speaking opportunities or to inquire about attending the event, please contact Sophie on [email protected].


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