UK TV channels called to ban daytime broadcast of gambling ads

Posted: Mar 17, 2021 09:20 Category: Europe , Responsible Gaming , Posted by Content Team

UK TV channels have been warned of the damaging effects of gambling advertisements on the general public

The All-Party Parliamentary group (APPG) have urged a host of UK TV channels such as ITV and Channel 5 to block gambling ads during the day in fear that this could feed problem gambling. The move follows the UK’s notorious gambling problem as highlighted in research conducted by GambleAware.

The group expressed in an open letter that it was “very concerned that television companies are promoting gambling”.

The APPG wrote:

Gambling companies are sponsoring programmes which seek to glamorise gambling with the aim of targeting women and young people and encouraging them to gamble.

They highlighted the issues of over-glamorisation of gambling which is particularly harmful to impressionable children. The group backed their point using data from the Gambling Commission that found that 55,000 11- to 16-year-olds have a gambling disorder. It should, however, be noted that the validity of this research has been questioned in the past.

In addition, the group explained that they felt the lockdowns during the pandemic have exasperated the issue of problem gambling particularly for children stuck at home.

In similar news, we reported that the  CEO of Monzo urged the UK government to force banks to issue blocks on gambling transactions.

Source: Gambling Insider

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