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An interview with Gamzix CEO Alexandr Kosogov talking about the company’s short but accelerating journey

Gamzixare a new company that was launched in late 2019 and are now moving forward with the aim of becoming an established name in the industry.SiGMA got together with CEO Alexandr Kosogov to talk about the company’s start, the complications of 2020, and their strategy. Read the interview below. 

How does a young company enter such a competitive market? 

I always say that the only thing that you need to launch a product is a great team. You can have great ideas, great business plans, but it’s nothing without a team. I’m proud to work with such a great team and every day for us is like a game which we like to play. So I don’t have even 0.01% of a doubt about the successful future of Gamzix!

photo_2020-09-29_17-59-41Can you explain to our reader the process of creating a new game and launching it? 

The main thing is to create the game engine. When you have a high-quality engine, you can create any game you want. While creating some games we make big marketing research to understand what players want, but couple of games were created by spontaneous idea of our mathematician.   

Your games clearly reflect the fact that you value a high-quality experience for your players. Can you talk about your team and the company’s passion towards gaming? 

All our team has experience in iGaming so everyone knows what players want. Regarding passion towards gaming I think when you play sometimes you might not necessarily always like the process but you’ll always like the feeling of winning.  

How will the recent deals with Exinitio and the Ear platform be beneficial to Gamzix? 

For the last two weeks we have already launched with PariMatchDotworkers, and we on the finish line of integrating with Emaraplay We appreciate every partner and we do our best to sustain a long and fruitful relationship.  

How does a young fresh company deal with the setbacks of a year such as the one we’ve just experienced? What have you learned from this? 

When you’re a young and small company it’s easier to be flexible and easier to learn something new, so I don’t think that a setback like Covid-19 will have a great impact on us. Plus, during crises, this is usually the best time for creating space for new ideas! 


What has been the hardest task to take on as a company, and personally, as the CEO? 

The first contract is definitely the hardest thing. It’s the moment when you already have a product, but you don’t yet have the trust of the partner you’re dealing with. We’ve done big work to post as much information as we can about Gamzix before everybody understood because it doesn’t matter how old are you, what matters is the experience you have!  

What does ‘success’ mean to you at this point in Gamzix’s development and how do you measure it? 

I think the meaning of success can change from day to day. For example, in March it was a definitely a success when everybody in the company was healthy. In June it was a success when we launched our first batch of games. I guessing the end success is an ongoing sentiment, and at Gamezix we never stop after achieving a result, we just make a deep breath and take the next challenge.  

To finish off and to compliment the previous question, what’s the next step for Gamzix? 

At the moment we’re working on some unique features which will blow up the market! It’s a painstaking process so we’re trying not to talk a lot about it.  

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