Betano joined Ontario’s growing iGaming scene

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The year 2022 has brought on many exciting things for casino and betting enthusiasts. This year was especially good for Ontario’s residents because, as of April 2022, the gaming market in this province has become completely regulated. Naturally, that has brought about dozens of casino and betting operators that decided to try their luck in Ontario’s finest online establishments.

As of recently, Betano has joined the bunch. As Betano launches in Ontario, we are going to see many new events unravel. Whether you love spinning the reels on your favorite slot machine, betting on cage fights in Malta, or playing poker, here’s what you can expect from Betano and the team behind it.

About Betano Company

As one of the leading online gaming operators, it was only a matter of time before Betano joined Ontario’s growing iGaming scene. After all, their platform offers a wide range of top-tier games, including live games, casino games, and sports betting. Adding their name to the list of casinos in Ontario was definitely a welcomed event for all sports and betting fans.

Generally speaking, Betano is loved because of its slick user interface, engaging betting, and great user experience. Based in Athens, Greece with ties to Kaizen Gaming, this online betting and casino platform provides fun and entertainment to players around the world. The brand itself has been launched in 2017, and its rise to stardom has been nothing short of impressive.

Betano received its license in mid-August 2022, after which Ontario’s iGaming market opened up to them. Its license will be valid for a year, and they will have to renew it in 2023. And, let’s say that they are in some good company, as the competition is fierce. Many leading casino operators have flooded Ontario’s market and they wasted no time when it comes to enticing players in the area.

Betano Launches in Ontario at the Right Time

It’s no secret that Betano wants to become the market leader. Making predictions about whether they will actually succeed in doing so and whether their goal is a realistic one is too big of a job, which is why we will focus on the facts.

The operator plans to focus mostly on soccer and pay special attention to their soccer betting section. However, this doesn’t mean that they will forget about the importance of casino games and other sports games. The fact that they launched their platform just before the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 might be a coincidence, but it was certainly a very welcome one.

The timing of their launch was definitely the perfect moment to win over a lot of soccer aficionados who have found it fun to bet on the outcomes of the games and cheer on their favorite players. Moreover, the date of their launch was also perfect for other sports fans, as NHL, NFL, and NBA were all at the peak of their season.

What’s also important to mention is that Betano cares about responsible betting and gambling. In the iGaming industry, responsible gaming is and should be a big deal. The top-rated casinos want to ensure that their players understand that casino games should never be viewed as a means of providing for oneself. Instead, they should be used as a form of entertainment, and you shouldn’t invest more money than you’re comfortably losing.

Betano – the Master of Slots

With Betano launching in Ontario, this area’s iGaming industry is about to get one very valuable member. Granted, there are only 300+ casino games available, which isn’t a lot when compared to other casinos on the market. Moreover, while Betano does have a few live games, there’s one category that they have mastered – slots.

Betano has put 343 slots at your full disposal. Therefore, they expect (and rightfully so) to be very popular among Ontario’s slot aficionados. They did their job and included some of the leading slot machine providers in their offer, allowing players to choose from top-tier titles.
Keep in mind that the fact that they are slot-oriented does not mean that you can’t play other games after signing up for an account.

Baccarat, Poker, Blackjack, and Roulette are all available and included in Betano’s offer, and you also have Playtech and Pragmatic live casino games. Live casino games are always a special thing, as they allow the players to experience a genuine Las Vegas-like casino experience without ever leaving the comfort of their own homes.

Ontario’s iGaming industry Gained a Key Member

Since April 2022, Ontario’s iGaming market has become legal and regulated, bringing forth many big casino providers to the area. That made gambling in Ontario easy and available to every resident of the area, as they have quite a few options for venues in which they can play. Having in mind that the existing software providers are competing for the top spot in the industry, the truth is that the market is big enough for everyone – including Betano.

With Betano in Ontario, the players will get one more place where they can bet or play casino games with customer support provided and fast and easy transfers available. As a significant part of Kazima Gaming, Betano is set on becoming one of the most popular names in Ontario’s iGaming industry. A quick glance into their offer and specifications tells us that they might be able to pull that off, especially when it comes to sports betting, which is an aspect where they excel.

You can access their sportsbook and casino games by signing up for an account and using one (or a few) of the promotions they might be having at the time. Lastly, remember – no matter which casino from Ontario’s rich market you opt for, safe and responsible gambling should always be your top priority.

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