France’s ANJ targets responsible gambling with fresh legislative proposals

Maria Debrincat 2 months ago
France’s ANJ targets responsible gambling with fresh legislative proposals

French gambling regulator calls for responsible gambling measures and online casino review

The French gambling regulator, known as ANJ (Autorité nationale des Jeux), has presented a series of proposed measures to the government in an effort to enforce more responsible gambling practices, particularly aimed at protecting young people. The proposed measures were outlined in a comprehensive report released on June 26.

ANJ’s primary objective is to implement a “whistle-to-whistle” ban on gambling advertising during sporting events. This ban would prohibit gambling ads from being shown from five minutes before a game’s kick-off until five minutes after the final whistle. By doing so, the regulator aims to reduce the potential exposure of young audiences to gambling promotions during live sports events.

Additionally, ANJ has requested the authority to closely monitor and regulate advertising strategies employed by licensed gambling operators. It aims to have the power to intervene and withdraw gambling products when they pose an “excessive risk” to consumers.

To further protect young gamblers, the regulator proposes that operators should enforce loss limits for individuals between the ages of 18 and 25. Moreover, ANJ suggests introducing an “activity counter” for all players, displaying key information such as a player’s net loss. This measure is designed to raise awareness of gambling habits and encourage responsible gambling behavior among all participants.

In another noteworthy move, the regulator has put forth a proposal requiring gambling companies to contribute 0.002 percent of their turnover to support academic studies. This initiative aims to foster research on gambling-related topics and potential solutions to address any arising issues.

Meanwhile, France has historically been among the few European countries to maintain a strict ban on online casino gambling. Though past efforts to overturn this ban have failed, a recent bill presented in the National Assembly attempted to legalize online casinos. However, the bill included unusual regulatory conditions that seemed unlikely to gain approval.

Despite the challenges in legalizing online casinos, ANJ remains open to exploring this possibility. A forthcoming study on the size of the online casino black market, scheduled for release in September, will be pivotal in shaping the regulator’s stance on the matter. The report will also assess the effectiveness of website blocking in combating illegal online gambling and explore other regulatory options.

ANJ President Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin emphasized the need to strike a balance between expanding the gambling market and addressing the social implications of excessive gambling. The regulator aims to prioritize responsible gambling practices and tackle the societal challenges associated with gambling addiction.

As the government reviews ANJ’s proposals, the nation’s gambling legislation, which is now three years old, faces potential revisions to ensure a more responsible and balanced gambling environment in France.

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