Investment bank reports record M&A deals in gaming sector

Posted: Jan 19, 2023 08:30 Category: Casino , M&A Action , Online , Posted by Lea Hogg

Global tech investment bank Drake Star has reported 1320 merger and acquisition deals with a disclosed value at a record US $127 billion.  This was an increase of three times the value of deals in the same sector for Q4 2021 YoY.

Michael Metzger, partner at Drake Star commented, “It was a year of records as well as dashed hopes, as the economic downturn took its toll in Q4. He added that although there were no large deals in the second half of 2022 apart from the Unity Ironsource deal, “US $127 billion is by far the biggest number ever.”

Michael Metzger
Michael Metzger

The company recorded 324 acquisitions in 2022 in comparison to 295 acquisition in 2021, 58 public market deals valued at $13.5 billion and 938 private investments worth $11.1 billion in 2022 in comparison with 723 private investment deals in 2021.

“In the second half of the year, there were really no really large deals, besides the Unity/Ironsource deal,” Metzger said. “Still, $127 billion is by far the biggest number ever.”

Drake Star reported 2022 as biggest year ever in gaming for the company. Metyger added, “The biggest deals for 2022 were the acquisition of Activision by Microsoft, Zynga by Take-Two, IronSource by Unity, Bungie by Sony and financing for Epic Games.”


Drake Star is an award-winning global tech investment bank that has a team of over 100 senior professionals across offices in New York, London, Paris, Munich, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Berlin, Dubai*, and Singapore.  It focuses on mergers & acquisitions and corporate finance services worldwide in Consumer & Retail Technology, Digital Media and Fintech sectors.

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