“We always think globally” – Alex Miller, 3SNET

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“We always think globally” – Alex Miller, 3SNET

Alex Miller, Analytic of 3SNET, joins the latest series of affiliate interviews on Affiliate Grand Slam.

Alex Miller speaks about their CPA network which targets advertisers, affiliates, gaming operators, and publishers. He speaks about their offers, their vetting processes, their problems and solutions among others – follow his story below

When did 3SNET CPA network take off? What do you provide?

3SNET was established in May 2016. We provide affiliate marketing services.

Our mission is to make life easier and work more efficient for all market participants. The 3SNET network, as an aggregator of offers from around the world, helps advertisers, large teams, media buyers, and solo affiliates alike. Advertisers find it convenient, because there is no need to communicate and maintain documentation with a large number of publishers.

Meanwhile, publishers receive full support: all offers with filters according to different criteria and statistics can be found in one place. Our managers also give recommendations to website or app owners, optimize traffic monetization based on statistics, help with integrations to trackers. A special section with promo codes is prepared to help arbitrageurs. This is an opportunity to get a discount, a bonus, or a free period of using various helpful services.

How many advertisers, publishers, and gaming operators fall under 3SNET’s portfolio?

Advertisers from all over the world collaborate with us. Our network includes more than 4,000 offers from obscure local brands to internationally verified ones. There are over 21,000 publishers among our partners, whose traffic quality has been manually verified.

What verticals and GEOs do you focus on?

The 3SNET network provides gambling, betting, loans, and dating offers. The GEO includes the whole world. We always think globally and keep track of the most striking trends, because from time to time some GEOs become more in demand and it is necessary to earn the maximum profit on them. For example, last year Brazil was popular, while this year the USA takes the lead. Now we are noticing that the focus is shifting to Canada.

Right now, we have many effective and proven links for a variety of GEOs: North and South America (USA, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Canada), Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Portugal), Africa (South Africa, Kenya, Ghana), India, and CIS countries (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine). To enter a new GEO and understand the rules of operation, the 3SNET team prepares special reviews with detailed descriptions of laws, target audience, and principles of advertising.

What type of offers for monetizing traffic do you have? How often do you update them?

Payment models: CPA, CPL, Rev Share, Hybrid (CPA + RS). Payouts are stable 2 times a week. For trusted affiliates and partners, there are private offers as well as increased rates.

We update the list of offers on a daily basis. The sales department and account managers are constantly adding new offers, working on improving conditions, increasing rates, and reporting on new creatives in offers.

How do you ensure the quality of the offers on your network?

We expect advertisers to have licenses and to provide creatives and landing pages for the ad campaign. The quality of the product is also essential: easy registration, familiarity with players and with working payment methods, and a variety of other services provided.

We also choose advertisers with a tracking platform and feedback on the quality of traffic. This allows us to constantly monitor quality without distracting managers.

How is your vetting process for publishers?

To start working with 3SNET, a detailed registration form must be filled in. Next, the new partner is interviewed by the manager (skills and qualities relevant for the work, experience with verticals, GEOs, and sources). The provided stats’ screenshots are also checked: we request feedback from the affiliate networks/brands potential partner has worked with before.

3SNET runs a special chat room, where representatives of various affiliate networks communicate. Information and feedback can be obtained there. If you want to join this chat room, write to us and we will add you!
Anyway, new publishers will be constantly monitored for traffic quality by both 3SNET managers and advertisers in the initial period.

How do you handle fraud detection and prevention?

The 3SNET network is strictly against all types of fraudulent traffic: incentives, schemes, cappers, etc.

Traffic from each publisher undergoes manual and automated checks, including joint checks with the advertiser.

We do not accept fraud not only on the part of affiliates, but also on the part of advertisers. In case the advertiser agrees to accept incentives or schemes, we are forced to refuse and do not start the offer.

However, we have to admit that modern technologies allow fraudsters to improve and continue to try driving traffic obtained fraudulently. If this happens, the situation is discussed and worked out together with the advertiser; 3SNET refuses to receive any money. A publisher found to be a fraudster loses the payment and is banned permanently.

What incremental value do you provide? Is your customer base unique to your clients?

3SNET’s core value is its reputation which has been earned honestly and deservedly since 2016. The efforts once invested to create an honest affiliate network with quality services are bearing fruit.

Among other things, this is achieved by the fact that we work for the long term. We are not interested in one-time checks, but in a long and fruitful cooperation with advertisers, supporting and increasing the income of our publishers. We are fully responsible for our services and the quality of the traffic offered, and if necessary, we stand up for the payments and interests of our publishers and help them develop.

As a result, the feedback we receive from advertisers shows that we have the lowest (almost zero!) rate of fraud and a high payback rate.

How do you handle disputes between advertisers and affiliates?

We have been on the market for many years and have gained the necessary experience to ensure that there are no problems between advertisers and publishers.

Each case of conflict is dealt with separately. Most often the issues concern the quality of the traffic provided. If it turns out that the traffic is indeed of low quality, we will try to find the reasons for that and act against this publisher. Yet, if the advertiser is not quite right, then we defend the traffic and the necessary payments. Generally, everything is resolved peacefully and in an appropriate way. Nevertheless, we have had cases in our practice where we have split up not only with fraudsters, but also with some advertisers.

What is your ideal affiliate like?

The first thing that comes to mind is having consistently high volumes of quality traffic. In addition, it is important not just to be able to communicate politely, but also to ask questions, justify your claims, give arguments, as well as answer briefly and on the merits. An affiliate who can plan volumes and fulfil agreements. If a problem arises, the affiliate does not disappear or lie, but is ready for a constructive dialogue and a joint solution.

 How do you see your ideal advertiser?

The most significant thing is a wide range of possibilities for success. In other words, a large budget, multiple payment options, a wide list of accepted sources.

Punctuality is very much appreciated: not only reconciliations and payments made on time, but also updated product information (rates/geos/landings/promotions, etc.). Flexible in rates as well as coming to terms with difficult issues, even when not in their favor.

What are the most difficult problems and solutions you face?

Unfortunately, a myth has emerged that working in media buying is easy and fun, and that affiliate marketing is a quick and effortless way to make huge sums of money. That’s why we have a lot of newbies who don’t know where traffic comes from and who are only willing to push the ATM buttons. We realize that to get high quality traffic and attract new users to advertisers’ websites it is necessary not only to be knowledgeable and skilled, but also to be “hard-working and stress-resistant” 24/7.

The same is true not only for partners, but also for 3SNET network team! It’s very hard to find new employees who are qualified, inquisitive, and motivated. Usually, it’s 3 different people. Many applicants who apply for our vacancies are wrong in thinking that being an affiliate or account manager in an affiliate network is about having fun and hanging out at conferences. It’s about sales, quality service delivery, discipline, analytics, processes, and numbers.

The second challenge is new technology and a variety of services to improve not only for honest webmasters but also for fraudsters. Finding new methods to prevent fraud complicates the market, as more resources have to be spent on verification.

Consequently, advertisers become more distrustful and impose unrealistic KPIs. Sadly, the toughest conditions do not guarantee quality traffic. As a result, even affiliates who work honestly and effectively reject an offer.  We, for our part, are trying to explain to advertisers that the KPI should not be extremely strict, it is essential to approach everything wisely.

Besides, we would like to see as many offers with uncap from advertisers as possible (if we have enough traffic!). We only want mature, well-thought-out products with work payments, easy registration, and a variety of conditions!

We try to support our advertisers as much as possible by helping them to support and develop their platforms! Because we are professionals!

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