Meeting the needs of UK players

Katy Micallef 3 months ago
Meeting the needs of UK players

SiGMA News sits down with Christoffer Ødegården, the Head of the Casino at the award-winning affiliate Bojoko for an exclusive interview. This conversation delves into understanding the desires of UK players and explores how gaming businesses can effectively meet their needs.

What are the best ways a UK casino can appeal to as many players as possible?

UK players are not a monolith, and casinos should avoid one size fits all solutions. 

One of the easiest ways to attract more British players is to offer faster withdrawals. Many players appreciate the flexibility that comes from knowing that they will get their money quickly, as opposed to waiting for days. It is not a very pleasant experience.

At Bojoko, we understand this need and our platform provides a dedicated page where we promote fast withdrawal casinos. Intriguingly, the more casinos introduce fast withdrawals, the more sign ups we are seeing from this page. It is exciting to see that rather than the casinos competing over a niche set of UK players, this is clearly something a large subset of Brits look for when they are deciding on what casinos they should sign up to. All casinos that opt for fast withdrawals are likely to get a boost in new signups through Bojoko, and we do not see this changing any time soon.

Another relatively easy way to appeal to more UK players is simply to offer a large variety of payment methods, including more niche options. Brits value having options that align with their preferences. Bojoko addresses this by providing a comprehensive search function that allows players to filter and find online casinos that offer niche payment methods like Pay by Phone. By facilitating the discovery of casinos that cater to specific payment preferences, we ensure that British players can easily access the options that suit them best. This means that the more payment methods a casino offers, the more Bojoko users will have a chance to discover them.

Beyond this, a variety of bonuses, especially high percentage bonuses is a good way to stand out in the market. Most casinos offer welcome bonuses of 100%, so simply going up to 150% gives you a clear edge and makes British players gravitate towards you. 

How does Bojoko gather insights on the preferences of UK players?

We have done a thorough analysis of what casinos our UK players choose, what pages they sign-up from and what attributes, such as specific payment methods, low minimum deposits, etc. consistently lead to more sign-ups. What we are left with is a very clear path to the hearts of British casino players.

How does Bojoko differentiate itself in helping UK players find suitable online casinos?

Bojoko stands out by focusing on providing a platform that assists UK players in finding online casinos that align with their specific needs and preferences. 

Not only do we have pages for all key types of bonus offers, payment methods, game providers and a long list of other features UK players may consider before choosing their casino, we have made it easier than ever before to find the casino of their dreams. 

This is done by using our comprehensive search function, coupled with the ability to add filters, fine-tuning the final results to the player’s exact preferences. Players can, for instance, find casinos that utilize their preferred payment method, offers all their favourite games and has the exact welcome bonus they are looking for. 

Moreover, Bojoko goes beyond simply listing online casinos. We provide detailed and unbiased reviews, allowing players to gain insights into the overall experience offered by each casino. 

In your experience, what are some common challenges that UK players face when searching for online casinos, and how does Bojoko help overcome them?

One challenge UK players often encounter is the overwhelming number of online casinos available. With so many options, it can be difficult to find trustworthy and reliable platforms. 

Bojoko addresses this by having a team of experts thoroughly vetting and reviewing each online casino featured on our platform. Of course, all casinos we list are licensed and approved by the UK gambling commission. We also highlight key terms and conditions, and ensure that players are not caught unaware by the small print and can make informed choices.

By providing comprehensive information and unbiased reviews, along with our search functionality and filters, Bojoko helps UK players navigate through the abundance of options and discover reputable online casinos that meet their specific requirements.

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