MGA gives operators chance to declare non-compliance

Posted: Feb 20, 2023 09:58 Category: Europe , Regulatory , Responsible Gaming , Posted by Lea Hogg

Malta’s gaming regulator, the MGA is requesting unregulated operators and distributors to “to come forward and self-report their administrative non-compliance”. The regulator’s deadline is 14 April 2023. This includes ‘licensable games’ in-or-from Malta without a licence to operate in the jurisdiction.

Game authorisation will allow other businesses to offer licensed games in or from Malta under authorisation from the EU or the EEA. When games are licenced and approved by the regulator, this offers the necessary safeguards to operators and consumers.

The MGA is offering any entity in breach of its requirements to declare non-compliance by submitting a request to [email protected] This will be part of a self reporting process to disclosed any irregularities of operating in the jurisdiction.

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