SiGMA Group announces winners for LatAm Digital Poker Tourney

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The friendly-competitive poker tourney proved to be an exceptional chance for fellow industry trendsetters to try out EvenBet Gaming’s Demo Platform


SiGMA and EvenBet Gaming’s Digital Poker Touney, catered exclusively to participants of SiGMA Americas Digital Conference, was a huge success. The friendly-competitive poker tournament was a great chance for networking amongst fellow industry trendsetters.

Poker A substantial prize pool worth a combined €1000 was offered to the first 3 places; with winners receiving Amazon certificates to the amount of 500, 300 and 200 euros respectively. With over 70 players participating from all around it was all down to one lucky winner. SiGMA is happy to announce Jacob Freedman as the emerged winner of the Poker Tourney who took home an Amazon certificate worth €500.

3 of a kind 6 playersThe talented poker player was playing on the platform representing Canada. He works with Rivalry.com, an eSports focussed sportsbook, built for the next generation of gamers. When asked about his experience on the platform Jacob said that he has played poker before using other sites which require downloading a software client but using Evenbet’s web interface was a first for him. He said that the tournament ran very smoothly and he was super impressed. Freedman told SiGMA “Thank you for an incredible panel of speakers, we learned a lot over the past few days.  All the best!”

3rd place Straight vs AAEmilien Francoise who’s French, but has been living in Chile for the past 7 years placed second and went home with a voucher worth €300 . He has been working in gambling for many years and when he moved to Chile, he built his own website focussing on French FinTech. His focesses on online banking, but also deals with investment products and credits. Francoise said that the tournament ran smoothly, and the overall experience was very enjoyable.

CEO of the biggest Ukranian FinTech media, PaySpace Magazine, Oleksandr Denysiuk, placed third in the tourney. When asked about his experience during the game Denysiuk said “The idea turned out to be interesting. Emotions, adrenaline. Participants from different countries at the same gaming table! Convenient room and of course, it’s especially nice to win.. That’s why we love poker. I will gladly take part in similar tournaments in the future.”

In conclusion, the fun, free-roll event, co-ordinated with EvenBet Gaming was a great success. We, as SiGMA, look forward to the next one!


SiGMA Calendar:  

SiGMA Americas and AIBC Digital Summit were launched with great success in the past week, pushing the shifting grounds of the gaming industry towards LatAm and discussing the current developments in digitalisationIn a first for SiGMA, both the gaming and the tech segments of the conference were offered in 3 languages, English, Spanish and Portuguese.   

SiGMA will launch its next series of events in 2021, with SiGMA Europe headlining next year’s calendar. Inaugural summits in Asia and Americas are also set to dominate the year, with SiGMA Asia launching in May 2021 and SiGMA Africa in 2022! Explore the full agenda here and register now! 

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