Speech is power: SiGMA Conference is your stage

Maria Debrincat 2 years ago
Speech is power: SiGMA Conference is your stage

Filled to the brim with familiar faces and big names in the industry, SiGMA’s Conference adds prestige to the topics presented on stage

Well-known to be geared towards quality, SiGMA’s conferences are carefully curated with a hand-picked broad range of experts in the gaming field discussing all topics related to gaming up on stage. SiGMA’s conferences are the best way to keep up-to-date with advances in gaming and tech. Being present for these extensive discussions also helps you gain insight into future innovations and projects which might still be in their infancy when discussed on stage.

In this post, we’ll have a look at some interesting panel and keynote discussions that SiGMA welcomed throughout the years.

How the working environment impacts employee turnover:

When businesses were suddenly impacted by the pandemic, they were forced to change their business strategies. When it came to talent acquisition, various types of employment contracts and service agreements needed to be investigated, and employers had to adapt to the global scenario. In this panel discussions focussed on talent acquisition, Piret Ploom, Head of People at Yolo Group, and Adam Woodley, Global Head of Recruitment at Betsson Group, sit down with Anneli Nilsson, Recruitment Director at Job Matching partner to further explore this niche.

A Malta built for future generations:

Hon. Silvio Schembri, Minister for the Economy, addresses those who have placed their trust in Malta in his keynote speech at SiGMA Europe, emphasizing that the Maltese government would continue to provide all the support needed to help businesses expand and thrive in the nation. Malta’s government responded quickly, decisively, and effectively to COVID by mobilising a wide range of support measures to re-energise the economy. The gaming industry’s resiliency during COVID has resulted in its expansion, as evidenced by SiGMA Europe’s 2021 energy.

President at International Masters of Gaming Law on new legislative trends:

Mark Ellinger, the President of the International Masters of Gaming Legal and the proprietor of his own law practice in Missouri, is a top global expert who spoke at SiGMA Europe 2021 on the newest legislative trends. He described SiGMA as being one of the world’s leading educational expos. Incorporating regulatory and legal expertise into SiGMA will bring regulators, as well as industry professionals together to learn about best practices and new advancements, he goes on to further say.

iGaming in the Great White North:

As the president of the Canadian Gaming Association, Burns plays a major role in the industry’s future in one of the world’s most important economic regions. He spoke about the rising market, evolving regulation, and the near future at SiGMA Europe 2021. The Association is entrusted with supporting the economic and technological growth of the burgeoning iGaming industry in Canada. As a coalition of players in the emerging iGaming industry, from operators to affiliates to even investors, the last few years have been nothing if not interesting.

How to prepare for M&A, your most likely exit avenue:

Johan Styren, CEO and Co-Founder of Dilanti Media ltd, gives a keynote about the importance of the M&A industry and many perspectives on how a firm might exist with a listing or selling of a business. Styren begins his speech by giving a brief history of his career. Former CEO of Leo Vegas and former board member of Hero Gaming says that his journey taught him more about the M&A sector and other perspectives on how to run a firm with a listing or sale. Given how competitive the SEO industry has become, Dilanti media feels that having the largest wallet isn’t enough unless you’re only going to use it to acquire a big brand making this your next greatest potential exit.

Cybercrime: Biggest issues to date:

Itzhak Tal Ron of Tal Ron, Drihem & Co, Dan Zuzkeviz of Pay it Easy, John Marsden of iovation, and Timothy Zammit of the Malta Police Force gather on SiGMA’s stage to talk about the dangers of cybercrime in the digital era. This panel, moderated by Itzhak, dove into a quick summary of what they as individuals and their company, or organization, are accountable for, offering insight and recommendations along the way. There will always be new hackers with new tactics ready to test the police and private enterprises’ defensive barriers of protection, but this panel believes in the power of LPS systems in being the path to a secure future.

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